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Our review : Chenot detox at the One&Only Portonovi in Montenegro

The ultra-luxury One&Only brand’s very first resort in Europe, and what a sensational entry into the market! With a prime location, numerous outdoor pools, rooms of unparalleled refinement and a spa that’s simply magical, it’s hard not to succumb to the assets of this extraordinary resort. Pascal Languillon, director of Luxe Wellness Club, tells us about a wellness holiday using the Chenot method. I’ve fallen in love with this resort, which is sure to be the talk of the town!

Pascal Languillon in the Espace Chenot corridor: a golden detox!

Eastern Europe’s new luxury hotel flagship

One&Only’s first European establishment opened its doors on May 1, 2021, in the Bay of Boka in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Kotor. One&Only offers 113 rooms and suites, as well as villas and private homes. Thanks to its high standards and the quality of its services, it is the new benchmark for luxury hotels in the country, and indeed in the whole of Eastern Europe.

View of the resort from the Tapasake Club (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

One&Only Portonovi is part of a new luxury real estate complex that also includes houses, apartments and a marina: Portonovi. The hotel faces the bay and the tree-lined mountains, with a small private beach that is actually artificial. The effect is very successful, however, as the imported white sand allows the sea to take on a turquoise-blue hue…

The resort thinks big. It boasts numerous outdoor pools, a magnificent spa, several restaurants, a Kid’s Club, a beach club, tennis courts and an outboard. All the services you’d expect from a renowned resort.

Among the activities on offer (apart from lounging on the deckchairs, which is a must for any successful vacation), I enjoyed a sea excursion in a kayak. You can cross the bay to a tunnel where submarines were hidden during the Second World War. A pleasantly adventurous feel. Stand-up paddling and other water activities are also available, as well as open-air yoga classes in the mornings.

Sumptuous pool overlooking the sea (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

A word about the excellent service and the friendly, mostly local staff. Note that the hotel’s General Manager, Michele Giraudo, is French, and the Spa Manager, Sara Idhajoub, is Moroccan, so you’ll be able to make yourself understood in the language of Molière if need be.

Huge, ultra-luxurious rooms

Good to know: all the resort’s rooms have the same interior configuration, the same size (55m² and 11m² terrace) and the same furnishings. So they’re all magnificent ! The only thing that changes among the different categories on offer is the location within the resort and the view offered from the windows and terrace. A word of advice: The “Portonovi” rooms don’t have a sea view, so opt for rooms in a higher category if possible.

Beautifully decorated rooms (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

For my part, I was lucky enough to enjoy room 72, a beautiful “Bayview” room with a soothing view of the nearby sea. In fact, I was the very first guest to use it, as the hotel had just opened its doors very shortly before.

What struck me most about the rooms was the quality of the materials, the marble and the fine woodwork. The refinement and attention to detail, and the absolute comfort of the furnishings. The warm ochre tones used add to the sense of calm and well-being. But I’m used to luxury hotels, and here you really get the impression of being in a higher class. In fact, it’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve tested so far in my travels around the world.

Yes, this is the bathroom! (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The bedding is just perfect, and it was a real treat to fall asleep in this oversized bed every night. Television connected to my cell phone with two buttons, Bose speakers, electronic heated toilets, sophisticated home automation… Technology has arrived at One&Only Portonovi, making it easy to enjoy all the room’s amenities.

The bathroom is extravagant, with its marble floor, huge shower with stool, beautiful fireplace and daybed that turns into a huge bathtub at night… The products used for showering and bathing are from the chic London brand Abahna, and they smell fantastic. The hotel provides its guests with high-quality robes, bathrobes and beach towels.

The terrace of the Bayview room. Note the hotel’s beautiful robe (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The rooms also have a terrace with a comfortable daybed, where you can browse through the beautiful books on offer and daydream facing the sea. The terrace is so pleasant at sunset that I had a Chenot room service dinner there one evening, lit by candles… Solo romanticism, as it were.

The Espace Chenot spa, simply enchanting

My main reason for coming here, as a wellness expert, is of course to discover the Espace Chenot. Indeed, One&Only has signed an exclusive worldwide partnership to open Chenot spas in every corner of the globe over the coming years, and the first of these is here in Portonovi. This 4,000 m² space offers customers a top-quality detox and fitness treatment .

I’ve already talked a lot about the Chenot method on this site, as it is of course practised on board the group’s flagship in the Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland, but also in other “Espace Chenot” which can be found in Italy at theAlbereta or, more confidentially, in Morocco at Selman Marrakech.

