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Clinique La Prairie: medical excellence for longevity and beauty

A pioneer in the field of longevity since 1931, Clinique La Prairie is undoubtedly the world’s most exclusive medi-spa. This extraordinary place offers a wide range of services designed to improve health and well-being, thanks to a team of 50 doctors. Among the programs on offer, the emblematic “Revitalization” combats ageing through cell therapy, a technique invented here and patented. Luxe Wellness Club explains why Clinique La Prairie offers a unique concept that appeals to a very demanding clientele.

The world’s first luxury medi-spa

“The secret to a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life remains a mystery to many… but not to the experts at Clinique La Prairie.” These are the words used by this exceptional establishment to describe its mission: to help you live better and longer. It was in 1931 in Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, that Dr. Paul Niehans developed a cell therapy with spectacular results to slow down the aging process. Since then, Clinique La Prairie has grown and built an international reputation, proud of its heritage as the world’s first luxury medi-spa .

Clinique La Prairie offers medical excellence, state-of-the-art technology and unique health, wellness and nutrition programs for people seeking profound change.

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A 5-star hotel in a magical setting

As a luxury medi-spa, Clinique La Prairie boasts a 5-star hotel in an enchanting setting overlooking the superb scenery of the Alps and Lake Geneva. The tone is set right from the vast reception room, with its ultra-modern design.

The magnificent Montreux region, with the vineyards of Lavaux (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

A total of 39 rooms and suites await guests. The chateau welcomes guests in a luxurious setting bathed in light, with rooms featuring resolutely modern design. At the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of style, the Résidence, the clinic’s oldest and most emblematic building, offers rooms and suites in a range of styles imprinted with the charm of the early 20th century offering a beautiful panorama. You’ll have a choice of very different bedroom styles, depending on your tastes.

Bedrooms and bathrooms (Photos: Clinique la Prairie and Luxe Wellness Club)

The relatively modest size of the establishment and the fact that the buildings are separate give it a resolutely “boutique hotel” feel, in contrast to some of the wellness hotels we offer on our site.

A 1600 m² spa with a futuristic design

Completely renovated, the Clinique La Prairie spa is a place dedicated to beauty and well-being. Spread over 1600 m², the spa boasts top-of-the-range facilities, including a beautiful indoor pool with magnificent views of the lake and mountains. There’s also a hydrotherapy complex, Jacuzzi, sensory showers, ice fountain, steam room, sauna, fitness room and treatment rooms.

The magnificent indoor pool (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

Clinique La Prairie also has beauty cabins, Thai massage rooms and even state-of-the-art wellness technologies, such as photo-stimulation, cryotherapy, a detox infratherapy cabin and a spa wave for mental stimulation.

The spa is luminous thanks to oblong-shaped portholes and skylights, and the design is futuristic and uncluttered.

A treatment room (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

A cutting-edge medical clinic to restore beauty

Clinique La Prairie specializes in longevity wellness programs, and also offers state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine for those who wish to complement their health program with rejuvenating treatments. Here, all programs and treatments are tailored to the individual’s physical and mental needs
of each customer. All departments work in synergy to ensure optimal care.

Relaxation room with anti-gravity floating bed (Photo: Clinique La Prairie)

The four pillars of the Clinique La Prairie method are medical, wellness, nutrition and movement. Where medi-spa really stands out from the competition is on the medical side, with a scientific approach and even DNA testing in its two flagship programs, “Revitalization” to stimulate immunity and “Master Detox” to eliminate toxins. In purely aesthetic treatments for the face, Clinique La Prairie offers a technique based on the injection of stem cells that replace degenerating cells by ensuring the renewal of natural collagen. This rejuvenates tissues, optimizes skin oxygenation and skin renewal.

Aesthetic medicine (Photo: Clinique La Prairie)

In concrete terms, this is how it works: After consultation with a plastic surgeon and collection of the stem cells, they are sent to a laboratory for processing and purification. As soon as they return to the clinic, they are re-injected, for a stunning effect.

The Centre de Médecine Esthétique also offers a personalized approach for each patient, with a range of procedures including injections, peels and lasers, as well as innovative facelift and body contouring methods such as Coolsculpting, not forgetting theclassic tensor threads, botox and hyaluronic acid. A range of treatments to avoid invasive surgery and gently delay the aging process. You can also work on your smile at a dental clinic.

State-of-the-art diagnostics (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

Physical activity is an essential part of an optimal stay at Clinique La Prairie. That’s why a fitness room, sports activities and coaches are an integral part of the facility.

Nutrition for vitality

Clinique La Prairie’s cuisine promotes healthy living and vitality, with dishes that are as creative as they are delicious. A team of nutritionists helps define each customer’s needs and objectives.

All programs feature a balanced diet. Chef Sara Bussetti has become a master in the art of creating creative and delicious gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.

Inventive, refined cuisine (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

The gourmet menu offers international cuisine in a variety of refined, colorful dishes featuring local ingredients. The chef selects delicate oils and fragrant herbs to preserve the full flavor and nutritional benefits of her culinary preparations.

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Super healthy breakfast (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

Clinique La Prairie’s health programs

The list of health programs on offer includes :

Revitalization: This is THE program that has made this luxury medi-spa world-renowned, through the use of cell therapy, which has the power to regenerate cells and combat the negative effects of aging. It is recommended for patients from the age of forty onwards, as you don’t have to wait too long to act on cell degradation.

Premium Revitalization : The Premium Revitalization program goes one step further. He focuses on diagnosing and improving every part of your body: immune system, heart, breathing, sleep cycle, microbiota, skin, and brain with holistic medicinal technologies and adapted nutrition.

Time to relax (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

Beauty: A 360-degree approach to beauty care for every part of your body: face, body, hands, hair, smile.

Master Detox: Recommended once or twice a year to improve your quality of life, rebalance your body and mind, eliminate toxins and boost your health.

Weight Loss System : For patients with weight problems. The program offers a multidisciplinary approach with the help of a nutritionist, personal trainer, psychologist, therapist and beautician.

Better mobility: Recommended for patients suffering from pain after an accident, fracture(s), arthritis or pain leading to reduced mobility.

Better Sleep: For patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Personalized recommendations (Photo: Clinique la Prairie)

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Book (with exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefits)

Take advantage of our expertise in luxury medispas and contact us for a personalized quote. A stay at Clinique la Prairie requires advance preparation.

Prices: All-inclusive health programs from CHF 9,800 per person for Detox Reset (5 days), CHF 15,800 for Weight Loss System, Master Detox at CHF 17,200 per person and up to CHF 40,200 per person for Revitalization Premium. Exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefits: free exceptional cosmetics, early check-in and late check-out guaranteed, room upgrade subject to availability.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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