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5 luxury medispas for a beauty makeover

As the name suggests, medispas combine the pleasant, welcoming feel of a luxury spa with the presence of a real medical team: Detox and Botox? Not quite, because most methods are natural and non-invasive. We go there to enjoy a golden interlude and set the record straight. Here’s a selection of 4 of Europe’s best-known venues.

Medispas specialize in aesthetic medicine

What is a medispa?

Beyond the traditional wellness offering, medispas are temples of well-being where people come first and foremost for a rejuvenating cure, taking stock of their health, working on weight loss and looking after their appearance. Beauticians, sports and wellness coaches, and doctors are all under one roof. In practice, these are personalized cures lasting from a few days to several weeks in very comfortable hotels.

So there’s a scientific approach and treatments that can be aesthetic (micro-dermabrasion, botox or hyaluronic acid injections), ophthalmological and orthodontic. Medispas are particularly popular with celebrities who want to give themselves a makeover while enjoying the anonymity of being abroad.

1. VivaMayr Altaussee in Austria

The VIVAMAYR Altaussee indoor pool

This detox center offers breathtaking views of the Austrian Alps. He is best known for Dr F.X Mayr’s method for restoring intestinal health and losing weight. This medispa is very popular with stars such as Kate Moss and the Rolling Stones rockers.

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2. Villa Stéphanie in Germany

Villa Stéphanie swimming pool

From diagnosis to treatment, a holistic vision prevails, combining a modern scientific approach with naturopathy or physiotherapy. Aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology and dentistry are also available. At Villa Stéphanie, you can undergo cataract surgery, get a complete anti-aging check-up, reshape your smile, carry out a slimming cure or improve your sporting performance.

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3. Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland

The detox champion (Chenot Palace Weggis)

The hotel owes its reputation to the method developed by a Frenchman, Henri Chenot, who cleverly combined Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to create what he calls “biontology”, a concept that aims to embody a new science of well-being. More than just losing weight, it’s about cleansing the body, both physically and mentally. According to Dr Chenot, this method “helps you stay young as long as possible and age in good health”.

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4. Vilalara Longevity in Portugal

Designed by the Longevity group, Vilalara Thalassa Resort features an innovative fitness center dedicated to revitalizing anti-aging treatments. What makes it so special is the combination of traditional thalassotherapy, based on the therapeutic powers of the ocean, and state-of-the-art anti-aging medicine. It’s not just about repairing the signs of time and the effects of stress, it’s also about detecting and preventing potential imbalances that could lead to accelerated aging.

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5. The Waldhotel in Switzerland

What this kitchen does on the inside shows on the outside (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Switzerland is renowned for the exceptional quality of both its hospitality and healthcare sectors. The best of both worlds come together at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, a newcomer to the medical hotel and spa scene that promises to put you back on your feet. The 137-room wellness hotel impresses both with its architecture and the quality of its regenerative and preventive treatments. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered for a few days or weeks in a luxury clinic in a magnificent setting in the heart of the Swiss mountains?

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