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Clinique Nescens: preventive and anti-aging medicine in Switzerland

Located between Geneva and Lausanne, just 10 minutes from Lake Geneva, Clinique Nescens is positioned as an expert center for anti-aging, regeneration and performance optimization to bring about fundamental change. You’re here to take care of yourself, and the results will show! This is a fitness center based on proven scientific methods such as epigenetics and microbiota analysis .

A dedicated address for preventive medicine

Backed by the Clinique de Genolier, which boasts 210 specialist doctors covering most medical specialties, the Clinique Nescens is a facility that bases its practices and care on advanced medical expertise. That’s what makes its reputation and our interest in this state-of-the-art medicalized wellness center.

Performance analysis (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

Would you like to take stock of your lifestyle, identify risk factors, and start a sustainable weight loss program, for example? Our team of doctors and wellness experts will offer you personalized programs and cures, and accompany you throughout your stay.

Junior suite or suite with panoramic terrace

Junior Suite (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

29 junior suites spread over 3 floors, plus the 250 m² Mont Blanc suite with its four bedrooms, welcome you to this establishment. Beautiful spaces with views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc for a truly soothing panorama. All rooms benefit from room service and concierge services to organize activities outside the spa. The clinic also offers a beauty and well-being area, fitness and sports coaching to help you get back into shape.

A detox and fitness cure

The brand-new RESET treatment from Nescens is defined in three words:“REBOOT, REGENERATE, REBORN“...

The result of the latest research in health optimization, La Cure Reset is an exclusive program combining unique medical expertise, high-tech therapies, sports monitoring and customized dieting.

In other words, the aim of your cure here is to benefit from the most advanced medical knowledge in terms of preventive medicine through detox, anti-aging and regenerating programs, and to regain good physical and intellectual performance.

Bio charger – to invigorate and stimulate the whole body through exposure to electromagnetic waves. (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

You start with a complete check-up with the clinic’s doctors and experts. This assessment will enable us to define a tailor-made program that can be adapted to suit your objectives. Fitness , weight loss, detox, sleep problems, stress, the global approach will cover all the areas that can have an impact on your health.

Photobiomodulation – red light and IR Helps improve cellular energy production, blood circulation, skin quality, thyroid function and the immune system. (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

So your Reset cure program will be geared more towards physical fitness and improving the quality of your sleep, diet and stress management. It focuses onepigenetics (the impact of our lifestyle, family and social environment, stress or exposure to pollutants on the expression of our genes).

A personalized program over 7 days or more

Your complete check-up will include two medical consultations (entrance and exit), a nutritional consultation, an osteo-articular assessment, an aesthetic medicine consultation and your laboratory tests. Nutritional recommendations will be based on these initial results.

Your program will then be punctuated by various therapies, mind & body activities and additional treatments on medical recommendation, such asmicrobiota analysis or ozone therapy (ozone treatment for various ailments).

Hyperbaric chamber (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

Treatments include signature massages, pressotherapy, two sessions of cryotherapy (renowned for recovery and inflammation reduction), a session of hyperbaric chamber (known to boost oxygenation of neurons and optimize their activity), two intermittent hypoxia sessions and six energy treatments using pulsed electromagnetic waves.

Yoga, for body and mind (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

Alongside this shocking program to boost your organism, body and mind are also on the road to better health: individual training, outdoor sports sessions, yoga classes and a breathing technique course to encourage letting go and de-stressing.

Of course, nutrition is central to any fitness cure, and your health menu will be personalized for the three main meals and throughout your entire cure.

Healthy meals (Photo: Clinique Nescens)

In conclusion, the RESET cure is the new “integrative” program from Clinique Nescens. A program that attracts our attention for its level of medical expertise, its highly innovative techniques and its comprehensive nature.

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Benefit from our expertise in wellness breaks and luxury cures and contact us for a personalized quote for a stay at Clinique Nescens.

Rates: 9,900 Swiss francs / Euros for the Reset treatment, including Junior Suite accommodation.

Call us from France: + 33 1 85 73 22 14 , from Switzerland: +41 22 501 75 16 , from the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652, or from the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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