In my opinion, apart from the strict 7-day cure offered in Switzerland, this is the place to come if you want to enjoy the benefits of a Chenot cure in a more flexible, Mediterranean setting. Unlike the Palace de Weggis, here your partner can eat “normally”, as there are several restaurants, your children can be looked after in the Kid’s Club and you can choose to take a mini-treat over 2 or 3 days. For the rest, I found the same quality of care and equipment.

A truly magical indoor pool (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The spa ambience here is completely magical, with a semi-Oriental feel and warm colors used throughout. The large indoor pool is perhaps the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, with ultra-comfortable loungers, high ceilings, beautiful mosaic-lined arches and a flame that looks like an Olympic flame.

Care that combines professionalism and technology

I chose a Chenot Fitness program, which is also different from the cures offered in Switzerland. Although this program has the same treatment base (hydrotherapy, phyto-fangotherapy, hydrojet) as the Chenot massages, it focuses more on the sports coaching and fitness side, which I found very appreciable, as it provides the “right balance” between fitness and well-being. feeling more physically active than in a traditional Chenot cure, where you still spend a lot of time lying down…

After a series of in-depth diagnostics, the programs are customized according to the customer’s profile. I really wanted to focus on the muscular side and rebalancing the body, and I was particularly impressed by the Neurac (neuromuscular activation) session with an excellent physiotherapist who taught me how to gently adjust my muscular tensions. The strength training sessions were excellent, including the use of a pilates reformer machine to gain muscle.

Among the many treatments on offer, in addition to the excellent massages and facials, I also benefited from a pressotherapy session to make my legs feel lighter and a SKINeo sessionThis non-invasive treatment combines low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and electrotherapy to stimulate the skin’s natural firming process.

As a follower of the Chenot method, I can attest to the quality of the care and support provided here, and so I recommend this Espace Chenot without hesitation 🙂 As the hotel is open all year round, it’s an excellent choice for a Chenot cure in any season.

High-flying dietetic cuisine

The cornerstone of the Chenot method is dietetic food, with menus perfectly adapted to detox and weight loss, generally around 800 calories a day, or even 1200 calories for the heartier biolight formula.

Chenot breakfast fruit platter (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

What particularly impressed me here was the freshness and quality of the products. Most fruit and vegetables are grown locally, and this is reflected in the flavors. Here, for example, is a daily menu for the Chenot formula: a delicious fruit salad with egg white omelette for breakfast; orange and tapioca pudding, marinated artichokes and vegetarian paella for lunch; pumpkin carpaccio, broccoli soup and buckwheat millefeuille for dinner.

Appetizer: marinated artichokes, olives, almonds…(Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

There’s a good reason why Chenot curists can eat separately, so as not to be tempted by the delights served in the restaurants next door. Hotel Sabia’s flagship restaurant is run by Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli. Italian cuisine featuring local products. In particular, I remember an excellent half-cooked tuna accompanied by a small salad, enjoyed facing the sea with a glass of red wine. Delicious!

Breakfasts are also excellent, with a wide choice of pastries, fruit and healthy options. I loved one of the restaurant’s star recipes: Eggs à la turque, lightly spiced soft-boiled eggs with a yoghurt sauce.

However, my favorite restaurant is undoubtedly the Tapasake Club, a beach bar and restaurant with a hint of Ibiza, which had just opened its doors for the first time that day. All the dishes served were to die for: fish ceviche, strawberry tuna tartare, shrimp tempura, and the must-try sushi of course. Once again, it’s the quality of the products and the assortment of flavors that make the difference here. Try it after or before your Chenot detox, because rest assured, Japanese cuisine knows how to stay healthy!

An exceptional natural and cultural setting

Montenegro is a small, relatively unknown country, yet it abounds in UNESCO-protected natural and cultural treasures. It’s a country where the Adriatic plunges into the mountains. Herceg Novi is the pretty little town closest to One&Only Portonovi, and well worth a visit. The hotel is just 10 minutes by speedboat or 30 minutes by car from thevillage of Perast, which was the highlight of my trip. A village with successful traditional architecture on the edge of the bay, with the impressive mountains as a backdrop, and the island of Notre Dame du Récif in front of it. Undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of what looks almost like a fjord!

Perast, a real favorite (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I also visited Kotor, a charming, bustling town at the end of the bay, offering sumptuous views from the heights. I didn’t have time to visit Tivat, which I’d also heard was very nice, nor to go as far as Budva, another of Montenegro’s attractions. That’s for another time!

Our feeling

An ultra-luxury resort with plenty to attract detox and fitness enthusiasts! For fans of the Chenot method, this is the best alternative to the Palace in Switzerland. A detox in the sun, facing the sea, in ultra-comfortable rooms and with a magical spa… Why deprive yourself?

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