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Our review : Adler Spa Resort Sicilia

The Luxe Wellness Club team is always on the lookout for new wellness nuggets to recommend. To ensure the relevance of our selection with your aspirations, we attach great importance to the immersive experience before adding a new partner to our collection. With this in mind, Travel Designer Ambre Vénissac had the pleasure of flying to Sicily, determined to unravel the mysteries of the magnetic Adler Spa Resort Sicilia. The most recent property of the iconic group, this retreat on Sicily’s southwest coast draws its energy from the fascinating nature that surrounds and shapes it. Ambre takes you on a journey through sustainable design, panoramic Mediterranean views and a holistic spa. Will you be joining us?

An invigorating change of scenery without going too far

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia is nestled on Sicily’s southwest coast, not far from Agrigento in the municipality of Siculiana. After a flight to Palermo airport (about 2h30 from Paris), I meet up with Paolo, our driver, for the transfer organized by the hotel. A warm welcome, a singing accent, delicate attentions, I’m already enjoying this foretaste of Sicily and slip into the car. The journey takes 1h30 to the hotel, but you won’t see the time go by: everything is designed to prepare you for relaxation, with soft music, drinks, adjustable lighting… or to allow the more studious to complete their last tasks and arrive with a light mind (vehicles equipped with wifi).

I reached Adler Sicilia in the early evening. It was dark, which makes for a rather special perception, as the other senses are all the more solicited and sharpened. I was immediately struck by the sense of calm that reigned there, intrigued by the vegetation whose majestic shadows were silhouetted against the night, and the sweet scent of salt and citrus fruit wafted through the air.

After going through the welcome formalities, I discovered the schedule of activities that reigns supreme in the hotel lobby. There are many options to choose from: yoga & wellness, outdoor, fitness, gourmet, art and culture. As soon as I arrived, I was already writing down the classes I didn’t want to miss. This infinite range of possibilities gave me a real boost of energy, and is a key element of the Adler Spa Resort Sicilia philosophy: you can fine-tune your stay to suit your desires and personality.

Spacious and welcoming rooms

I couldn’t wait to discover my room, as this aspect, the spa and the gastronomy all play a major role in my first impression of an establishment. Careful teams escorted me to room 115 which was my cocoon for those 4 nights.

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia has 90 rooms, all Junior Suites, including 17 Family Suites. Some are close to the pools and fitness area, others closer to the restaurant. As for me, I was not far from the spa and the lobby, less than 5 minutes from the various points of interest, even if Adler seems at first sight to be very spread out. After passing through dimly-lit, softly-carpeted corridors, I pushed open the door to my Junior Suite .

In a few words: purity, harmony, space and comfort. I was impressed by the size of the Junior Suite, which is far more spacious than the photos suggest! It comprises several living areas: an open-plan bathroom extended by a dressing room, the hallway leads to the bed area, featuring a desk, linen sofa and matching velvety pouffe in bright orange.

Finally, a spacious terrace with day bed and, of course, uninterrupted views of the sea and gardens, revealed by the first light of day.

The bathroom includes a shower and a bench, again in this bright orange with retro accents, on which your spa essentials are arranged: wrap-around bathrobe and tote bag in a durable weave material. It is separated from the bedroom by small openwork wooden panels that let in the light and create a sense of fluidity between the spaces. The Adler cosmetics range is subtly laid out and invites you to experience its sensoriality. The bedding is very comfortable, and the cultural influence of the Adler group can be seen in the German-style bed preparation: two individual duvets rather than one to share.

The Junior Suites are 55 m² in size, extremely well-designed and warm.

A unique and idyllic natural setting

Perhaps you’re already familiar with other Adler properties? This small, family-run hotel group owns several jewel cases in the Dolomites, South Tyrol and Tuscany. One of the key elements of the Adler philosophy is a strong territorial base combined with sustainable sensitivity. This is confirmed by its Sicilian nugget. Andrea and Klaus Sanoner trusted their intuition and didn’t choose Adler Spa Resort Sicilia at random.

A small paradise perched on a hill overlooking the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, with the silver sea as its horizon. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel extremely privileged, in direct contact with nature. Let your eyes run along the treetops, follow the jutting edges of limestone promontories and cliffs, and breathe in the sea spray and delicate fragrances. A tree-lined, finely-marked path runs down to a beach of fine white sand, with a view of the sea to accompany and guide you back to your roots. A sense of calm and fulfillment – aren’t these the fundamentals of well-being?

