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Our review : Aro-Ha, retreats at the end of the world

Sometimes getting away from it all is the only way to really clear your mind. For us, the real end of the world lies in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, in the Central Otago region. This beautiful region of rugged peaks is the ideal place to disconnect and detox, and it’s no surprise that it’s the birthplace of Aro Ha retreats, a high-end lodge that hosts some of the best wellness retreats on the planet. An account of a visit to a place we love with a capital A.

A breathtaking location (Photo: Aro Ha)

Keen to enable health enthusiasts to enjoy life-changing experiences, the Aro-ha sanctuary specializes in what they call “wellness adventures”. Not just stays, but real adventures!

Pascal with view of Lake Wakatipu (Photo: Luxe Wellness Club)

Located on New Zealand’s South Island, just 40 minutes from Queenstown International Airport, Aro Ha is set on a beautiful 8.4-hectare estate perched on a hilltop not far from Paradise, a village aptly named.

Lots of space and light (Photo: Aro Ha)

The hut sits atop a hill offering panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu. Elegant, eco-friendly interiors offer a luxurious, uncluttered atmosphere.

Pool and jacuzzi with view (Photo: Aro Ha)

Luxurious accommodation with a pure design

There are two types of room: Monastic Eco Rooms (private rooms with king-size beds and shared bathroom) and Shared Eco Suites (2 private rooms with king-size beds in each, suitable for 2 people wishing to share). Ours was the Monastic Eco Room.

An uncluttered bedroom (Photo: Aro Ha)

Inspired by Zen principles, the rooms are refined and uncluttered, with minimal furnishings. Natural lighting, recycled woods, naturally dyed woven blankets, organic cotton linen, local wool floor mats and natural latex mattresses are all part of the minimalist aesthetic. What’s more, the lodge’s design deliberately encourages exchanges in community spaces.

Balanced, gourmet detox meals

Serving nutrient-rich vegetarian cuisine, Aro Ha is paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free. The diet is rich in trace elements, vitamins and phytonutrients. It’s both delicious and healthy!

Shared meals (Photo: Aro Ha)

Good hydration, quality probiotics and optimal alkalinity also play a role in the retreat’s culinary offerings, and although the meals are specially created for detox, they are particularly tasty.

Well-designed fitness programs

Aro Ha was conceived as a place for those interested in nature, adventure, self-development and alternative health. Holistic fitness programs include a mix of alpine hiking, vinyasa yoga and mindfulness practice.

Yoga class (Photo: Aro Ha)

Aro Hô offers five-, six- and seven-day “Wellness Adventure” packages , which include nutritional support, nature immersions, mindfulness sessions, yoga and functional movement classes.

Sauna with view (Photo: Aro Ha)

The retreat also features a spa with infrared sauna, cold pool and whirlpool where guests are encouraged to try “Contrast Spa Therapy”, which promotes healing by exposing the body to alternating hot and cold temperatures to increase blood circulation and detoxification.

Ultimate relaxation (Photo: Aro Ha)

Retreat programs are all-inclusive and include accommodation, all meals, all activities and airport transfers.

Our feeling

A nugget located at the end of the world, but well worth it when you want to clear your head and start afresh! Breathtaking scenery!

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