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The best anti-aging clinics: our selection

In the age of inclusivity and body positivism,self-acceptance is a must! Even so, the progress we’ve made needs to be put into perspective, and we need to remain extremely cautious, given the many opportunities for back-pedaling. Anti-ageing is all the rage, but having succumbed to youthism, we mustn’t give in to the opposite diktat. Rather, it’s a matter of giving everyone the choice and freedom toembrace the effects of time as they see fit.

To accompany this transition with lucidity, serenity and benevolence, luxury medi-spas and wellness clinics have designed dedicated programs. These enable us to understand “ageing well ” by reconciling health, well-being and longevity.

“In reality, our bodies are designed to live to 120. That’s the limit, but I’m sure that in the future we’ll have more and more people reaching that age. However, the important thing is not just to die as late as possible, it’s above all to age well, in good shape and with enough energy to be able to do lots of things”.

Dr George Gaitanos, médecin et directeur opérationnel de la R&D des palaces Chenot

Many luxury hotels now offer programs designed to maintain or restore vitality. They act directly on cellular aging, using highly innovative regeneration techniques combined with physical practices, or more gentle ones such as meditation, for a cross-disciplinary approach.

In this article, Luxe Wellness Club reveals its selection of the best anti-aging addresses for boosting your metabolism, slowing down the aging process and experiencing good aging.

1. Clinique La Prairie: medical excellence for longevity

A sanctuary of longevity, Clinique la Prairie is undoubtedly the world’s most exclusive establishment for health, anti-aging, detox and weight loss.

This state-of-the-art medi-spa cultivates a holistic approach combining preventive medicine and well-being, with exacting standards and excellence . During your tailor-made program, you’ll be accompanied by an expert team of doctors, specialists and therapists. The clinic uses highly sophisticated techniques that are specific to it.

Clinique la Prairie with the Alps in the background (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

This pioneering establishment has spent the last 90 years unlocking the secrets of longevity and well-being. As a result, we can now offer the world’s best anti-aging treatments to regenerate and rejuvenate body and mind, strengthen the immune system and optimize physical and mental performance. A holistic approach under the aegis of 50 doctors and specialists to design the emblematic Revitalization program.

Revitalization: a week to stimulate cell regeneration, combat the signs and causes of aging and improve clients’ mental and physical health. Epigenetics is key to Clinique La Prairie’s programs. and stress management, an inflammatory component to which the clinic provides particularly effective responses.

Inflammation is seen as one of the main causes of disease and aging. To quote their doctor, “an inflamed cellular environment can lead to dysfunctions of all kinds, from your sleep patterns to the inactivation and exhaustion of stem cells. It also leads to the development of senescent cells (cells that no longer divide) that can contaminate other normal cells, triggering a cycle of aging.”

Four pillars punctuate the clinic’s regeneration programs: medical expertise, nutrition, well-being and physical exercise.

Clinique La Prairie offers exclusive, cutting-edge programs for longevity, well-being and beauty.

A unique, world-class venue set in an enchanting setting overlooking the Alps and Lake Geneva. Clinique la Prairie boasts a 1,600 m² spa.

Prices for the Revitalization and Premium Revitalization programs: from approx. 25,000 euros.

2. Chenot Palace Weggis: a benchmark in preventive medicine

This health center is the flagship of the Chenot method. Renowned for its treatments to detoxify, energize and reset the body. The Chenot establishments are distinguished by their commitment tocombining the most advanced regeneration techniques available today with Chinese medicine and its ancestral knowledge of prevention.

The Chenot method activates thebody’s almost infinite capacity and power forself-healing. It combines energetic, physical and emotional stimulation.

Chenot Palace Weggis: the undisputed benchmark in pampering (Photo: Chenot Palace Weggis)

Three programs characterize the Chenot approach, available for stays of 7 nights or more. Here, we deliberately focus on the star anti-aging program: Prevention & Ageing Well. This package has a proactive approach: designed for health-conscious customers who aspire to a dynamic lifestyle, the program represents the DNA of the Chenot method: detoxification, health reinforced from within and activation of the body’s self-healing powers. It is dedicated to strengthening the metabolism to optimize its functioning and make it perfectly effective against the onslaughts of time and disease.

Through in-depth analyses carried out on arrival at the hotel, the program will be adjusted to your body’s needs and mechanisms. You’ll benefit from a hydrotherapy cure, several sessions of cryotherapy or intermittent exposure to hypo hyperoxia, renowned for improving metabolic function.

This renowned jewel has chosen the shores of Lake Lucerne to offer you a relaxing, picturesque and resolutely exclusive stay at the foot of the Swiss Alps. At the heart of the Chenot Palace is a therapeutic spa covering 5,000 m² dedicated to well-being and relaxation (swimming pool, sauna, marble hammam).

Discover state-of-the-art treatments as Pascal, founder of Luxe Wellness Club, shares his experience.

Prevention & Ageing Well program: CHF 6,900 per person (accommodation not included)

3. SHA Wellness Clinic: a comprehensive anti-aging program

Destination Altea Bay this time, not far from Alicante. Here, between sky and sea, floats a highly reputed wellness clinic, attracting the anonymous and celebrities in search of well-being.