An airy and statuesque design

Adler Spa Resort Sicilia embodies authenticity, discreet luxury, serenity and essentiality. This temple of tranquility aims to be energy self-sufficient within a few years. This commitment to sustainability and aesthetics is reflected in a design that embraces exceptional raw nature. At Adler, shades of blue and green dominate, and natural, responsible materials blend delicately into the idyllic landscape. We note the preference for wood, mostly cedar, to withstand the effects of time, the onslaught of sea air, sun and wind. But also for its local roots and its many virtues: cedar wood is relaxing and healing. Architect Hugo Demetz’s signature is evident in his well-balanced constructions, with strong but open lines, as if to let in the light and multiply the points of observation of nature, always from a different prism. An ethereal design, imbued with lightness, that invites you to catch your breath and reconnect with your own rhythm. A posture that echoes Adler Sicilia’s mantra “Let your soul fly”.

Focus on Adler Sicilia design

Facilities include a restaurant, an osteria for sunny days, a bar, a spa, a fitness area and three outdoor pools, one of which is seawater and two heated. The flow through the spaces is extremely fluid, like a therapeutic journey.

A sleek and enveloping spa

First and foremost, the Spa at Adler Sicilia is no exception to the rule. To reach it, you walk through the gardens, without losing sight of the sea as you arrive: soft, light tones, wooden lines, enveloping , comforting furnishings . It’s a beautiful spa that works on you from the moment you walk through the door. Sicilian fragrances and aromas, relaxing musical ambience. It, too, is open to the outside world, playing with the boundaries between inside and outside. You can relax on one of the sofas overlooking the bay window, or in the relaxing room. A timeless moment awaits you , even more exceptional at sunset.

Water acts as a common thread, flowing between the small platforms and alluding to the circulation of energies. 15 treatment rooms, named in homage to mythology, welcome you for highly sensorial rituals. One of the cabins is dedicated to couples for duo rituals. Some offer pedicure and manicure services. There are also cabins for hydrotherapy, a room reserved for traditional Thai massages (exceptional), and a salon for hairdressing services.

Beyond the reception area, a corridor leads to the two outdoor saunas in the heart of nature. They are reserved for adults, accessible from the age of 14. The first is the”Panorama Bio Gentle Warm“with its gentle heat of 60°C and 40% humidity, followed by the “Panorama Hot & Dry” with dry heat, at 85°C and around 15-20% humidity. In both cases, you need to remove your swimsuit because of the high temperatures (skin circulation, perspiration process), you can tie a towel to feel more comfortable if you wish. The essences diffused are evocative of Sicily and its natural riches, in particular citrus fruits and aromatic herbs.

I visited the boutique corner with the active cosmetics ranges developed by Adler: Adler Spa & Med. Each range is focused on benefits and uses ingredients specific to a particular region. The Fresh range, for example, draws its ingredients from Sicily. As in the world of gastronomy, Adler’s local approach is also reflected in the Spa, with the spotlight on neighboring producers and brands that are not yet widely known. Like these massage candles designed in Sicily: Alchimista del Vulcano with the discreet but addictive Luna di Carta scent (so much so that I packed it in my suitcase).

Care for body and soul

The best way to understand a spa’s wellness approach is to experience a treatment. After a year spent at Luxe Wellness Club, my sensitivity to these approaches is even greater, so I had studied Adler’s menu of services with great care and was eager to experience them.

Adler Resort & Spa Sicilia offers spa packages geared more towards sensoriality and discovering the essences of Sicily (Sicilian Sun, Just Amore Sicilia,…), a program designed specifically for men and an Ayurveda package that I’m sure will be a hit. Facial treatments are also available, as well as body treatments and a wide variety of massages (relaxing, bodystyling, oriental, to promote sports recovery…), duo rituals as mentioned above, and even specific treatments for kids & teens: services from age 4 and from age 13. Adler’s integration of wellness into a family approach is rare enough to merit special mention. In addition to a number of treatments perfectly suited to the youngest guests, Adler Resort & Spa Sicilia also creates opportunities for parents and children to get together.

For my part, I began my stay with a 50-minute Adler Relax Essences de Sicile massage. Elena took me on a gentle journey. For once, I opted for less pressure, as I was feeling painful. It released every point of tension in my body, gave me a sense of serenity and fulfillment , and I can even confess to having fallen asleep for a few moments. It was a caressing massage from the heat candle, and just feeling the warm oil applied to the skin brought a real sense of well-being. A moment for yourself, out of time, accompanied by a caring therapist.

