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Interview with Dieter Resch of MAYRLIFE: “We’re achieving remarkable results”.

While the Mayr method, created by Austrian Franz Xaver Mayr, has been around for over a century, it takes on a modern twist at MAYRLIFE. The aim of MAYR cures is to restore a “clean” gut and strengthen the immune system with an alkaline diet. We spoke to Dieter Resch, Director of MAYRLIFE Altaussee, to find out what makes their wellness clinics, reputed to be among the best in Europe , so successful.

Luxe Wellness Club: Can you tell us a little about the method developed by your MAYRLIFE center?

Dieter Resch: Our method is based on the teachings of FX Mayr, which we have transformed into modern Mayr medicine. MAYRLIFE takes the holistic approach that digestion is the basis of a healthy life. Over 80% of the immune system is located in the intestine. This is also where the happiness hormone serotonin is produced, sogood intestinal health is also important for our mental health.

Abdominal massages are an integral part of the MAYRLIFE cure.

How is MAYRLIFE different from other wellness clinics?

Dieter Resch: A lot of spas call themselves medicalized because they have a medical consultation at the beginning of the stay, but we are exclusively medicalized. Our customers have a daily appointment with their doctor. It’s comfortable and yet they feel like they’re in a hotel, but here I’m sure we have the best department of medicine at MAYRLIFE in Europe, and the results obtained after a stay with us are incomparable .

We also teach you how to eat better. In reality, it’s the wrong food for your body that makes you gain weight, and it’s also the cause of accelerated aging. So you have to learn to eliminate what’s not good in your daily life. Our role is to provide long-term support.

How does a stay at MAYRLIFE work?

Dieter Resch: It’s important to remember that our cures last a minimum of 7 days. Everything is 100% individualized according to the diagnoses made at the start of the stay, unlike other centers that serve the same food to all clients. We ask you to take a blood and stool test before coming to the MAYRLIFE center, which is also something unique to us. The majority of digestive and weight problems are linked to too much acid in the intestines, so we focus on alkaline food.

Our customers follow up with nutritionists before and after their stay using applications such as Zoom. We’re taking an educational approach, and the benefits must be felt over the long term. It’s not just a question of losing weight for a week and then returning to bad habits, we want to bring about profound change in our customers. In fact, I can tell you that our customers are very satisfied, with over 50% of them coming back regularly, some of them twice a year.

What negative effects do intolerances have on intestinal health?

Mayrlife Altaussee

Dieter Resch: Any diet is useless if you don’t know what your intolerances are, because then you’ll automatically be eating things you shouldn’t really be eating. For example, if you can’t tolerate peanuts and you eat them anyway, inflammation in your intestines develops without you knowing it… An overly acidic gut causes long-term problems in the rest of the body that you would never associate with the gut. You won’t believe how surprised our customers are when they realize that certain pains disappear once they’ve followed an alkaline diet… In short, it’s essential to know about food intolerances before starting a program, which is why we carry out tests at MAYRLIFE.

Is your method effective against diseases like Covid-19?

Indeed, in a new study published by Berlin’s Charité Hospital, it has been shown that viral multiplication in Covid-19-infected cells is reduced by up to 85% at the start of the cell renewal process (known asautophagy). In autophagy, healthy cells break down harmful waste products, a process at the heart of every MAYRLIFE cure. Our cures strengthen immune cells, limiting the risk of contracting viral diseases.

Losing weight has also been shown to help fight viral infections. Obese people are more at risk from Covid-19 (NB: see also this article from Le Monde which indicates that a high body mass index leads to a lack of immunity).

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Rates: From 250 euros per night per person. Add the price of health programs. You should therefore expect to pay around 4,000-5,000 euros per person for a week’s treatment. Contact us to benefit from our expertise in MAYRLIFE wellness breaks.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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