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Adler Spa Resort Sicilia: rejuvenate on the shores of the Mediterranean

Adler Resort & Spa Sicilia is a new jewel nestled in south-western Sicily, in the Agrigento region, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Torre Salsa nature reserve. Between botanical garden and cultural cradle, this hotel has been conceived and designed with respect forsustainable architecture, to blend naturally into itsspectacular surroundings. Enjoy unique panoramas overlooking the Grande Bleue for a high-flying detox. Since summer 2023, Adler Sicilia has been offering ADLER MED medicalized programs.

Perched atop a gentle hill, between the Mediterranean Sea, pine forests, dunes, white sand beaches and crystal-clear seas, the resort offers you a haven of peace and a true destination dedicated to relaxation.

Sicily boasts the vestiges of a land steeped in history, an extraordinary natural environment between turquoise waters and an active volcano, sincere hospitality and astonishing cuisine. The Adler Spa Sicilia resort returns to the fundamentals of this Sicilian identity, a secluded corner of paradise surrounded by nature, set on an unspoilt coastline – an area protected by the WWF. A true delight.

Architecture open to nature (Photo: Adler)

The resort can be reached via Palermo international airport, less than 150 km away. Then it’s time to discover a haven of peace and serenity just a stone’s throw from Sicily’s hottest spots.

The 90 rooms are successfully distributed throughout the estate. The minimalist indoor-outdoor spa, direct access to theone of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches A ten-minute walk away, completely unspoilt, and a fifteen-minute drive from the golf course: the Adler Spa Sicilia resort is a magnificent promise of calm, relaxation and immersion in the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Terraces that seem to plunge into the Mediterranean (Photo: Adler)

Uncluttered suites in touch with nature

All units are extended by a private terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, allowing you to soak up the intimacy of this exceptional setting.

“Nature, inside out” is the promise of the unique experience you’ll enjoy at the resort. The only boundary between you and the estate is the bay window. Rooms are bright, spacious (a minimum of 55 m² for junior suites) and totally open to outside influences. The décor is minimalist, leaving plenty of room for gardens and light. The materials are raw, with natural colors. They help instill a deep sense of well-being that only nature can create.

The 90 rooms are divided between junior suites and family suites for stays with children. Adler Sicily also has the Aki Kids Club to welcome your little ones from the age of four.

Junior suites can accommodate up to three people. Family suites offer 75 m² of floor space and two separate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, so you can enjoy the space with your family or friends without getting in each other’s way.

An enveloping, serene atmosphere (Photo: Adler)

You’ll enjoy the peace and quiet, lulled by the wind, the sound of the waves, the garrigue and even the scents of natural essences… Rest is the watchword here.

A spa almost alone by the sea

What could be more relaxing than the sound of the sea? The 3,200 m² spa is divided between indoor and outdoor areas. Like the rest of the resort, the wellness and spa center is oriented towards nature, and flourishes in the heart of this unspoilt environment.

You won’t lose sight of the sea (Photo: Adler)

All cabins boast spectacular sea views. Large areas are dedicated to relaxation and contemplation. Here too, the raw materials help to anchor you in the present moment and soothe you.

Treatment cabins with sea view (Photo: Adler)

In addition to the cabins and their spectacular views, the spa uses water to help you relax.. Indoor-outdoor heated pool, 25-metre outdoor swimming pool, panoramic thalasso bathYour treatment journey is punctuated by encounters with water, its relaxing virtues and the integration of these facilities into a rather spectacular environment.

Outdoor yoga (Photo: Adler)

Between massages, you can also take advantage of the sauna and hammam to alternate between hot and cold, and boost your immune system.

A wide range of treatments (Photo: Adler)

Important: yoga classes are offered daily.

The ADLER MED concept

Since summer 2023, Adler Spa Resort Sicilia has launched its medicalized wellness offer: ADLER MED. Three packages designed to meet your aspirations. Each package is available in an essential format, for short stays of 2 to 4 nights, and an intensive version, ideal for stays of 7 to 14 nights.

Medical programs in a privileged setting (Photo: Adler Spa Resort Sicilia)

Designed in collaboration with Dr. Paolo Campagna, surgeon and professor of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, the doctor will guide you through the keys to your well-being.

  • Detox Program This program is designed to purify the body, promote the elimination of toxins and improve psychophysical well-being. Particularly recommended for digestive disorders and chronic fatigue.
  • Mediterranean Health Program The Mediterranean Health Program: this involves learning how to eat better, supported by wellness training and spa treatments tailored to your personal goals.
  • Stress Management Program: designed to restore physical and mental balance through targeted exercises and treatments.

Organic, local cuisine celebrating Mediterranean excellence

Two restaurants allow you to savor dishes concocted by the resort’s chefs. Freshly caught fish, fruit and vegetables sourced directly from the estate’s gardens and orchards – every day, our chefs go the extra mile to transform local produce into works of art for your taste buds!

Your tête-à-tête with a sea view (Photo: Adler)

The cuisine reflects the extraordinary biodiversity of the Sicilian land. It’s not for nothing that Sicily is universally considered a paradise for gourmets and wine lovers. Every corner of this island abounds in treasures and specialities, and boasts a generous production of top-quality agricultural produce. Olives, citrus fruits, vegetables and herbs, almonds, honey and even the famous cocoa used to create Modica chocolate are just some of the ingredients that will delight your palate.

Back to basics (Photo: Adler)

The main restaurant welcomes you on its panoramic terrace for breakfast and dinner. One evening a week is even dedicated to Sicilian specialties.

The second restaurant will host your lunches in the style of an “osteria”, friendly, relaxed and facing the sea like the rest of the resort.

There’s no shortage of opportunities toobserve and appreciate the passing of time in this temple of well-being.


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