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Our review : Andronis luxury hotels on Santorini island in Greece

Santorini…just the mention of the name makes you dream. When you realize that some of the finest luxury hotels in Greece can be found here, all you want to do is pack your suitcase and go and see for yourself what has made the island’s reputation. Pascal Languillon, Director of Luxe Wellness Club, conducted a survey of Andronis hotels, the flagship of the local hotel industry. On the menu: private pools, spectacular breakfasts and delicious treatments. Here’s his account of a stay he’d really like to extend!

Santorini, the postcard island that fully deserves its reputation

While I’ve had the chance to travel the length and breadth of the world, until now I’d never had the chance to visit Santorini. Perhaps it was this overly touristy side that scared me a little and kept me away from its shores for so long, although I have to admit, theisland was secretly on my “to-do list“. So when the opportunity arose to stay there after an initial stopover in Greece at Euphoria Retreat, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Oia and its irresistible charm (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

As soon as I arrived at Andronis Wellness Concept, it was love at first sight. The immense view of the caldera, the blue sea, the white villages in the distance… There’s something special about the island of Santorini that you can’t find anywhere else, and that’s really what makes it so appealing.

Although the village of Oia, where I was later based, is indeed very touristy, this didn’t bother me in the least. It’s THE postcard par excellence, and it’s almost impossible not to take photos every three minutes, it’s so beautiful!

The famous sunset over Oia (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

This trip helped me understand why it’s ESSENTIAL to go to Santorini at least once in your life if you’re a lover of beautiful things. For me, it was the first, but I know it won’t be the last.

Andronis hotels: the best luxury hotels in Santorini

Due to its reputation and the fact that it attracts many honeymooners, Santorini is an island where there are many luxury hotels, with rates much higher than in the rest of Greece. Among this large number of upscale hotels stands out a singular collection: Andronis, comprising 6 hotels made in Santorini with a resolutely Greek DNA.

Pascal by the Andronis Wellness Concept pool (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

One of the distinctive features of this brand of 5-star resorts is that each hotel offers only suites and villas with private pools. Indeed, Santorini is an island for lovers, and what could be more romantic than gazing into each other’s eyes, water up to the neck and a glass of champagne in hand?

The Andronis Arcadia swimming pool and its panoramic view (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Andronis Arcadia is the group’s newest hotel, distinguished by its white village look, bohemian-chic style and , above all, Santorini’s largest infinity pool. This hotel is close to the hustle and bustle of Oia village center, but does not overlook the caldera. It’s both an advantage (more peace and quiet and a superb sunset) and a disadvantage (the view over the caldera is part of Oia’s charm). The hotel is made up of suites lined up amid cactus and bougainvillea.

Ain’t life grand? (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Andronis Wellness Concept is a smaller hotel, offering even more spectacular views in my opinion, but whose suites offer less privacy due to their closer proximity to one another. In the end, I loved both hotels, but for different reasons, as we’ll see below.

Beautiful suites with private pools

As I said before, what makes these hotels so special is that each suite has its own terrace, its own infinity pool and an unobstructed view of the Aegean Sea.

My private pool at Andronis Wellness Concept (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I did, however, have a soft spot for the interiors of the rooms and bathrooms at Andronis Arcadia, with their waxed concrete, light wood furnishings and caramel-toned bathrooms.

The bedding is comfortable and the welcome products are of high quality… A welcome of white wine or champagne, fruit and small snacks means you can spend your first evening in the basin, floating between sea and sky…

Note that the private pools are heated, so you can swim there at night too… or as soon as you jump out of bed, which is my specialty for waking up suddenly!

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, a safe and a large TV (which I didn’t even turn on once), my “sunset suite” had it all.

The Andronis Wellness Concept room was also beautiful, although the bathroom was smaller. Highlight: the sunset from my pool at the Andronis Wellness Concept. A show not to be missed!

Sofa by the private pool to admire the sunset (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

A strong focus on well-being

I might as well tell you now, but you can guess if you’ve read my other articles “We tested it for you“Andronis Wellness Concept was voted the best “wellness hotel in the world” by the readers of the British magazine “Travel & Leisure“And of course, all this had aroused my curiosity.