The next day I opted for two emblematic treatments to get a feel for the approach. I started with a 20-minute salt detox hydrotherapy. Immersed in a bathtub with lighting effects, jets work on targeted areas, gently and broadly at first, then stimulate legs, arms, neck and then the whole back.

After the bath, I met my therapist Clara for a multi-step detox ritual. The first consists of a fairly dynamic exfoliation using a thick brush to remove dead skin cells, which also has a draining effect due to the movements performed by the practitioner. This is followed by a refreshing milk massage, then you lie back on a mattress for the seaweed wrap. The heated mattress then closes over you, inflates slightly, and the next thing you know, you’re floating in the bath, guaranteed to relax you during your break. After a shower to remove the last traces of the seaweed wrap, Clara gave a detox massage that was extremely dynamic and at the same time relaxing, as if every limb and muscle had no choice but to give in to relaxation. Clara’s gestures were extremely precise and confident, and she handled me with great force. At the end of the massage, I felt like I was sailing: the result of the wrap and its massage.

After a few moments’ recuperation in the relaxation zone, I joined Nikola, one of the leading therapists, for a ritual I was very curious about: Ricordo Di Sicilia (lasting 75 minutes). This treatment is quite unclassifiable , and that’s its strength. After discussing my lifestyle and current state of mind, Nikola had me choose a massage oil, to which we added a few drops of essential oils. I closed my eyes and the magic happened.

Nikola massaged and stretched me as if we were doing yoga postures, his involvement was total, his breathing as if in sync with mine, and he combined this approach at the crossroads of massage, osteopathy and yoga throughout the sequence. Beyond a feeling of physical well-being and relaxation, a sense of alignment, confidence and calm. Nikola then escorted me to the relaxing room, where he brought me a glass of almond milk accompanied by what could become your guilty pleasure of the stay: pistachio cookies.

I took a few moments just for myself in this contemplative posture that I don’t often have time to observe on a daily basis. Re-energized and soothed at the same time, in the moment, wrapped up in my bathrobe, intoxicated by the essential oils, my eyes on nature, a true wild beauty on this late afternoon.

Conclusion: A highly sensorial Adler Spa experience, quite undescribable, and that makes it all the more pleasurable. You can feel their wellness philosophy, drawing on a wide range of influences and practices to bring the best of each discipline to your well-being. Respectful, intuitive and attentive therapists and top-quality facilities all contribute to your wellness journey.

Self-discovery activities

One of Adler Sicilia’s undoubted strengths is the wide variety of activities on offer. These are included in your room rate, and you’ll be accompanied every time by passionate, expert instructors.

From a pragmatic point of view, what I also really liked was a detail that makes all the difference. Your room card doesn’t just allow you to open your cocoon. It’s equipped with a QR code that lets you access hotel information (breakfast times, map, weather) and activity schedules wherever you are! No need to call or go to reception, you can flexibly plan your activities and even register using this little QR code from the comfort of your bed.

As mentioned in the introduction, the activities available cover several fields of action:

  • Yoga & Wellness: mainly Yoga and Aufguss
  • Outdoor: E-bike tours, hikes, walks
  • Fitness: Total body, aquagym, Pilates, functional training, HIIT, work on posture and balance, breathing exercises
  • Gourmet: tastings, cooking classes, winery tours
  • Art & culture: visit to the Valley of the Temples (with guide: German, Italian or English)

Below, I’d like to take a quick look at some of the activities that have caught my attention or that I’ve had the opportunity to try out.


Aufguss is a rather unique proposition, a ritual of German origin, guided by a sauna master to maximize the benefits of thermotherapy. These are fairly short sessions, lasting around fifteen minutes, usually in the morning or evening, and are extremely popular with Adler customers.

Morning yoga

Yoga is often offered in the morning (around 7:30 a.m.) or mid-afternoon. To get my day off to a good start, I opted for a morning slot. There are so many group classes at Adler that you can usually enjoy the activities in small groups, which gives them an intimate feel, and you can benefit from even more individualized guidance .

Shirin has designed a class that listens to you and your body, both gentle and energizing, and I didn’t see the session slip away. We were only four participants, with quite different levels, but she knew how to adapt so that everyone could experience all the benefits. The yoga room is located in the fitness area and faces one of the swimming pools. Needless to say, practicing yoga in this setting is an excellent way to start your day with serenity and gratitude.

