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Six Senses Vana: let yourself be enchanted by Indian wisdom

Let’s face it: this is one ofour favorite retreats in the whole world. Why? Because here, as nowhere else, the philosophy of well-being is authentic. India is not only the cradle of yoga, it’s also the land of ashrams, and a stay at Six Senses Vana is the promise of inner renewal. There, only the present moment counts. Forget everything for the duration of your stay, and let Ayurvedic and Tibetan sciences sweep you away during an exceptional wellness retreat offered exclusively by Luxe Wellness Club.

An ashram in the forest to cut yourself off from the outside world

A temple to well-being (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

After landing at Dehradun airport, a 30-minute flight from New Delhi, the hotel takes care of the transfer to the estate, which is nestled in the vast North Indian wilderness at the foot of the Himalayas. A short hour’s journey gives you just enough time to begin to be charmed by this region, so full of change of scenery.

Landscapes of great beauty (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Six Senses Vana welcomes every guest as an equal. Here, you have to forget your social status and leave your daily life behind. The aim is to refocus on oneself, and reconnect with others and nature. And to do this, you have to let yourself go and forget everything you know about contemporary Western life. Proof of this very different approach: the center provides the white uniforms you have to wear throughout your stay!

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A majestic entrance (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Everyone has a different reason for coming to Six Senses Vana, and there’s something for everyone. Resourcing, meditation, detox, weight management, Ayurvedic cure and many other programs are available.

The spa entrance (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

The stays are ultra-customized but always follow the same common thread. The hotel offers each guest a wellness consultation on arrival and departure, one personalized treatment per day, and cooking, yoga and meditation classes.

The resort’s outdoor pool (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

A cocoon in harmony with nature

The retreat opened in 2014 and became Six Senses in 2022. Six Senses Vana features 66 rooms, 16 suites and 4 casas. The design of the rooms plays on simplicity, in a contemporary spirit with touches of wood. They are all decorated with works of art by Siraj Saxena, a renowned local artist.

Room with nature view (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Large windows invite you into the heart of the rooms, and all rooms have balconies or terraces to immerse you in the surrounding forest.

Bathroom (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Two suites in particular caught our eye: the Vana Suite, with its 180-degree view of the forest, and the Bodhi Suite, with its dedicated meditation area. A true cocoon of relaxation!

As respect for others is a key point in the Vana philosophy, so too is respect for the Earth. The hotel monitors its energy performance and carefully selects the products it uses. At Six Senses Vana, luxury and ecology go hand in hand.

A sanctuary for inner balance

If you’re looking to evolve in your quest for inner balance, Six Senses Vana and its practitioners can guide you. Traditional medicine and ancestral knowledge reign supreme on the estate. They are applied by doctors and therapists certified by various recognized institutes, including the Men-Tsee-Khang (Institute of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology).

Acupuncture treatments (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

It’s important to understand the philosophy of the place: here, cell phones and laptops are forbidden in public spaces(digital detox obligatory), it’s not possible to take photos, and the minimum age is 16.

The aim of a stay is to cut yourself off from everyday life, and to do so you can indulge in a wide range of sporting and meditative activities in the midst of nature, or indoors in warm, minimalist spaces. A large outdoor swimming pool is also available for swimmers.

Yoga every day (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

After the initial consultation, a range of treatments are recommended. They may be derived from Ayurveda, Yoga, Tibetan medicine (Sowa Rigpa) or from various complementary and traditional medicines from around the world.

Music therapy (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

There are also saunas, an indoor pool, a watsu pool, infrared cabins and a well-equipped gym. In the extensive gardens, there are also tennis courts, an herb garden and plenty of places for yoga and meditation.

Watsu (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

A wellness break for everyone

One of the great strengths of Six Senses Vana is the personalization of each guest’s stay. No two people come for the same reason, but the activities on offer bring them together. Sound therapies, hikes, cooking classes and spiritual activities complete the experience for everyone.

Wellness consultation (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Among the many reasons for making the journey to Six Senses Vana are the desire to manage one’s weight by familiarizing oneself with holistic practices, or the desire to develop one’s yoga practice while respecting Indian tradition. Many also want to treat themselves naturally, and reduce their stress.

Bear in mind that certain objectives require longer minimum stays. A minimum of 14 days is required for detox and weight management stays, and 21 days for Ayurvedic Panchakarma cures.

A variety of exotic dishes

The dining room (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

The hotel’s cuisine reflects many aspects of the Six Senses Vana philosophy, taking into account the seasons, nature and Indian tradition. As soon as you arrive, you’ll receive nutritional advice with personalized recipes. The food is healthy, and after just a few days, the benefits it brings to the body’s inner self can be seen on the outside.

Colorful dishes (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

The culinary offer is sufficiently rich and varied for everyone to be able to respect all the recommendations received. Variety also extends to diets: meat, fish as well as vegetarian and vegan options are on the menu.

Restaurant (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

Our finely-crafted menus are rooted in Indian tradition and Buddhist culture. Our chefs use their extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and Sowa Rigpa Tibetan medicine to sublimate local produce.

Delicious flavors (Photo: Six Senses Vana)

With these new flavors, sometimes surprising to the Western world, we discover another facet of culinary art. Namaste!

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