Pascal does his yoga facing the view at Andronis Wellness Concept (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

The first pleasant surprise at Andronis Wellness Concept: a yoga room overlooking the caldera. Is there a more spectacular way to greet the morning sun?

The Wellness Concept spa may not be huge, but it’s very well designed. My favorite, however, was the Evexia spa at Andronis Arcadia, the island’s largest spa, which uses the organic cosmetics brand Ilā.

An impressive treatment with kneipp baths in the background (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Arranged around a pretty patio with an olive tree in the middle, the various treatment rooms are tastefully decorated. A must-do is the spa’s signature treatment, featuring the Kneipp baths, another of the spa’s specialties.

The two-hour process begins with a massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage of the legs, with the application of cold bandages. This is followed by Kneipp baths: alternating hot and cold water paths to deflate and tone the legs. To top it all off, indulge in a body massage to release any remaining tension.

I can honestly say that this is one of the best skincare products I’ve tested in recent years, and I wasn’t necessarily expecting it. Indeed, visiting the best spas on the planet can make you picky :), and sometimes I’m disappointed by certain treatments. At the Evexia spa, this was not the case – quite the contrary.

Another remarkable point is that the wellness programs offered by Andronis use a totally unique diagnostic technique, supervised by Dr. Zulia Frost, which provides a personalized profile of your “state of well-being” (wellness screening) following a non-invasive bio-energetic approach. With just a piece of hair inserted in a machine for around twenty minutes, customers can obtain a diagnosis that will serve as the basis for building their wellness program, also taking into account nutritional advice. Spa director Carla Sage (ex Six Senses) has lots of ideas for making Andronis a benchmark brand in wellness, and I’ll keep you posted!

The epicurean rendezvous

I’ve always loved hotel breakfasts, perhaps even more than dinners… the reason is quite simple: you never put that much effort into cooking at home when you get out of bed! Good news: at Andronis,the breakfasts are just incredible. In my opinion, the greatest luxury is to request room service and have breakfast overlooking the view after taking a dip in the private pool…

Varied breakfasts by the pool (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Of course, the classic dishes (egg in all its forms, avocado toast…), but also Greek specialties and ultra-healthy options (detox juices, chia seeds, goji berries, vegetable toast…). Quite simply, I ate so much breakfast that I didn’t need to eat lunch two days in a row. What a time-saver for exploring the island!

Another highlight is the Andronis Arcadia’s Pacman restaurant, with its rustic ambiance, raffia lampshades, bar buried at water level, and Ibiza-style evening DJ sets.

In particular, I remember very good sushi and an absolutely delicious glass of mineral Santorini white wine (the island is very famous for its whites).

There’s nothing to be bored of on Santorini!

The hike between Oia and Imerevogli will remain for me one of the best travel memories of recent years. I’ve always been a fan of volcanoes: I went to Iceland very early on, before it became fashionable, and I lived in New Zealand for several years, so seeing this huge caldera in the middle of the Aegean Sea was bound to move me. Add to this landscape white villages, bougainvillea and blue roofs… what can you say? It’s wonderful.

Pascal on the roof of the world (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

I did the two-hour guided walk between Andronis Arcadia and Andronis Wellness Concept. Of medium difficulty, even if it climbs well at times, this hike is best done early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot. It offers magnificent views of the caldera and the charming little chapels that give an insight into the soul of the island.

The tour ends in style with a sumptuous breakfast at your partner hotel (either Andronis Arcadia or Andronis Wellness Concept, depending on your departure point). A real must-have.

Andronis hotels can also organize numerous activities such as boat trips, photo shoots to immortalize your kisses, visits to vineyards, scuba diving…

I haven’t mentioned the brand’s other hotels here: Andronis Luxury Suites, Andronis boutique hotel, but I have visited them. Conclusion: they all have a lot of charm.

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Our feeling

A dream setting, private pools for everyone, gargantuan but healthy breakfasts, and almost guaranteed sunshine… Andronis hotels are irresistible! As wellness enthusiasts, we’ve found that the quality of the treatments offered in these beautiful spas is truly outstanding. All the more reason to plan a wellness holiday in Greece as a matter of urgency.

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