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Small Guide to Detox and Slimming Stays

It’s possible to slim down while enjoying a great vacation. Many luxury hotels offer weekend or multi-day weight-loss packages. To help you understand how they work, what they contain and how to choose them, we’ve put together a summary of these slimming cures or programs.

This year I’m going on a detox

Detoxing has become an overused term to express the desire to slim down. While it’s true that detox is accompanied by weight loss, its primary aim is to purify the body, so as to get back into shape and improve health. That’s how you kill two birds with one stone!

A healthy dish as pretty as it is exquisite (Photo: La Bastide de Gordes)

The vacations, when you can finally slow down, are the perfect time to start losing weight. Our selection of hotels offers specially designed stays, with care tailored to your needs. Each facility designs them according to its environment and expertise. These include physical activities, balanced menus, spa treatments, coaching sessions…

In the past, slimming down was essentially a matter of strict diets coupled with intense exercise sessions. The holistic part was sometimes totally ignored, sometimes complementary, but rarely central. However, this is no longer the case. Thebalance of body, mind and soul is a fundamental element to which wellness cures now attach great importance.

Most of the hotels offered by Luxe Wellness Club incorporate, to a greater or lesser extent, this aspect through treatments inspired by traditional sciences such as Chinese, Ayurvedic and Thai medicine. Various holistic practices are also included, such as meditation, yoga and tai chi sessions. We also invite you to discover or develop mindfulness and make new connections with nature. Many of our hotels are set in natural surroundings, inviting you to relax and take some time out.

Outdoor yoga at One-Only Portonovi

Other daily treatments depend on hotel and spa specialties. Thermal spas have a strong presence in Europe, and many slimming programs include hydrotherapy treatments. Some medicalized hotels, known as medi-spas, also offer medical care and treatment for slimming and body sculpting.

To help you find your way around, we’ve drawn a distinction between slimming cures based on medical treatments and the more “standard” ones offered by luxury hotels.

Slimming stays without medical care

Stays generally begin with a consultation with a specialist to establish a treatment program tailored to your needs and expectations.

Balanced menus are often devised with the help of dieticians or nutritionists. Some hotels will focus on the local and organic aspects of their dishes, while others will design them according to ancestral sciences such as Ayurveda.

Aquatraining in the Lily of the Valley pool

Stays also include daily physical activities such as sports sessions and yoga. Some programs make sport the main activity during the stay. This is the case at Lily of the Valley, a luxury hotel in the south of France that offers a weight loss program.

Finally, you can enjoy a wide range of massages and treatments at the spa, depending on the wellness center. Some focus on the benefits of plants, technological therapies or hydrotherapy.

Weight loss at a medi-spa

Medi-spa wellness stays have the same structure: consultations with specialists, menu programs, sports activities and spa treatments. They are, on the other hand, much more oriented towards medical techniques.

Nutrition coaching at Sha Wellness Clinic

Medi-spa specialists include doctors, neurologists, psychologists, cardiologists and even plastic surgeons. Care and treatment can therefore be internal, with colon hydration, aesthetic laser treatments, intravenous ozone therapy and many other specific treatments. Medi-spas also have high-performance technologies and can offer advanced analyses of your DNA, hormonal status, mineral and heavy metal levels… To name but a few, Ultima Gstaad and SHA Wellness Clinic are particularly gifted in this field.

High-tech equipment at Chenot Palace Weggis (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

In fact, the trip takes on a relatively scientific dimension. However, alternative and natural practices are also present. Their level of intensity also depends on the plant. If you’re interested in the fusion of medical expertise and ancestral practices, RAKxa Wellness is certainly one of the world’s most successful medi-spas.

Ayurvedic massage at Palazzo Fiuggi

When it comes to cooking, mediaspas generally create their own menus and develop their own culinary guidelines. Take the Chenot Method, for example, which considers the number of calories, acidity level, temperature and moisture content of each dish.

The medi-spas in our selection combine luxury and modernity, with often grandiose spaces.

Euphoria Retreat

But what sets them apart from other luxury wellness hotels is their 100% health-focused approach: healthy mini-bars, only healthy menu options, no temptations and even tobacco and alcohol will often be banned.

How to choose a slimming cure

There are four main points to bear in mind when choosing your stay.

The first is certainly the approach you’d like to take to weight loss. Some hotels offer a fairly intense program of treatments and activities, with menus that can be quite strict. Other hotels offer more relaxing stays, with treatments and weight-loss activities to complement your vacation.

Relaxation at Vivamayr

Then, what kind of treatments would you like to enjoy? Can you imagine a holiday based on natural and traditional therapies or medical treatments? Similarly, some hotels offer excellent sports training, while others focus more on holistic sessions or have solid expertise in nutrition.

Of course, your budget is key. Rates can vary greatly from one hotel to another. They depend on their specialty, the variety of care provided, their location and whether they offer medical care. In this sense, medias tend to be more expensive.

Destination is also a fundamental aspect to consider. It can influence care specialties. Switzerland, for example, is home to some exceptional mediaspas with highly advanced technology and ultra-modern scientific methods. In India, on the other hand, your stay will tend to focus on holistic treatments based on Ayurveda, yoga…

Choosing the right slimming treatment is very personal. Just as there are countless ways to lose weight, there are also numerous slimming cures. Yours has to match your needs and desires. To find out more about the world of hotels offering wellness breaks, please browse through our articles and contact us. Most of the hotels we recommend offer slimming, fitness and detox wellness programs.


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