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MAYRLIFE Altaussee: Detox in an Austrian medi-spa

Three hours from Munich or Vienna, located in the charming little town of Altaussee, this detox center offers breathtaking views of the Austrian Alps and the pristine waters of a beautiful mountain lake. MAYRLIFE Altaussee is renowned as one of the world’s finest luxury wellness hotels, with its medicalized approach focusing primarily on intestinal well-being. This medi-spa has acquired cult status with stars such as Kate Moss and the Rolling Stones rockers. Here’s why…

An idyllic setting for a peaceful retreat (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

The famous Mayr method for intestinal care

Above all, the center is renowned for its Mayr method, developed by Dr. F.X Mayr for regain a healthy intestine. The principle of this diet is not only to lose weight, but above all to modify eating behavior and adopt a new approach to food. You then need to continue your efforts at home to ensure that the slimming effects and digestive benefits you’ve noticed last over time.

This diet goes back to the origin of the word diet, which comes from the Greek “diaita”, meaning not diet or fasting, but “way of life or lifestyle”. The Mayr method is based on naturopathy, with three phases: cleansing, revitalization and stabilization.

Indoor saltwater pool (Photo: VIVAMAYR)

Through a healthy diet, state-of-the-art treatments and body training, the overall aim of this cure is to increase the sense of well-being, strengthen the immune system and improve mental and physical performance. Needless to say, the center boasts a highly qualified team of healthcare professionals and therapists specializing in modern medicine.

A real medi-spa: MAYRLIFE is a medical hotel

At the heart of the retreat is the MAYRLIFE spa and medical area, a 1,800 m² oasis of relaxation and well-being. On the medical side, you’ll find Mayr methods, as well as hemotoxicology, orthomolecular medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostics. On the relaxation and treatment side, a wide range of therapies are on offer, including yoga, movement therapy, hydrotherapy and, of course, massages to suit each guest’s individual needs.

Magic” potions used to detoxify (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

Salt plays a major role in health and fitness facilities here, due to its strong healing power.

MAYRLIFE is more medicalized than other medi-spas we work with, as here there is a daily appointment with a doctor to monitor the progress of the treatment.

Top-of-the-range equipment

Facilities include an indoor saltwater pool, state-of-the-art gym with lake views, numerous treatment rooms, infrared saunas, steam room and watsu pool. Beauty treatments, pedicures and manicures are available in a center that also offers magnificent panoramic views.

Bright spaces overlooking the mountains (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

The hotel’s 70 rooms and suites and four exclusive residences offer a wealth of comfort. The hotel provides tote bags with the essential bathrobes and luxurious slippers for a spa stay.

A residence for rent (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

The kitchen: the centerpiece of the Mayr method

The kitchen at MAYRLIFE Altaussee offers culinary delights that prove just how much good, healthy eating can do. Eating well, in every sense of the word, is one of the cornerstones of the MAYRLIFE approach. With a focus on detoxification (“detox” for those in the know), award-winning chefs prepare organic and local foods to create magnificent dishes.

Diet gastronomy (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

Each client has a personalized diet plan , designed in collaboration with the nutritionist. The main aim of the Mayr Cure is to improve the digestive system and its performance, and one of the first things you learn at this center is to relearn how to eat slowly. To allow full concentration on eating , cell phones are not allowed in the restaurant. We sometimes wish this measure could be extended to every restaurant in the world!

Dining room (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

Recipes include tofu burgers with tarragon and lamb fillet with celery and broccoli, proving that vegetarian eating isn’t the only way to go.

A plethora of outdoor activities

For those who want to get away from the hotel, there’s a world-class golf course nearby, and a wide range of sporting activities on offer: swimming, hiking, Nordic walking, cycling and, of course, skiing in winter, as the resorts are close by.

Yoga in nature (Photo: MAYRLIFE)

You can also read our interview with Dieter Resch and our article We tested it for you: the MAYRLIFE cure.

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Rates: Minimum stay one week. For a single person, a week’s treatment costs from around 5,000 euros. Contact us to benefit from our expertise in MAYRLIFE wellness breaks.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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