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Our mission

“Rediscover beauty”.…This is the phrase that came to my mind when I wanted to define the meaning of the emerging project that would become Luxe Wellness Club. Rediscovering the beauty that exists in the world and the beauty that is deeply rooted within us. Breaking free from our urban jungles to reclaim the rhythm of nature. Disconnecting to reconnect. Taking care of ourselves to then take care of others.

Our mission is to uncover and enable you to book the best wellness hotels in France, Europe, and around the world: medical spas, detox retreats, anti-aging programs… everything that contributes to well-being during vacations where you truly take the time to take care of yourself. Exceptional places to savor during a weekend or a long stay. True antidotes to the daily pressure of our ever-accelerating lives driven by technology. Bubbles of nature that enhance well-being.

Luxe Wellness Club is the meeting place for those who want to live a healthy life, who appreciate beauty, who want to immerse themselves in it, and who wish for their well-being experiences to be in harmony with their beliefs and with the planet. It’s the club for those who see wellness as a true art of living.

Luxe. What is luxury today? For us, it is not so much the material possession of objects and increasingly alienating gadgets; it is not ostentatious display. bling bling. The new luxury is having the time and space to experience exceptional moments, feeling the beauty of the world, and sharing it, achieving fulfillment, and giving meaning to one’s life. The real luxury is nature and well-being.

Wellness. Wellness is more easily translated into French as “bien-être,” but the term encompasses much more than that. Le wellness est un processus actif et continu d’amélioration de soi, physiquement et mentalement, qui vise à vivre une vie rayonnante et en pleine santé.

Club. A club brings people together around a passion, an activity, or shared values. Our ambition is to create a space of inspiration for those who resonate with our vision of luxury and well-being, and to facilitate your bookings of high-end wellness stays.

Pascal Languillon, Founder and CEO, Luxe Wellness Club