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Why use Luxe Wellness Club?

You have heard about SHA Wellness and Chenot Palace Weggis, but you are unsure which establishment to choose for your detox? You want to book an Ayurveda retreat in a luxury establishment, but you are not sure how to proceed?

Luxe Wellness Club is a concierge service dedicated to wellness palaces. We are the experts in the market of medical spas and exceptional wellness retreats, and our role is to advise and assist you in finding the most suitable stay according to your needs. We are not a travel agency; we will not sell you the stay directly. Instead, we will connect you with our partners for direct payment. We guide our clients towards the establishment and package that best suits their needs. There are no additional fees to benefit from our advice, and you will pay the hotels directly. Bonus: We can often obtain benefits such as room upgrades or complimentary treatments through the relationships we have built with our hotel partners. Benefit from our expertise and save time while enjoying direct rates and exclusive advantages we have negotiated for you.

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