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The photos speak for themselves! The Bürgenstock Hotel is a very special place. It’s a unique spa with breathtaking views of the magnificent Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps, and ultra-modern facilities. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty, vitality and harmony. Find below the description of the hotel and spa, as well as our detailed review on this page.

Overlooking Lake Lucerne

The Bürgenstock Hotel (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The hotel is located 30 minutes from the medieval town of Lucerne. The route to the hotel is atypical, to say the least: a ferry crossing, followed by a ride on the hotel’s exclusive funicular. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll quickly understand why the hotel’s original owners chose this location: the view is simply spectacular. Over 400 meters above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, the resort opens onto a majestic landscape, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Bürgenstock Hotel is a historic establishment dating back to 1903, which has played host to some of the world’s greatest names. Since then, the hotel has been renovated with sophistication while retaining its timeless charm, thanks in particular to some Art Nouveau-style spaces. The hotel now boasts huge floor-to-ceiling windows, ideal for enjoying the panoramic views from all four corners of the resort.

Relax in the lounge (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Warm, contemporary design

The design of the rooms and suites at the Bürgenstock Hotel follows the same line as the other common areas: luxurious, modern, with breathtaking views. The materials used are noble and bring a lot of warmth to the accommodations, making the spaces very cocooning. Then, in your marble bathroom, Bulgari products await you to pamper your skin with elegance.

A room at the Hotel Bürgenstock (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The interiors are particularly well designed to enhance the view of the lake and surrounding area. For example, you can enjoy a comfortable reading corner or a bathtub set directly in front of a large bay window. We love it!

A huge, spectacular spa

To make matters worse, The Alpine Spa is just as impressive as the hotel, while the Waldhotel, one of Europe’s leading fitness centers is just a few hundred metres away. The spa at the Bürgenstock Hotel spans three levels and an impressive 10,000 m² of indoor and outdoor space. There are 13 treatment rooms and three private spa suites. The infinity pool wraps around both sides of the Alpine Spa, overlooking the stunning Lake Lucerne. It’s heated all year round to 35°C, and for the sheer pleasure of soaking in it, a visit to the spa is well worth it!

The bay windows of the relaxation room look out over a soothing alpine landscape. The light-colored oak floors and walls give a warm feeling of well-being.

One of the most beautiful indoor pools in Europe? (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

In the quiet area, you can relax on sun loungers, water beds and sofas in front of a roaring fire. Right next door, in the spa lounge, also with a breathtaking view of the lake, there are rooms for relaxing over an herbal tea or fresh fruit juice.

A breathtaking view from the indoor pool (Photo: © Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

From here, you can continue on to hot and cold baths, a salt bath, and two infrared cabins as well as “siesta shells”. There really is something for everyone.

Further on, there’s a mixed nudist spa area (for 16-year-olds and over) and a nudist spa reserved exclusively for women. Both have hot and cold water pools, Jacuzzis, aromatherapy steam baths, saunas and their own relaxation rooms… It’s never been so good to be in your simplest form.

A cosy relaxation area (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

Each zone also features a Finnish sauna, ice room and alpine eco-pool…. In short, this is the Mecca of top-of-the-range wellness equipment.

Infrared sauna zone and nap shell (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

The treatments are based on cosmetic ranges from La Prairie, which needs no introduction, and Vinoble Cosmetics, an Austrian brand whose natural products are derived from grapes.

And for those who don’t want to spend their stay in bathing areas alone, yoga classes are waiting for you! Sports coaches also offer a wide range of alpine and physical activities, including a 9-hole golf course, tennis courts and mountain bike trails. In winter, you can go ice skating and skiing.

Outdoor yoga class (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

For a multi-day wellness program, the Waldhotel medical and wellness center is just a few minutes away. Take a look at our article on this luxury medispa.

Kitchen excellence

With its seven restaurants, Bürgenstock Hotel takes guests on a journey through many creative interpretations of traditional cuisine. Perched on a Swiss mountain, you’ll of course have the opportunity to sample the region’s great classics. However, it was other menus that attracted the most discerning gourmets. Four of these restaurants are world-renowned for their refinement and modernity, earning them 57 GaultMillau points. You’ll find dishes drawn from French cuisine, meats cooked perfectly over a wood fire and the best of Asian cuisine.

Refined presentation (Photo: Burgenstock Hotel)

As part of its commitment to well-being, Verbena specializes in balanced, healthy and innovative menus. With Colour Cuisine, Chef Martin Stein lets his passion speak through elegant, colorful plates that make healthy cooking very appealing.

Read our detailed account a stay at the Burgenstock Hotel and why its Alpine Spa is one of the best in Europe.


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