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Our review : The Reset Cure at Clinique Nescens in Switzerland

Welcome to the future! That was the general impression of Pascal Languillon, CEO of Luxe Wellness Club, after testing the anti-aging treatment at Clinique Nescens near Geneva. This cure offers a program based on cutting-edge knowledge of anti-aging and integrative medicine, as well as a center for aesthetic medicine, coupled with advanced technologies. The aim is to optimize quality of life. Here’s a detailed account of our science-fiction-like stay in the land of health : Switzerland.

Pascal Languillon in front of the Clinique Nescens reception desk (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The anti-aging clinic of Switzerland’s leading medical tourism operator

Clinique Nescens belongs to the Swiss Medical Network group, which, with its network of 22 private clinics in Switzerland, is the country’s leader in medical tourism. This network is world-renowned for the quality of its medicine, with some of the world’s leading specialists in various disciplines. These include the Clinique de Montchoisi in Lausanne, the SwissVisio network with the world’s leading glaucoma specialist, clinics specializing in cancer treatment, and many others.

The pretty lounge at Clinique Nescens (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The Clinique Nescens is attached to the Clinique du Génolier, also one of the country’s best-known clinics, where all kinds of pathologies are treated. It specializes entirely in preventive and anti-aging medicine. At Nescens, our skincare ranges are the fruit of many years of scientific research, as demonstrated by our brand of innovative, effective cosmeceuticals .

The Clinique Nescens has some thirty suites available for its curists. I stayed in a pretty 55m² Junior Suite overlooking Lake Geneva. It had a living room and a terrace overlooking the lake. The weather was bad during my stay, but I can attest to the fact that you can see Geneva’s jet d’eau in the distance, and a breathtaking view of the Alps and Mont Blanc.

My Junior Suite (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

In terms of decoration and standing, I’d say we’re halfway between a luxury hotel and a clinic. You can’t expect the extreme comfort of the rooms at Chenot Palace or Palazzo Fiuggi, for example, although the junior suite is very pleasant and warm.

Let’s face it, the place is very quiet, even monastic, and therefore conducive to rest. There are no televisions or stereos in the rooms. The aim is really to soothe and limit external stimuli.

What’s missing here compared to the luxury medical spas we feature on Luxe Wellness Club is undoubtedly an indoor pool. However, the Clinique Nescens has been able to compensate for certain weaknesses in its hotel offer by medical excellence and the presence of therapeutic technologies not found elsewhere. And its partnership with La Réserve Genève makes it easy to spend a day at a dream spa nearby…

Biohacking: extraordinary machines for in-depth recovery

The cure was designed by Dr Guénolé Addor, a specialist in preventive medicine. It begins with a medical check-up, including blood tests, body composition and nutritional assessment. A neurophysiological assessment is also available as an option, providing detailed information on brain function.

Even after having had the chance to stay in some of the world’s most renowned medi-spas, I discovered exclusive innovative treatments at Clinique Nescens. While the Clinique Nescens does have a spa area with infrared sauna, cryotherapy and cold bath a la Wim Hof, the Clinique Nescens is probably the only place in Europe to have a Biocharger, a technology imported from the USA.

To make an easy analogy, the BioCharger recharges our cells, which behave like batteries. This machine does not treat disease, but reinforces the body’s innate ability to heal through its subtle energy field. The energies are light, frequencies, voltage and pulsed electromagnetic fields, with multiple benefits. Energy, recovery, better sleep and improved performance are just some of the benefits.

Pascal in front of the Biocharger, an intriguing experience (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I can certify that I felt energized after 20 minutes’ exposure to the Biocharger.

“It’s like a phone charger, it charges you electrically”.

Another machine exclusive to Clinique Nescens is the hyperbaric chamber . This is a method of administering inhaled oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, for therapeutic purposes, as it results in a very significant increase in O 2 dissolved in the blood. This increases the vital supply of oxygen and stimulates the body to produce anti-oxidants and other cellular survival and defense mechanisms, which are essential in the fight against aging.

More pleasant because of the warmth it provides, Photobiomodulation combines red and infrared light to boost our cells’ mitochondria and improve cognitive and physical performance. It’s a bit like photosynthesis for plants: light produces energy that benefits the body.

I also tested a floatation pool with sensory deprivation on a water cushion heated to 35°C, combined with chromotherapy to achieve a meditative state of pure relaxation (pictured at the very top of the article).

Throughout the treatment, clients wear a bracelet, the Biostrap, which allows them to measure sleep, and a sensor to calculate blood glucose and ketosis levels (a reflection of your body’s ability to maintain a healthy metabolism). This gives the medical team precise data with which to make personalized recommendations.