More than just a spa hotel, Sha Wellness Clinic offers a variety of high-quality therapies, tackling not only the notion of well-being, but also the issues of diet, detox and the subject that brings us together today: anti-aging treatments. At the heart of the SHA methodology: personalization to provide targeted answers and create the essential trigger for each resident toadopt a healthy lifestyle, on a long-term basis. Sha Wellness Clinic gives you back the keys to your general well-being by combining natural therapies, the teachings of Oriental medicine, the nutritional approach and the latest medical advances. SHA also aims to educate through the contents of the Healthy Living Academy.

State-of-the-art diagnostics from Sha Wellness Clinic (Photo: SHA Wellness Clinic)

SHA’s Healthy Ageing program aims to slow down biological aging for a longer, richer life. It is available in two formats: 7 days (initial transformation) or 14 days (absolute well-being and prevention). The aim of this package is to optimize health by delaying and mitigating the effects of aging, to determine biological age indicators, to measure the gap with chronological age and toidentify factors likely to have a negative impact on quality of life. One of the starting points of Sha’s methodology is the determination of oxidative stress levels alongside other clinical analyses conducted.

SHA takes a cross-disciplinary approach to well-being, integrating physical exercise, mind-body connection (mindfulness therapy, for example), and pushes for personalization with a gendered distinction between recommended treatments and care.

Healthy ageing program: 8,100 euros (7 days) or 13,400 euros (14 days) – accommodation not included

4. Clinique Nescens: anti-aging center in Switzerland

Clinique Nescens is the expert center for anti-aging, regeneration and performance optimization. It is based on proven scientific methods such as epigenetics and microbiota analysis.

Adjacent to the Clinique Privée du Génolier, a center for the prevention of aging, the Clinique Nescens welcomes its customers in an environment conducive to disconnection close to Lake Geneva. Soothing suites accompany your journey to rest and regeneration.

Clinique Nescens Bio charger (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

RESET: Reboot, regenerate, reborn (“Restart, regenerate, rebirth”). This is the establishment’s star anti-aging treatment, guided by epigenetics. By optimizing the body’s regeneration and improving sporting performance, epigenetics shows how taking action on our environment and lifestyle can affect the expression of our genes and our future health.

Pulsed electromagnetic waves, ozonotherapy (an ozone treatment for certain inflammations), cryotherapy, intermittent hypoxia sessions and a personal sports coach are just a few of the complementary methods we use to provide in-depth support during your cure.

Cures at Clinique Nescens start on Sundays and last a minimum of 7 days to guarantee results and a transformed homecoming.

Cure Reset available from CHF 7,900 (all-inclusive)

5. Chiva Som: anti-aging and escape in Thailand

Choose the famous Chiva Som sanctuary in Thailand, which means “haven of life“.

While aging is inevitable, Chiva Som focuses on combating premature aging and loss of mobility or cognitive function. At this luxury resort, programs are based on diet, exercise and lifestyle to preserve health.

A well-orchestrated combination of gentle physical activities to rto enhance body stability, muscle strength and bone density, biofeedback (cardiac coherence) to improve emotional stability and sleep quality, and wellness cuisine to restore full control of all body and brain functions.

Chiva Som’s indoor pool (Photo: Chiva Som)

In Asia, prevention is no empty word, and you’ll be treated to regenerating cures that will prepare you for a radiant future.

Senior Wellness cure for example, combines the following treatments: spinal work, gyrokinesis (a combination of pilates, gentle gymnastics and yoga), treatments to strengthen and soften joints and articulations, and a massage. Chi Nei TsangWe offer a wide range of treatments, including naturopathy, spa treatments, Pilates and personal training.

Other health cures are also available, such as the Immunity and Intestinal Health Cures. The change of scenery and the holistic oriental approach to treatments also make this destination a world reference in anti-aging treatment centers.

6. Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda: anti-aging and sensoriality in Italy

One of our favorite establishments: Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda stands out for its holistic approach, its privileged location high above Lake Garda and its wellness expertise. Just two hours from Milan, this 5-star hotel offers breathtaking views, while its gigantic, award-winning spa is renowned for the quality and sensoriality of its treatments and wellness programs.

The Lefay method combines the principles of classical Chinese medicine with Western scientific research to help you live a healthier, more conscious life. This journey begins with accepting change, learning to listen to yourself, to your inner voice, to find your way.

The salt grotto at Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda (Photo: Lefay Resort)

At Lefay Resort & Spa, we’re not talking about an anti-aging program, but longevity. A package designed to help you recharge your batteries and face life with greater serenity. This package aims to develop your vital potential, rebalance your strengths and take a step back from your lifestyle. A benevolent and harmonious approach to ageing, to renew the dialogue between body and mind. The program is available in 5- or 10-night formats and includes, in its most comprehensive version: a initial energetic medical consultationan intestinal check-up, moxibustion treatments, postural analysis, treatments for the cell renewalThese include physical energy rebalancing activities and specific massages, alongside more traditional practices such as cryotherapy.

La via da Seguire” program available from 2,590 euros (5 nights) or 3,890 euros (10 nights) – accommodation not included

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