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The Waldhotel at the Bürgenstock Resort: one of Switzerland’s finest luxury medispas

Switzerland is renowned for the exceptional quality of both its hospitality and healthcare sectors. The best of both worlds come together at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, a newcomer to the medical hotel and spa scene that promises to put you back on your feet. The 137-room wellness hotel impresses with both its architecture and the quality of its regenerative and preventive treatments. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered for a few days or weeks in a luxury clinic in a magnificent setting in the heart of the Swiss mountains?

The Bürgenstock resort, with the Waldhotel on the far right (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Innovative, environmentally-friendly architecture

Situated above Lake Lucerne and surrounded by pristine nature, Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence is part of a group of four hotels that make up the Bürgenstock Resort. The other three hotels include the Bürgenstock Hotel, the Palace Hotel and the Taverne 1879.

The Waldhotel is distinguished by its striking wooden façade, designed by the renowned Italian designer Matteo Thun. Its design is both innovative and integrated into the environment, with exacting sustainability standards.

A particularly successful architectural design (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

All rooms and suites at the Waldhotel invite you into a world of balanced design, where raw elements such as wood and local stone are combined with sensorial surfaces. The elegant, modern décor is discreetly understated, because the real star here is the view of the magnificent Alpine landscape.

Elegant rooms (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Rooms are a minimum of 40 m² and all have balconies. The bathrooms are spacious, with separate bathtubs and walk-in showers.

Bathrooms with bathtub in deluxe suites (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Large bay windows and mirrors create a feeling of space and light. In the superior category, suites are composed of one or two bedrooms with a maximum surface area of 150 m². The larger ones are true apartments, with kitchen, living room and fireplace.

View of the mountains from a bedroom balcony (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The Waldhotel spa: a haven of peace

The Waldhotel’s spa may not be as spectacular as the Alpine Spa at the Bürgenstock Hotel, just a few minutes’ walk away, but it’s nonetheless of the highest quality. It has a large indoor pool and an outdoor pool that is heated even in the middle of winter, allowing you to enter into communion with nature. This alternation of hot and cold is reflected in the spa’s design: cold water Kneipp baths to stimulate the body, infrared saunas and loungers by the fire to warm up.

The spa’s indoor pool (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

There are plenty of relaxation areas and a particularly zen atmosphere throughout. The spa boasts 23 treatment rooms, with a comprehensive selection of massages and facials. People also come here for a beauty makeover, and the best cosmetics are used, always in a non-invasive way.

Numerous relaxation areas (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Wellness programs at the Waldhotel, or how to be reborn in a new light

The Waldhotel’s spa may be very pleasant, but make no mistake: a stay at the Waldhotel is first and foremost designed with a medical approach, as to treat a fundamental problem, whether physical or mental. The hotel offers medical examinations, protocols for post-operative convalescence and treatment for burn-out patients.

You can choose from 11 wellness programs tailored to different needs. Programs include advanced diagnostics and examinations, and use a combination of techniques to improve health and beauty. Here, the focus is on mobility, weight management, metabolism and mind-body balance.

Yoga facing the mountains (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

This wide range of therapeutic services is based on the following basis: Anyone wishing to remain in good health over the long term should make sure they get enough rest, a balanced diet and regular exercise. One of the big differences with other well-known wellness hotels such as Chenot Palace Weggis or the SHA Wellness Clinic, which we also offer, is that here there are no treatments inspired by Chinese medicine. Everything is based on Western medicine.

Waldhotel programs last between three and fourteen nights and begin with the Waldhotel Check-up, a diagnostic test to determine a complete health check-up. The programs were created in collaboration with Dr. Verena Briner, a physician specializing in general internal medicine and nephrology who headed the medical department at Lucerne’s LUKS cantonal hospital for 20 years.

Icoone device to combat cellulite (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

A luxury clinic with state-of-the-art facilities

The fitness center also offers sports medicine and performance diagnostics consultations, with electrocardiograms, 24-hour blood pressure measurement, ultrasound to examine carotid arteries, etc.

It also has a modern laboratory for on-site blood and urine analysis, as well as bone density measurement, biometry and analysis of muscle fat composition, or other pulmonary function tests… An experienced team is available for your questions and assessments.

Cryotherapy helps strengthen the body (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Verbena’s colorful, healthy cuisine

One of the highlights of the Waldhotel concept is the colorful cuisine of its restaurant, the Verbena. The principle is simple: offer customers a perfectly balanced, nutritious diet that strengthens, heals and calms the body from the inside out, with a daily assortment of dishes in a unique color. Expect your plate to be completely green on Sunday and completely orange on Thursday! A unique concept, as attractive as it is delicious.

Created by Gault Millau award-winning chef Martin Stein, Healthy Cooking is basedon an alkaline, sugar-free, salt-free, dairy-free, low-carbdiet. Chef Martin Stein focuses on fresh, organic ingredients, including 30 types of herbs, and uses only vegetable oils, such as hemp and camelina oil. Hemp oil has proven benefits for reducing inflammation and is effective in treating a number of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Restaurant with view (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Most wellness programs include half-board, but if you opt for retirement Detox Pro, you’ll be able to enjoy this healthy cuisine on a full-board basis, plus nutritional consultations and a natural colon cleanse using figs and alkaline powder. It’s also about learning how to repeat these wonders at home, and a cooking course is provided to help you maintain good eating habits at home.

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Book (with exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefit)

Rates: From 550 euros per night for accommodation + program costs from around 3,000 euros per week. It is possible to follow a wellness program without being a hotel guest. The Bürgenstock Alpine Spa is also available at an additional cost.

Exclusive benefits for Luxe Wellness Club guests: free room upgrade subject to availability, possibility of arriving earlier and leaving later than the official check-in/check-out time, VIP status.

Take advantage of our expertise and advice to book a wellness stay at the Waldhotel.

Call us from Switzerland on +41 22 501 75 16to discuss your stay, or +44 20 4577 3258 from the UK, and from +1 (646) 980 6652 for the USA.

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