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Andronis Arcadia: an exceptional spa in Santorini

Andronis Arcadia is the new star hotel on Santorini. And yet the island boasts an impressive number of hotels, all of which compete in beauty and know how to make the most of this exceptional environment. But Andronis Arcadia clearly stands out from the crowd. Numerous awards with distinctions such as number 1 in the top 25 luxury hotels in Greece or winner of the Condé Nast World Travel Awards in 2021, Andronis Arcadia is a jewel we love to offer you in Greece, luxury nugget and wellness jewel with its Evexia spa.

Santorini’s ultimate wellness destination

We’ve already told you about this much-loved address in the Cyclades. Pascal Languillon introduced you to the Andronis group, a flagship of the Greek hotel industry, in his article “On a testé pour vous“. Let’s take a moment this time to look at the group’s latest arrival and its most upmarket address.

Just a stone’s throw from the sumptuous village of Oia, Andronis Arcadia is a hotel with 52 private pools overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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All villas have a private swimming pool (Photo: Andronis Arcadia)

Although it doesn’t directly overlook the Caldera, on which the village of Oia plunges, it offers guests the most beautiful sunsets thanks to its west-facing position. The end of the day in your room, suite or villa is absolutely spectacular, giving you that feeling of fulfillment after the breathtaking but often busy visits to the village and the caldera.

What sets this address apart is, of course, its location overlooking the sea. It’s also its gastronomic offering and its breathtaking terraces. And then, of particular interest to us, its wellness facilities, which we believe are the best on Santorini.

Andronis Arcadia or the ultimate in Santorini exclusivity

The 52 accommodations are divided between two-person suites, family suites and villas, the larger of which can accommodate up to 12 people. Everything is spacious, from the smallest suites (42 m²) to the largest (600 m²).

Bathroom with raw materials and caramel accents (Photo: Andronis Arcadia)

As mentioned above, all have their own private heated pool, and are arranged so that you can neither see, nor be seen, by your neighbors. The largest villas also have their own treatment rooms, so you can bring the expert fingers of the Evexia spa to your door.

Sunset suite, the first room category (Photo: Andronis Arcadia)

Evexia: the island’s finest wellness area and largest spa

The competition is tough, but Andronis Arcadia is undoubtedly the most beautiful and best luxury spa on Santorini.

A visit to the Evexia spa is a chance to escape stress and totally disconnect.

Dive into the Evexia spa

Connected to the powerful energy of the island of Santorini, Evexia spa treatments are designed to harness this superior energy to reconnect you with yourself and this exceptional naturalness.

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The pleasure of the eyes continues at the spa. The atmosphere on arrival is, of course, Mediterranean, uncluttered, white and authentic. A magnificent olive tree stretches across a patio that leads to the treatment rooms. This simple environment is already so soothing.

Then you’ll discover the language of your body and how to support its regeneration.

That’s right, wellness is an expertise here, as you start your Evexia spa journey with the hair profiling test. This is an exclusive treatment and screening program supervised by the Dr Zulia Frost, recognized authority in the interactive neurostimulation therapy and, among other things, director of a training center for therapists in the fields of pain management, regeneration and energy medicine.

The test allows you to obtain your epigenetic map using a non-invasive bioenergetic approach. With just one hair and in 20 minutes, you’ll have your “wellness profile”. Based on this report, the spa professionals will create your personalized program. This plan will include suggestions for therapies and spa treatments, dietary recommendations and daily habits to adopt for better health. After a visit to the spa, you’ll feel balanced and rejuvenated.

Treatments are of course available whatever the length of your stay, but we recommend that you take some time for yourself, to prolong the experience and maximize the effectiveness of the treatments.

Another of Evexia’s signature treatments is the Kneipp hydrotherapy course. It takes place outside the spa, with a panoramic view of the island. It’s one of the best spots to admire Santorini’s majestic sunset!

The principle of this course is based on alternating hot and cold baths. This combination is well known for stimulating blood and lymph circulation throughout the body, boosting the immune system and promoting detoxification.

Don’t miss the spa’s signature treatment based on Kneipp principles, Pascal Languillon tested it .

Uncluttered villa (Photo: Andronis Arcadia)

The icing on the cake is that the spa works with a range of ultra-natural products, ILA Beyond Organic, plant-based tinctures and flower remedies without chemical fertilizers or animal testing. This range was chosen for its rare sensory qualities. In particular, these products cultivate the art of aromatherapy to act quickly on your emotions and bring you calm and well-being.

This range of products was founded by Denise Leicester, an aromatherapist, yoga teacher and traditional South American healer. She works with the royal family in Dubai.

Respect for the body, environmental awareness, liberation of the mind and reconnection – this is the unique cocktail your body and mind will enjoy during your stay at the spa.

Two tables that could be considered gastronomic!

The Opson restaurant

The Opson restaurant offers an original culinary experience: a cuisine inspired by the tastes and ingredients of classical Greece!

Chef Stefanos Kolimadis has created a tasting menu based on dishes enjoyed by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Omiros. Using fresh vegetables from the hotel garden and local specialities, you’ll discover what a gastronomic philosophy inspired by the greatest thinkers can be!

The Pacman restaurant

Lunch by the water (Photo: Andronis Arcadia)

Your spot for aperitifs, sunsets and romantic dinners is absolutely delicious. True to the Andronis Arcadia style, you’ll find here the bohemian, chic and lively atmosphere characteristic of the place. The cuisine is refined, varied and healthy. After the philosophical approach, you’re sure to enjoy the lively experience of the Pacman restaurant, under the open sky of the Greek gods.

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