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3 Yoga Retreats in India to (re)become super zen

Not all wellness fads last, but yoga retreats do. In our opinion, there’s no better place to perfect your practice than in the homeland of yoga: India. Here (perhaps) is the trifecta of our favorite yoga retreats in India. 

Ananda in the Himalayas

Ananda Spa is a veritable paradise perched in the Himalayan hills, and perhaps THE temple of luxury yoga. This is the former residence of the Tehri-Garhwa maharajahs, where you can entroduce yourself to the Ayurvedic philosophy and way of life.

Yoga retreats offer you real tranquility to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga for five, seven or even fourteen nights.

We particularly like the aptly named Himalayan Bliss Package , which includes an Ayurvedic and lifestyle consultation, fitness testing, and three healthy (and simply delicious) meals a day for the duration of your stay.

A typical day includes a yoga class, pranayama, meditation, and a choice of fitness classes, hikes or cooking classes. Of course, thes guests are free to use the swimming pool and sauna as they wish. 

As you gaze at this enchanting setting, savoring delicious tea and a basket of exotic fruits as you wake up each morning, you’ll find it hard to start the day off on the wrong foot here. 

Book Ananda in the Himalayas on Luxe Wellness Club.


South of Mumbai, just an hour’s drive from Pune, the new luxury Atmantan Wellness Centre is nestled in a valley between the magnificent Sahyadri Mountains.

Sit back and relax in one of the 106 beautiful rooms. The Journey Through Yoga program offers experienced or budding yogis the choice of a three-, five-, seven- or ten-night stay to perfect their yoga posture.

Every retreat begins with an individual Ayurvedic wellness consultation. And yes, this is India! Here, everything is analyzed: your posture, your body composition, the way you eat and sleep. A complete check-up is carried out, then we move on to the treatment phase. This  includes a clever mix of yoga classes and daily fitness activities. You have unlimited use of the facilities: a swimming pool, steam room and infrared sauna.

All day long, you can also relax on the many hiking trails and miniature golf courses.

The food is healthy and tasty, and after a good dose of daily massages, you’ll come away transformed.

Shreyas Retreat

Head for Bangalore, in a superb Relais & Château on a vast agricultural estate! Whether you choose to stay in one of the garden cottages or the luxury poolside villas, you’ll be superbly welcomed at Shreyas Retreat. The small number of rooms ensures privacy and serenity.

Yoga retreats are undoubtedly among the best in the world (or so they say in high circles). They invite self-discovery.  These retreats last from 3 to 14 nights and include a wide range of yoga practices so you can experience everything (ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, nidra…), in an open-air yoga and meditation room.

On the retreat menu: discovery of ancient Indian texts, ayurveda, and organic, alcohol-free vegetarian food. It would be a shame to spoil this harmony! 

The estate is also dotted with meditation huts throughout the plantation, and multiple massage cabins provide total relaxation. In short, it’s hard not to feel Zen in a place like this.

Prices start at around a thousand euros for a three-night retreat.


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