E-bike tour of Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

Even though I’m a big fan of yoga, I have to admit that the activity that will leave the biggest mark on my stay is the e-bike ride. After a hearty breakfast and spontaneous registration, we meet in the hotel lobby at 9.30 a.m. for a sporting tour of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, managed by WWF. Escorted by our guide Girona, who was a good listener, bubbly and knowledgeable (she shared with us the history of the reserve, her knowledge of medicinal plants and her favorite itineraries) we set off to discover this magnificent playground, off the beaten track.

Accompanied by my faithful sidekick Joséphine, we drove through the surrounding villages. After a few climbs, bends and beautiful descents, the e-bike and its turbo mode held almost no secrets for us! Arriving at your destination, after a few bumps, you embrace the reserve, between pine forests, mountain flowers, olive trees, plaster cliffs and paths among the rocks, until you reach a magnificent belvedere offering exceptional views over the crystal-clear waters.

Immersing ourselves in nature gives us a deep sense of freedom, an intoxicating sensation that didn’t leave us for the rest of the day. A great option for a break in the fresh air on unexplored paths.

Choosing also means giving up. We weren’t able to take part in all the hikes on offer, but I’d like to point out that there are several options available: by bike or on foot, classified by difficulty to suit everyone.

The Valley of the Temples

Sicily is full of treasures, and for history and archaeology buffs, I recommend a visit to the ruins of Akragas (Agrigento) and the Valley of the Temples. This UNESCO World Heritage site is Sicily’s most emblematic, and provides a better understanding of successive waves of occupation (Greek, Carthaginian, Roman) and their influence on culture. An absolutely fascinating dive into history, orchestrated by our Italian guide speaking perfect French, including the almost untouched Temple de la Concorde, set in a landscape worthy of the most beautiful postcards: azure blue skies and almond trees in bloom.

Traditional cooking classes

At the end of our visit to the Valley of the Temples, which involved a long walk, we headed for an old traditional farmhouse not far from the Temple of Concord: Casa Barbadoro. Fabio introduced us to the extremely inspiring Diodoros project. It concerns the reclamation of agricultural land within the archaeological site for the organic cultivation of almonds, pistachios, saffron and other local treasures. This moment of exchange was accompanied by a tasting of wines and typical dishes: mini pizzas, olives and cheeses.

Then Fabio literally asked us to get to work making our first divinely seasoned Sicilian pasta. More than an activity, a meeting with a personality, know-how and a smile. We had a great time, with a pinch of concentration and a hint of humor.

Gastronomy from farm to table

It’s a perfect transition for the last section of my experience sharing: gastronomy and flavors at Adler Spa Resort Siciia.

A number of areas provide the perfect setting for your aperitifs and meals: the lounge bar, the restaurant, the sunset bar outside the restaurant and the Osteria (your summer HQ). The lounge bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails, all extremely tasty and sought-after. I love mocktails and the mixologists are creative, surprising me every day with a different proposal, often fruity, sometimes gourmet, always pleasant .

The restaurant is open for meals from breakfast to dinner. breakfast is very complete: fresh juice bar cold-pressed , with a selection of fruits and vegetables to make great salads or bowls, excellent viennoiseries and pastries, including lactose-free and gluten-free options, savory alternatives and a variety of breads. At lunchtime and in the evening, you can choose à la carte dishes, which can be complemented or not with homemade creations from the buffet.

In terms of culinary approach: creative, colorful cuisine that celebrates fine local ingredients. Preserved flavors, farm-to-table ingredients that bring together Sicilian cuisine and Adler’s DNA. The fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs you’ll have the pleasure of tasting grow on the resort’s own land, with a special emphasis on local producers, and you’ll find the riches of the sea sublimated on your plate. Authentic, virtuous Mediterranean cuisine that will soon be accompanied by even greater commitments to detoxification.

Our feeling

An extremely rejuvenating stay at Adler Spa Resort Sicilia. In a few words: an authentic establishment, sincere and generous authentic, with spectacular facilities that returns to the fundamentals of well-being. Adler Spa Resort Sicilia offers you a warm welcome and the space to rediscover yourself, your rhythm and the feeling of being yourself, combined with a deep sense of freedom. A very intimate relationship with nature, a wide range of activities and a real awareness of sustainability.

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