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Detox in Asia’s dream spas

If you’re feeling rather tired, worn out… maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some relaxation on the “continent of well-being”, Asia: Here’s a small selection of some of the best detox cures in Asia, sold exclusively by Luxe Wellness Club.

The keyword in today’s wellness world is personalization. Every body and mind is different, so we need to tailor our program to suit the aspirations and constraints of each individual.

The luxury detox retreats presented below are all at the cutting edge of this field, and guarantee maximum benefits for those who let themselves be taken in hand.

Programs usually begin with a personalized consultation where you can express how you feel. This is also the time to say if you suffer from certain ailments and what you’d like to achieve by coming to the spa. Afterwards, the team will take care of you so that you can enjoy your detox experience with serenity.

Of course, these dream spas in Asia represent a certain budget that is not within everyone’s reach, but for those who can afford it, why hesitate?

5 Places to Detox in Asia

V Integrated Wellness (Malaysia)

This five-star establishment on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, recently won the prestigious “Rainforest Spa of the Year” award. In fact, it’s set amid lush vegetation. Detox programs last just a few nights and cater to every customer’s desire for well-being. They start with a consultation on how to live better holistically.

What’s on the retirement menu? From gemstone facials and hair purification treatments to private yoga classes and, of course, highly personalized training.

Rates (rather high, but that goes with the magic of the place) include full board as well as daily fitness sessions, brainstorming sessions and hikes.

Thanyapura (Thailand)


For a retreat that purifies you mainly through fitness and sport, head now for Thanyapura. This state-of-the-art health and wellness establishment is located on Thailand’s famous Phuket Island, on a vast 23-hectare estate.

Guests have access to all the resort’s health and sports facilities as they wish, and meals are based on an elaborate nutritional and detoxifying menu. The five-day detox retreats begin with health and nutrition consultations and a body composition analysis.

They are then followed by a whole range of therapies. Choose from yoga, mindfulness meditation, fitness, colon hydrotherapy and more.

Kamalaya (Thailand)

Yoga at sunrise in Kamalaya (Thailand)

Kamalaya is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility on the eastern edge of Koh Samui, Thailand, and one of the world’s most renowned retreat centers. No wonder so many stars come here for an Asian detox. Complete wellness programs also begin with a wellness consultation and a bio-impedance analysis.

Once you’ve settled in, your pleasant daily routine will include a massage with essential oils, a traditional massage, detoxifying remedies and access to fitness sessions.

Colon hydrotherapy treatments and lymphatic drainage therapies will facilitate the detox process for those who wish to go further.

Book Kamalaya Retreat exclusively with Luxe Wellness Club.

Vana Retreat (India)

This eco-friendly resort in Uttarakhand, India, is also renowned for its extensive detox programs. The 14-night Retreat Detox program includes a general health and wellness consultation on arrival and departure.

The food is highly nutritious (and so delicious) and the drinks invigorating. Treatments and wellness sessions are carried out privately, so you can get back to your best after two weeks. In fact, coming here is a bit like getting younger!

Book Vana Retreat exclusively through Luxe Wellness Club.

The Farm at San Benito (Philippines)

Yoga at the Farm of San BenitoTo round off this little selection of detoxes in Asia (other articles to come on this theme, rest assured), here’s a lesser-known but equally enchanting destination: The Farm at San Benito is a five-star luxury resort located 90 minutes south of Manila, in the Philippines.

If Manila isn’t especially known for being a soothing place, the “farm” totally is! It offers a complete seven-night detox program, providing guests with genuine physical and mental rejuvenation.

The retreat includes five days of medically supervised fasting, followed by two days of light meals from the Alive! program (which is a delicious restaurant, especially after fasting…). Detox treatments include colon hydrotherapy (yes, it’s all the rage!), kidney cleansing and even skin brushing (also known as lymphatic brushing).

There are also more traditional holistic activities such as yoga and meditation. With all this, you should feel perfectly purified by the end of the week.

Asia, the detox continent?

If you want to treat yourself to an Asian detox in a dream spa, there are plenty of other choices too. Asia is definitely THE continent with the most comprehensive range of treatments and wellness facilities. We’ll be bringing you more establishments in the near future.

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