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Therapies Guide

An overview of the therapies, techniques, and methods used in the luxury spas selected by Luxe Wellness Club.

A short guide to stem cells

You may be wondering how the latest scientific advances can be integrated into your regular wellness routine. Well, it seems that stem cells are increasingly finding their way into hotels,

Small Guide to Detox and Slimming Stays

It’s possible to slim down while enjoying a great vacation. Many luxury hotels offer weekend or multi-day weight-loss packages. To help you understand how they work, what they contain and

A short guide to anti-aging programs

For anyone wishing to slow down their biological clock, improve their physical appearance or simply gain in vitality, take a few minutes to consider our anti-aging programs. They are, in

A short guide to Chinese medicine

As Chinese medicine becomes more and more entrenched in Western society, it is gaining a large following. Yet for most of us, it remains a mystery. Here’s our little guide

A short guide to meditation

When we talk about meditation, we immediately imagine someone sitting cross-legged, hands in prayer and eyes closed. Yes, it’s possible to meditate in this position, but it’s not compulsory! There

A short guide to cryotherapy

Although the heat of saunas, steam baths and Turkish baths is still just as appealing, cold therapy is on the rise. More and more establishments are offering cryotherapy treatments, but

A short guide to massages

When you think spa, the first thing that comes to mind is “massages”. Indeed, this type of skincare has become a must-have for men and women alike. And yet, reading

Little Guide to Ayurveda

Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda is a comprehensive non-conventional science. Its effectiveness has seen it endure over the millennia , and it is still widely used

Little Guide to Yoga

We’ve all heard of yoga, and perhaps even tried it ourselves, without much conviction… Yet there are so many types of yoga and so many ways of teaching it, that

A short guide to hydrotherapy

Balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, crenotherapy… As you may know, all these practices are part of hydrotherapy, but can you tell the difference? In fact, it’s not always easy to understand exactly what

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