Vasper: an exercise machine without the aches and pains (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I was impressed by the machines in the fitness room. One of them, Vasper, is a revolutionary health and fitness technology that combines vein compression, cooling and interval training to help the body restore, harmonize and achieve maximum vitality. Vasper enables anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to mimic the physiology of intensive training and enjoy the same benefits without the same wear and tear and duration as a typical workout. This is a highly effective, low-impact 21-minute workout.

Clinique Nescens also offers cryotherapy, a treatment I enjoy more and more with each new trial. I really liked the Sensopro, a sports trainer with three different levels of resistance in three dimensions. It allows you to multiply the possibilities of movements and combinations for a complete workout. With SensoPro, the quality of coordination and proprioception can be improved quickly and easily, thanks to playful training.

Another machine tested was the Redustim pressotherapy device, a paramedical pressure technique that activates blood and lymph circulation. This therapy is performed with wide boots, arm sleeves and an abdominal belt to be worn while lying down. Pressotherapy is recommended for people with circulation problems, water retention or who want to get back into shape. It’s a highly effective lymphatic drainage.

Pressotherapy (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Finally, the spa program also includes yoga classes, infrared dome, osteopathic assessment, fitness activities, breathing techniques and body and facial treatments.

Stem cell injections for spectacular aesthetic results

I was fascinated to meet Dr. Sophie Menkes, a leading nanofat grafting specialist and Medical Director of the Center for Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine at the Nescens Clinic. Dr Menkes has invented a revolutionary skin rejuvenation protocol, a technique for which she travels the world training plastic surgeons.

Nanofat Grafting means ” nanofat grafting “. This is a regenerative cosmetic surgery procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin. This innovative technique begins by removing a small amount of fat from a part of your body, in order to isolate its precious stem cells. These pluripotent cells are then reinjected into your skin, for example at several injection points on your face. The effect is visible in just a few weeks and lasts for many years, erasing fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and other skin ageing problems.

It should be noted that, with nanofat, it’s not the final fat volume that’s important, but the regenerative capacity of the contents. There is no fat lobule injection or volumizing effect possible with this treatment.

The stunning results of nanofat grafting (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Stem cell-rich nano-fat grafting will be effective on any area of wrinkled, crumpled, discolored or damaged skin. It also works very well on scars and stretch marks. Finally, in certain cases, it can be injected into the vaginal mucosa, notably in women suffering from gynaecological disorders after menopause, chemotherapy or pregnancy, but also on the scalp to treat alopecia.

Dr. Menkes can perform this procedure as part of a Reset cure at Clinique Nescens, for an additional CHF 4900 to treat the face, for example . The procedure involves a local anaesthetic and the removal of just 10 grams of fat. The procedure takes just 1h30. In terms of results, it’s like turning back the clock: wrinkles and dark circles disappear, the skin is lifted, while retaining a natural appearance. To date, Dr. Menkes has performed over 1,000 such procedures and continues to be impressed by the results on her patients.

Healthy, gourmet cuisine

The food served during the Reset cure is low in carbohydrates, organic and local, with unprocessed foods. A diet that Dr. Addor considers “cellular”, as it is the most suitable for optimal human health. This diet aims to significantly reduce carbohydrate consumption in favor of lipids to induce a state of ketosis. In addition to significant weight loss, it is said to have numerous health benefits.

A room service evening meal (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

It goes without saying that the meals served at Clinique Nescens are both balanced and very tasty. Chef Frédéric Armand created the menus in collaboration with a nutritionist to provide the optimum amount of micronutrients, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats, giving customers pleasure with a relatively low calorie intake.

At lunchtime, there are 3 starters followed by a main course, but no dessert. Here’s a lunch menu I tasted as an example: “mushroom dashi and kombu seaweed”, then “carrot and celery salad, salmon roe, clementine vinaigrette”, followed by her “langoustine sashimi, rapa top velouté, broccoleti and bergamot”. Then to finish: “poached poultry with rosemary and seeds of paradise, cardoons, kimchi and cabbage mousseline, jus réduit”. If diet restaurants were included in the Michelin guide’s criteria, this one would undoubtedly be starred!

The cure also includes seaweed, spirulina and dietary supplements, as well as intravenous vitamin C, glutation and ozone therapy. Microbiota tests are also available.

Our feeling

The Nescens Clinic is the paradise of biohacking, or how to optimize your body’s biology and implement a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If you’re passionate about integrative anti-aging, regenerative and performance medicine, and want a medicalized program that incorporates innovative, high-performance technologies to help the body recover maximum energy in minimum time, then this cure is for you! Clinique Nescens also makes it easy to combine these treatments with the injection of stem cells using the nanofat grafting technique for regenerate the face or certain parts of the body. In the years to come, the Reset treatment is set to become a benchmark for those seeking to slow downthe effects of aging.

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