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Villa Stéphanie: European elegance at the service of cutting-edge holistic medicine

Located in the chic German spa town of Baden-Baden, in the heart of the Black Forest and less than an hour from Strasbourg, Villa Stéphanie is a prestigious medi-spa hotel with a holistic medicine center, rooted in the great tradition of the spa towns of old Europe.

The indoor pool overlooking the garden (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

A private spa in luxurious surroundings

Nestled in the grounds of the prestigious Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is Villa Stéphanie, a haven of peace designed for exceptional health and well-being breaks.

The complex is located on the east bank of the river Oos, which can be crossed to reach the nearby Baden-Baden Casino or Museum. In this way, you can combine the benefits of a stay dedicated to physical well-being with the refined pleasures offered by an ancient spa town long frequented by international high society (before it was known as the Jet Set).

A true medical spa (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

The flagship of the Oetker Collection hotel group

Brenners Park-Hotel and Villa Stéphanie are the very first jewels in a collection of particularly prestigious luxury establishments.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa

The story of the Oetker Collection began in 1929, when the Oetker family acquired the Park-Hotel& Spa Brenner in Baden-Baden. In 1969, he was joined by the legendary Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc on Cap d’Antibes, followed nine years later by the no less legendary Hôtel Bristol in Paris.

Today, the Oetker Collection includes other hotels, such as Château Saint Martin in Vence, Palacio Tangara in Sao Paulo, as well as villas and private estates in Saint Barth, Courchevel, Scotland, England and the West Indies.

Villa Stéphanie and its two-hundred-year history

In the 19th century, Anton Alois Brenner built the grand Hôtel Stéphanie-Les-bains, in honor of Stéphanie De Beauharnais, Grand Duchess of Baden and adopted daughter of Napoleon1st. It was Camille Brenner, the founder’s son, who built Villa Stéphanie, an annex to the hotel, in the early 1880s.

A refined ambience (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

At the end of the Second World War, the Villa Stéphanie became the headquarters of the administration of the French zone of Baden-Baden, but in July 1950 it was returned to its original purpose as the health establishment of the Hotel Stéphanie, and home to one of Germany’s most prestigious private clinics.

Specialized support for fitness (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

The clinic is gradually giving way to a care facility more specifically dedicated to preventive medicine. Today, it’s home to the Brenners Park-Hotel spa area, as well as rooms and suites for visitors looking for an all-encompassing wellness experience.

The best in European hospitality

The five floors of this superb 18th-century building feature rooms and suites, a 500 m² sauna, swimming pool, gym, steam room and a sauna reserved entirely for women.

Living room in one of the suites (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

Visitors to Villa Stéphanie who wish to enjoy treatments in complete privacy can opt for one of three suites featuring a lounge, private spa (sauna and gym) and terrace overlooking the park.

Deluxe, Superior and Classic rooms are also available. Whatever their category, they all feature a spacious bathroom and offer remarkable comfort and an atmosphere that’s both elegant and cosy. The classic style of the establishment, neither designer nor flashy, remains in the great tradition of European luxury hotels.

Jacuzzi (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

However, Villa Stéphanie knows how to keep up with the times: at the touch of a button on the bedside table, you can completely disconnect access to wifi and the various waves passing through the room, for a well-deserved digital break.

Cutting-edge therapies and a holistic vision

Of course, Villa Stéphanie is ideal for getting back into shape, losing weight or enjoying the very best in aesthetic medicine, but it is above all a cutting-edge establishment when it comes to holistic and preventive medicine.

Cutting-edge care (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

Adjoining the Villa Stéphanie is the Haus Julius, a 1700-square-meter mansion dedicated to medical treatment. From diagnosis to treatment, a holistic vision prevails, combining a modern scientific approach with naturopathy or physiotherapy.

Outdoor yoga class (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

These range from regenerative treatments based on cell therapy to those inspired by orthomolecular medicine, as well as holistic treatments designed to alleviate degenerative joint and spinal diseases.

Facial treatments and aesthetic medicine (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

More traditional treatments such as aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology and dentistry are also provided by teams led by renowned specialists. At Villa Stéphanie, you can undergo cataract surgery, get a complete anti-aging check-up, reshape your smile, carry out a slimming cure or improve your sporting performance.

Healthy, made-to-measure cooking

There’s no set menu here, but a selection tailored to each guest: chef Mohamad Joshani knows how to adapt to the specific needs of each guest without sacrificing flavor. Seasonal vegetables, a variety of nuts and fresh herbs, fruit, quality meats and fish are the essential ingredients of her healthy, gourmet cuisine.

Detox cuisine (Photo: Villa Stéphanie)

Guests who have opted for a “detox” or “weight-loss” stay gather for dinner in the lounge, a particularly popular socializing area.

The Villa Stéphanie lounge also boasts a library and a terrace overlooking the park, making it a sought-after place to relax.


Rates: From 600 euros per night

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