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L’Albereta Relais & Château and Espace Chenot: star detox in the Franciacorta hills

Discover the famous Chenot method for a detox in the striking setting of an extraordinary neo-Renaissance palace in Northern Italy. The advantage here over other, stricter medical spas is that you can come accompanied without your partner having to follow a precise dietary program. All in all, it’s an ideal place to detox in a more relaxed mode while enjoying the charms of Italy.

View of Lake Iseo from the restaurant (Photo: L’Albereta)

An ideal setting for a romantic and exclusive wellness break

We’re halfway between the Italian Alps and the Po plain, in the magnificent Franciacorta region of Lombardy. The 19th-century palazzo and its estate are surrounded by green hills and vineyards, overlooking the romantic Lake Iseo, just a few kilometers away. Not far away, the mythical cities of Bergamo and Verona await the beauty-loving visitor.

Outdoor pool overlooking nature (Photo: L’Albereta)

Just as the 5-star Relais & Château L’Albereta hotel appeals to the casual traveler, it also appeals to Henri Chenot, founder of the famous Chenot method, which helps stars look younger and slimmer.

An eclectically decorated 19th-century palazzo

Part of the estate is reserved for the 38 richly decorated rooms and suites of this 5-star Relais & Château hotel. Romantic couples won’t want to miss the Cabriolet suite, with its balcony overlooking the lake and vineyards, and its extraordinary sliding ceiling that lets you admire the starry sky.

One of the hotel’s beautiful rooms (Photo: L’Albereta)

The palace, decorated with Italian flair, combines comfort and allure with a touch of spice. It boasts numerous terraces, an outdoor swimming pool in summer and a 61-hectare park.

A bathroom (Photo: L’Albereta)

It houses an astonishing collection of sculptures, a veritable open-air museum designed to celebrate both the arrival of the third millennium and young contemporary artists.

The new terrace in 2020 (Photo: L’Albereta)

L’Espace Chenot: a unique spa in Italy

From the outside, the neo-Renaissance building has the charm of an ancient palazzo, yet it conceals within it a range of modern facilities: the “Espace Chenot” Spa and its 2,000 square meters entirely dedicated to health and well-being.

Chenot modern spa (Photo: L’Albereta)

Nature dominates everything at l’Albereta, and the Espace Chenot, designed by Italian architect Ettore Mocchetti, is no exception, opening onto this soothing natural environment through its vast bay windows.

Water in all its forms takes pride of place on the first floor of the building, thanks in particular to a vast indoor swimming pool. Not far away, an aromatic steam bath and a sauna sit alongside a gym and hydrotherapy area.

Magnificent indoor pool (Photo: L’Albereta)

The first floor is dedicated to treatments and diagnostics, with a nutritional assessment, energy tests, individual treatment cabins and an herbal tea area. A total of 50 people are entirely dedicated to the health and well-being of spa visitors.

The Chenot method, between East and West

With its 40 years of experience, the Chenot method is the highlight of the spa. Derived from the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western therapies, this method aims to restore an optimal physical and mental state, thanks to tailor-made detoxification and energy rebalancing techniques.

Duo massages (Photo: L’Albereta)

Here’s an example of what you can improve during your stay:

  • Overweight: slimming, diabetic management, cardiovascular or joint problems…
  • Stress: stress-related cardiac, vascular, dermatological or neurological problems, hypertension, sleep disorders, libido problems, anxiety, muscle tension and low back pain…
  • Age : regeneration, prevention of accelerated aging and aging of connective tissue…
  • Global health : improving overall physical and mental well-being
Cupping (Photo: L’Albereta)

The means used to improve customer well-being are varied, ranging from regenerative medicine to fitness, aesthetic medicine andhydro-biontology. This latter specialty is entirely devoted to the health of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and forms the basis of the Chenot method.

A space dedicated to well-being (Photo: L’Albereta)

In addition to simple à la carte treatments, visitors looking for a real cure will benefit from consultations specially designed to assess certain health parameters rarely considered by conventional medicine: oxidative stress, arterial age, presence of glycation by-products (accelerated ageing), food intolerance, nutritional assessment, etc.

Sport and fitness are also on the program (Photo: L’Albereta)

Once the diagnosis has been made, the center will suggest exclusive treatments adapted to your needs: bioenergetic treatment, ozone therapy, colon irrigation, acupuncture, anti-oxidant cocktail… The list goes on.

Care right down to the plate

L’Albereta offers a rich and varied range of restaurants:

-The Benessere, entirely dedicated to Espace Chenot guests, offers detox cuisine tailored to their individual programs. On the menu, recipes specially designed by Dominique Chenot to be irreproachable from a nutritional point of view, without ever sacrificing the taste or aesthetics of the plate.

Diet meals for those who want them (Photo: Chenot)

Leonefelice sublimates traditional Italian cuisine in a majestic setting overlooking the lake. Perfect for those who don’t want to detox!

Modern terrace (Photo: L’Albereta)

La Filiale is the ideal place for pizza purists. They can give free rein to their passion, over a glass of Franciacorta wine.

Finally, the Greeneige lounge and its library offer an intimate, cosy setting for enjoying a Chenot herbal tea by the fire.

La Dolce Vita in Italy (Photo: L’Albereta)

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Book a Detox Cure at l’Albereta

Please contact us to find out more about the Chenot cures and the Albereta, so that we can organize your stay.

Rates: from around 300 euros per night per room, detox cures extra. Prices start at around 10,000 euros for two people for a full week’s treatment. Exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefit: one 50-minute welcome massage per person.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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