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Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary: reaching new heights of well-being

Bhutan has long attracted travellers seeking a spiritual journey. So it’s only natural that this little Himalayan kingdom should now have its first hotel dedicated to wellness, offering traditional Oriental therapies and a few recipes for a taste of the country’s legendary happiness . A true marvel.

A fortress dedicated to well-being (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

The hotel’s Dutch owner, Louk Lennaerts, whose credits include the magnificent Fusion Maia Da Nang in Vietnam, believes that Bhutan is the ideal place to achieve nirvana. The country boasts spectacular scenery and a culture that is entirely focused on spirituality.

Yoga class facing the mountains (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

It was also in Bhutan that the measure of “Gross National Happiness” was created, making the country famous. That’s all it took for Lennaerts to start building an extraordinary hotel. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, which opened its doors a year ago, is just 20 minutes from the airport in the capital Paro.

The ideal temple for an inner journey

Breathtaking views (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

Bhutan is already home to some wonderful 5-star hotels, such as the Six Senses Bhutan, which we’ve written about here, but where the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary stands out is that it invites guests to stay and enjoy a minimum of five nights, in order to slow down. It’s about immersing yourself in the local culture and environment to better meditate, and avoiding the mad rush that drives tourists to want to visit everything.

Meeting with Buddhist monks (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

Here it’s possible to join Buddhist monks for a morning meditation, trek into the surrounding area to find medicinal plants, or indulge in a long yoga session facing the mountains.

Rooms invite digital detox

Bedroom (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

The hotel boasts 24 gigantic rooms with a minimalist design. They let in plenty of natural light and offer splendid views of the valley and the monastery. Some rooms have balconies, while others overlook the garden. There’s no television, because the idea here is to disconnect.

Bathroom (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

All toiletries are handmade locally using organic products, and guests can choose their favorite fragrances on arrival at the hotel.

Rediscover harmony in a majestic, all-inclusive spa

View from the indoor pool (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

Wellness is the hotel’s priority, and we’ve taken the decision to offer a package where treatments, yoga and meditation classes are included in the price of the stay.

The magnificent spa features 6 treatment rooms, separate hammams and saunas for men and women, a yoga and meditation room, a gym, a heated indoor pool, and finally an art and pottery workshop! All accompanied by traditional Bhutanese doctors who can offer you a different perspective on your health.

The wellness lounge (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

The hotel specializes in traditional Bhutanese medicine, with over 100 original Bhutanese herbs in the spa. Each customer can have a private consultation with the doctors to establish a complete program to balance body and mind.

Treatment room (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

Traditional treatments include herbal compression, moxibustion, hot stone herbal baths and Ku Nye massages.

Organic and balanced meals prepared by a Bhutanese chef

The wellness sanctuary features a restaurant with an open kitchen and family dining area, a tea bar and an outdoor panoramic terrace with a fireplace. Meals are served around a large communal table, or individually as you wish.

A restaurant with huge bay windows (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)

The Chef is Bhutanese, and he marries local produce to perfection in a “farm to table” approach, using almost exclusively organic ingredients. The cuisine skilfully blends Eastern and Western traditions.

Dishes are presented with great care (Photo: Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary)


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