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Palazzo Fiuggi: a grandiose luxury medical spa in Italy

This historic palace located 50 minutes from Rome offers the chance to learn how to live healthily by combining ancestral knowledge with modern medicine, is now one of the world’s best medi-spas. A wide range of therapies are ingeniously tailored to each stay, from Ayurveda to laser therapy to thalassotherapy. The hotel takes full advantage of its beautiful surroundings, and in particular its spring water with its healing properties. Its three-starred chef offers inventive dietetic cuisine. Luxe Wellness Club is proud to bring you this new wellness hotel, the most ambitious opening in recent years and an instant favorite!

A magnificent indoor swimming pool (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

Water with healing powers

Set in lush Italian countryside, just a 50-minute drive from Rome, Palazzo Fiuggi offers a natural setting conducive to relaxation. The air is pure, the park is immense and the water has recognized healing powers. In fact, Fiuggi’s water originates from the surrounding mountains and has been blessed for over 700 years. It has been scientifically proven to purify and cleanse the body of toxins. It is particularly good for the kidneys and boosts the immune system.

Dining room (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

The many gardens, parks and lakes surrounding the palace make it an ideal destination for discovering the region through a variety of outdoor activities . Tennis, paddle, hiking, cycling – there’s something for everyone. Golf enthusiasts will also be delighted to perfect their back swing on Italy’s oldest golf course. On the cultural side, pretty historic villages are close by and, of course, the breathtaking Italian capital and the nearby Amalfi coast provide the perfect backdrop for a pleasant stay.

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A majestic palace completely renovated

This historic palace, formerly known as Palazzo della Fonte, has just been converted into a luxury medi-spa in keeping with the spirit of the building. Its charm can be seen in the moldings on the walls and ceilings, the checkered windows and the magnificent parquet flooring. Worthy of its palace status, the spaces are grandiose, with large volumes, superb paintings by artists, and majestic crystal chandeliers.

The Royal Suite (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

The décor is influenced by the palace’s history, but is also very contemporary, with clean tones punctuated by colorful fabrics. The furniture is carefully chosen to combine modern trends with old-world charm.

Suite bathroom (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

An exceptional medi-spa

In a world of luxury and state-of-the-art medical equipment, Palazzo Fiuggi brings together holistic practices and modern medicine. The vision is big, and aspires to be the best medi-spa in the world. At its heart lies a harmony of naturalness and modern technology. Numerous wellness areas are planned, including spa facilities and a beauty clinic. As well as massages and medical treatments in one of the 40 treatment cabins, you can relax in the hotel’s Roman thermal baths and thalassotherapy area.

A brand-new spa (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

World-renowned experts for your care

The hotel aims to offer the best of traditional and alternative medicine while keeping up with the times. That’s why Palazzo Fiuggi has designed its treatment menu in collaboration with a spa specialist, Prof. Dr. Barbara Sturmas well as several doctors and specialists in modern medicine. These include Prof. Dr. David della Morte Canosciwho is the chief doctor. There’s also a radiologist, a psychiatrist, a thalassotherapy specialist… All medical care is also provided by these experts.

A spectacular, well-equipped gym (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

The indoor pool is huge, with a magnificent panoramic view of the Italian countryside. There’s also a large outdoor pool where you can take a dip in the fresh air when the weather permits. You can also work out in a state-of-the-art gym (which claims to be the best in the world!), and learn to cook healthier in the hotel’s cooking school. Night-time entertainment is also on the agenda, with a superb cinema.

Ayurvedic treatment programs

Exploreayurveda at Palazzo Fiuggi with three- or five-day cures. Start with an Ayurvedic consultation with a personalized physician. He or she will draw up an individual care program based on your needs. For example, we offer tailor-made therapies including Abhyanga massages or the relaxing Shirodhara. Or immerse yourself in chakra therapies and participate in revitalizing yoga sessions, all in a soothing natural setting.

Ayurvedic rituals (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)
Meditation by the river nearby (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

Living in a healthy body and mind

We take a 360° approach to health. The body is under the continuous influence of its lifestyle, its diet, its genetic heritage… This influences its development, its strengths and weaknesses, and its appearance. Through the combined action of Fiuggi spring water and Palazzo Fiuggi programs, you can restore vitality, strength and balance to your body.

An Olympic-size swimming pool (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

After a consultation with the doctor and a health check-up, guests’ stays are tailor-made with medical care, spa treatments and holistic practices. No two stays are alike; they are entirely created according to the objectives of each guest and the results of the diagnostics.

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High-tech equipment (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

The wellness retreats have five main themes. Life Rewind aims to regenerate you completely. The main idea is to purify body, mind and soul through stimulating body treatments.

Another program focuses on the relationship between body and mind to find ways to achieve your ideal weight and cleanse the body of unhealthy toxins.

Aesthetic treatments (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

Energizing the body and bringing clarity to the mind is the aim of the Mindful Movement retreat. Among the various methods used, thalassotherapy is the most popular.

Sauna overlooking Fiuggi (Photo: Palazzo Fuiggi)

The Emotional Wellbeing stay rebalances thoughts, restores strength and cognitive stability. With the help of Ayurvedic therapists, this is a highly recommended retreat for feeling in harmony with nature, getting a good night’s sleep and seeing life from the positive side. Finally, Immuno Boost is designed to strengthen the immune system and reduce the effects of aging.

Cooking as medicine

The Palace considers nutrition to be a veritable medicine in itself. In keeping with this philosophy, chef Heinz Beck accepted this new challenge and took his place behind the hotel’s stoves to sublimate the restaurants’ balanced menus.

Three-star Chef Heinz Beck (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

With three Michelin stars to his name, he is world-renowned for his avant-garde approach. With his interest in health and innovation, Heinz Beck is a true pioneer of international haute cuisine.

Beautiful, healthy dishes (Photo: Palazzo Fiuggi)

For Palazzo Fiuggi, he creates personalized menus with high nutritional value, drawing on his expertise in bioenergy. This science refers to all forms of energy contained in biomass. The idea is to take into account the nutritional as well as the taste aspects of food, while respecting the ecosystem.

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