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The Luxe Wellness Club Magazine: articles, news, interviews, and our detailed reviews of the best wellness destinations in the world.

The best luxury hotels for yoga

In a world where the frenetic pace of life puts our well-being to the test, a peaceful refuge where mind and body can recharge is more essential than ever. Yoga,

The best luxury hotels for fitness

For wellness and sports enthusiasts, some hotels stand out for their exceptional fitness offerings! These establishments combine state-of-the-art sports facilities, personalized fitness programs and sumptuous surroundings for an experience where

The best luxury hotels for a longevity cure

In the quest fora healthier, longer and more fulfilling life, longevity cures are establishing themselves as an essential trend in the world of wellness. Recognizing the importance of these regenerative

The best luxury hotels for weight loss

Say goodbye to traditional weight-loss diets! Not only are they frustrating, but their effectiveness often leaves much to be desired! Today’s discerning travelers are looking for elegant havens where they

The best luxury hotels in the Dolomites

Nestled in the Alpine peaks of northern Italy, the Dolomites unveil spectacular natural landscapes, ideal for an exceptional wellness retreat. Luxe Wellness Club guides you through a careful selection of

A short guide to stem cells

You may be wondering how the latest scientific advances can be integrated into your regular wellness routine. Well, it seems that stem cells are increasingly finding their way into hotels,

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