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New post-Covid health programs for in-depth recovery

After a long pandemic period (which is unfortunately not yet over), many people have been affected by Covid. A number of luxury medi-spas are now offering a solution, with post-covid programs for those who have suffered from the virus. With expert care and advanced techniques to help the body regain its strength, the immune system becomes more robust and the mind invigorated. With our expert eyes, we’ve taken a closer look at these new programs to unearth the very best. In our opinion, there are 3 excellent programs below.

Recovering from Covid in Austria with Vivamayr

Regenerating bath (Photo: Vivamayr)

Some people continue to suffer from the symptoms of the virus, even after recovery. The Vivamayr method has recently been expanded with a brand new health program to strengthen the whole body. The various treatments are designed to eradicate the inflammation that the virus has caused in the body. To regenerate healthy cells and thus increase the number of mitochondria (the cells’ main source of energy), it is essential to have a perfectly functioning immune system.

Strengthen your body to boost immunity (Photo: Vivamayr)

The method used by the two Austrian medispas Vivamayr Maria Wörth and Vivamayr Altaussee strengthens the immune system by fasting, or at least reducing the amount of food absorbed by the body. In this way, the organs can rest and take the time to release all their toxins. This will give your metabolism a boost.

Put your body to rest with delicious detox foods (Photo: Vivamayr)

With a wealth of personalized health care and medical supervision, the one- or two-week programs are tailored to each individual with personalized care and menus adapted to suit their needs. There will also be group activities and lectures on medical topics.

To find out more about these two medispas, we invite you to read our articles on Vivamayr Maria Wörth and Vivamayr Altaussee.

Price: Post Covid Vivamayr program from €3290 per week and €5470 for two weeks (excluding accommodation).

Post-Covid stay at the Waldhotel Bürgenstock in the Swiss Alps

Balcony with peaceful views (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

At this Swiss medispa, which makes a lasting impression with its exceptional setting and colorful cuisine (see our article on Walhotel Bürgenstock), you can overcome the virus with a special post-Covid program: the “Bürgenstock Post Covid Bounce Back Program”. It takes place over seven days to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of viral infections.

Particular attention is paid to the lungs, with various medical consultations and pulmonary physiotherapy sessions. Metabolism and skin will also be monitored by specialists, and stimulated by massages and vitamin infusions. Diet plays an important role, so menus are adapted to each individual’s nutritional needs and body condition. An hour and a half of “Cooking Lab” is also part of the package, where chef-nutritionist Martin Stein will help you reactivate and sensitize your sense of taste and smell.

Waldhotel spa indoor pool (Photo: Bürgenstock Hotels AG)

In addition tospecial sports training and yoga sessions, you’ll enjoy a program of outdoor activities based on the elements of earth, water, fire and air. The idea is to regain strength and flexibility by connecting with nature.

In our opinion, this is one of the most advanced approaches to fitness in Europe. See also our article: We tested the Waldhotel for you.

The SHA method for recovering from Covid

A moment of relaxation (Photo: Sha Wellness Clinic)

SHA Wellness Clinic, located in Alicante, has also added a program to its menu, the “Post-Covid”, designed to relieve or prevent the persistent symptoms of a long Covid. This prestigious medispa offers a personalized week of tests and consultations. These are the pillars of the stay, enabling us to create a tailor-made health program, accompanied by dietetic meals and drinks, all adapted to the needs detected.

Treatments at this renowned wellness clinic also include consultations in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as acupuncture and moxibustion (a technique that stimulates acupressure points using heat). To round off your stay, you can take part in a wide range of daily group activities. Conferences, physical training sessions, healthy cooking demonstration classes and holistic activities await you …

Outdoor sports (Photo: Sha Wellness Clinic)

Read our article on SHA Wellness Clinic here.

Price: SHA Post-Covid Program from €2,600 per week (excluding accommodation).


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