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Chenot Palace Weggis: Luxury Detox in Switzerland

Chenot Palace Weggis is THE destination for health and well-being of Henri and Dominique Chenot, the world champions of star detox. Located on the shores of Lake Lucerne, this medical spa entirely dedicated to preventive health is designed to offer a variety of tailor-made intensive treatments that detoxify, energize and reset the body and mind. While other establishments around the world offer the Chenot Method in dedicated spas, Chenot Palace Weggis is the jewel in the crown, as it is here that the most sophisticated equipment is available.

Located on the shores of Lake Lucerne (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

A leader in medical wellness

Opened in Juin 2020, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Chenot Palace Weggis offers a holistic and personalised medical approach to wellness in a luxurious environment. It boasts a 5,000 square metre medical spa and 97 rooms entirely dedicated to supporting programmes, with professional excellence at every level and a team of 50 people for the spa alone.

View of lake and mountains (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The centre’s doctors work full-time exclusively for Chenot. Medical care is provided on the basis of state-of-the-art diagnostics and advanced medical screening tests. It is a scientific approach to well-being based on the use of the most sophisticated machines on the market.

A 5000 m² luxury spa

The ultra-modern 5,000 m² spa is entirely dedicated to prevention, detoxifying the body and boosting energy. The team of experts is specially trained to provide a personalised approach for each customer.

Magnificent rooms overlooking the lake (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Said team will assess your body’s condition to establish a treatment plan for your stay that may include treatments such as: massage, hydrotherapy, chiropractic, nutritionists, elaborate blood oxygenation procedures, as well as supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Beauty treatment rooms offer a variety of treatments if you need hyaluronic care, Botox and other skin rejuvenation treatments.

Sauna and steam room (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

The Chenot Method

World-class medical care (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

The Chenot Method is a range of effective, intensive and personalised applications, care concepts and nutritional plans, carefully developed by Henri Chenot and a team of experts over almost fifty years of research. The Chenot Method combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the latest scientific discoveries in Western medicine.

The Chenot method is unique in that it combines energetic, physical and emotional stimuli and transmits them together to the body, which then develops its own internal medicine. The result is new energy, improved performance and inner harmony. The benefits of the treatment are long-lasting.

Chenot energy massage (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

Three wellness programs

A full treatment lasts at least 7 days. So please note: you can’t go to Chenot Palace Weggis for less than a week!

There are three ranges of programmes available at Chenot Palace Weggis. They are as follows

Advanced Detox

The most popular program is Henri Chenot’s fundamental ‘Advanced Detox’ program, which aims to cleanse and detoxify the body in depth. The body’s natural processes for eliminating metabolic waste and toxins are stimulated, damaged tissue is repaired and hormonal balance is restored.
It is the interaction of these approaches that reveals the full preventive and regenerative effectiveness of the method. The treatments and nutritional plan are developed under strict medical supervision.

Outdoor wellness activities in summer (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

The treatment plan includes cellular resonance therapies, special Cupping massage techniques, electrostimulation, the application of essential oils, hydro-aromatherapy with plant extracts, mineral salts and water (at different temperatures and pressures), packets of vegetable mud enriched with microalgae and revitalising high-pressure showers. The program is personalised for each guest and lasts a week or two.

Detox diet (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

Recover & Energise

This program is designed to reduce stress and restore your body’s natural energy balance and vitality. It is recommended for people who are under constant pressure with a fast-paced lifestyle, such as company directors. Based on Henri Chenot’s fundamental detox treatments, it is complemented by a specific method from the neuroscience field, clinically proven and patented. This technique reduces stress and energises the deeper structures of the body. Your body can return to its natural rhythm and say goodbye to chronic stress. Sleep is improved and a positive state of mind is established. In the end, you feel energised, your performance increases and you simply feel good about your body.

Sunset view of the various establishments that make up the Palace (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

Prevention & Ageing Well

This program strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to the challenges of everyday life. The program is based on Henri Chenot’s fundamental care of detoxification (Advanced Detox), to which are added other clinically proven treatments that fortify health from within and activate the self-healing powers of tissues and organs over the long term.

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to improve their mental and physical functions and performance at any age, provided we give them the right stimuli in the right doses. State-of-the-art diagnostic methods identify the factors underlying each individual’s lifestyle.

The reception room (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

You can read the interviews we conducted with Dominique Chenot and Dr Gaitanos, Scientific Director of the Chenot Group.

See also our article: We tested the Chenot Palace Weggis detox for you .

Video Chenot Palace Weggis

Video presentation of Chenot Palace Weggis

Book Chenot Palace Weggis

Take advantage of our Chenot expertise and contact us for a personalized quote, making the process easy for you.

Rates: From CHF 15340 for a couple in a double room (approximately the equivalent in euros, depending on the exchange rate), or CHF 8230 in a single room, all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, full treatment program) for 7 nights.

Exclusive Luxe Wellness Club special offer: Benefit from one complimentary treatment per person, worth CHF 160, with every reservation. We recommend booking a few weeks in advance, as the establishment is often fully booked.

Call us for Switzerland on +41 22 501 75 16, the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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