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Six Senses in Bhutan: a transformational journey

For those in search of spirituality: a new themed wellness tour takes you on a journey to happiness as you visit five magnificent Himalayan lodges.

An extraordinary country

Located in this small, colorful Himalayan kingdom, famous for its philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH), Six Senses Bhutan opened its first three lodges in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro this winter. The other two lodges in Gangtey and Bumthang open this summer. These lodges embody the harmonious combination of the brand’s commitment to wellness, sustainability and upscale Six Senses experiences with Bhutan’s warm hospitality and pervasive spirituality. A real treat!

The wonderful kingdom of Bhutan (Photo: Six Senses)

Geographically, Bhutan descends from the world’s highest peak, the Himalayas, at over 7,000 meters, to the plains in the south, at an altitude of just 300 meters. Tibet lies to the north, while India extends to the west, south and east. In this sloping landscape, rivers flow from north to south, carving deep valleys and ravines over the years, separated by high ridges and mountain passes. Each of these valleys has its own unique, picturesque beauty, offering the opportunity for an enchanting journey through the kingdom.

Bathroom (Photo: Six Senses)

Five lodges under one name: Six Senses Bhutan

Comprising five lodges spread over several valleys, Six Senses Bhutan offers guests a unique adventure with out-of-the-ordinary experiences. On the program: sunrise meditations, holistic spa treatments, private astrology lessons… the aim is to leave spiritually enriched and reconnected to oneself.

View from the Paro lodge (Photo: Six Senses)

Each location has been carefully designed to immerse travelers in the local culture. The lodges, which vary in style, showcase the diversity and uniqueness of each valley. Offering panoramic views, the spacious interiors are framed by subtle references to Bhutanese architecture, evident in the simple lines of the natural wood furnishings and the presence of locally inspired touches, such as bukharis (traditional wood-burning stoves) and Himalayan rugs.

Bathtub with view (Photo: Six Senses)

A unique wellness circuit

The journey begins in Paro, where guests are first immersed in the “pillar of happiness” of education and community, discovering how the Bhutanese cultivate the art of feeling good. Then in Thimphu (the capital), the focus is on physical health and well-being, as Six Senses is so well known for, with a wide range of massages and treatments. In Punakha, the rice-growing region, the focus is on sleep: from sleep education to a spa entirely focused on letting go. At Gangtey, it’s an immersion in mental well-being: from meditation to the ayurvedic practice of Swedana. Finally, in Bumthang, with its extraordinary monasteries, the emphasis is on culture: from painting to archery…

“We are thrilled to welcome guests to Six Senses Bhutan in this magnificent kingdom. When we open our doors, guests can experience the transformative power of this magical destination through adventure, culture, serenity, cultural and enriching experiences,” said Managing Director Sally Baughen at the opening of the lodges.

A bedroom (Photo: Six Senses)

“Six Senses Bhutan offers endless options for all types of travelers: from architecture and art to birdwatching, botany, history, meditation, spirituality, sports, wellness and more.”

Treatment room (Photo: Six Senses)

An example of sustainable development

Sustainability is at the heart of Six Senses Bhutan and is reflected in the active management of energy, water, waste, purchasing and chemicals. The Kingdom of Bhutan keeps 60% of its land under forest cover, as stipulated in its constitution. The four pillars of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness philosophy are: Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection, Cultural Preservation and Good Governance, and all these elements are therefore carefully integrated into the design, operation and identity of Six Senses Bhutan.

A pavilion (Photo: Six Senses)

How to get there: Bhutan is served by Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. International destinations on scheduled flights are Bangkok, New Delhi, Kolkata, Singapore, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Bagdogra, Guwahati and Gaya. Domestic flights are available between Paro and Bumthang.


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