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The Ranch Hudson Valley : Fitness program near New York City

In the heart of the picturesque Hudson Valley, less than an hour from New York City, The Ranch Hudson Valley is the ideal destination for those looking to regenerate and reconnect with nature and themselves. This oasis of tranquility, nestled on a historic lake estate with over 80 hectares of woodland, offers an award-winning wellness program designed to transform both body and mind.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
Quiet, peaceful surroundings (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

Fitness and wellness programs

From spring 2024, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature and the wealth of treatments on offer, choosing between a 3-night, 4-day or 4-night, 5-day program. Each stay includes accommodation and meals (healthy, of course). But also hikes and daily yoga, meditation and fitness classes. Not to mention a daily massage , Bod Pod body composition analysis and healthy cooking classes.

At the end of your experience, you’ll leave invigorated, both physically and mentally. You increase your strength, reduce your weight and your waistline, while radiating an aura of vitality. What’s more, this stay is a springboard to an enriched, balanced lifestyle, enabling everyone to purify their bodies and adopt healthy habits.

Hiking in the forest (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

In the heart of nature

The adventure begins each morning with a choice of 2- or 4-hour hikes, leading guests through breathtaking panoramas of the Hudson River and its surrounding mountains. Selected trails wind through Ringwood National Park and Harriman National Park. The paths offer direct immersion in nature, just outside the property. The views are breathtaking, embracing unspoilt wilderness.

The body in motion

Afternoons at the Ranch are devoted to strength training, restorative yoga, and a daily massage, promoting deep relaxation and muscle recovery. This wellness routine is complemented by an exceptional kitchen, where the culinary team, renowned for its excellence, prepares dishes based on organic, nutrient-rich produce.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
Yoga (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

Beyond classic wellness: advanced care

For those wishing to take their health and wellness journey a step further, the Ranch offers advanced treatment options. Between IV therapy, Bod Pod body composition analyses, colon hydrotherapy, chiropractic care, infrared sauna, energy healing, sound baths, and contrast hydrotherapy, the range of specialized services is designed to support complete regeneration of body and mind.

A retirement without distractions

The Ranch at Hudson Valley offers a sanctuary for those seeking to reconnect with themselves and with nature, away from the distractions of the modern world. By encouraging minimal use of electronic devices, the team fosters an environment conducive to peace of mind. For those who need to stay connected, wi-fi is available in the privacy of your private room, preserving the peaceful atmosphere of the refuge.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
Fitness class (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

The Ranch Hudson Valley: A sanctuary of serenity and history

Less than an hour separates us from New York, but here, time seems to stand still, offering a haven of peace to those who pass through its doors! Indeed, The Ranch Hudson Valley stands like an architectural jewel in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, on the border of Tuxedo Park and Sloatsburg. On the threshold of lush greenery, this retreat center unfurls on a historic estate, where every view is a living painting. The choice of the Hudson Valley for the Ranch is not accidental. This region, renowned for its natural beauty and rich history, offers the perfect setting for a retreat that is both luxurious and in harmony with nature.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
The historic home (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

This magnificent residence, once a wedding gift from JP Morgan to his daughter, elegantly fuses historic refinement with contemporary interior design by the renowned Steven Gambrel. Every space, from the bedrooms to the spacious ballroom transformed into a gym, is luxuriously appointed. The architecture, faithful to the region’s heritage while incorporating modern touches, is in perfect harmony with the lush landscape, testifying to a rich past and a vision focused on well-being.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
A chic, cozy interior (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

Charming accommodation

At the Ranch at Hudson Valley, you’ll find 25 private rooms, elegantly decorated to offer well-being and serenity. Choose from three room types: Deluxe,Junior Suite and Premier Junior Suite. Privacy and comfort are the watchwords, with views that are a balm to the soul. Then, the uncluttered yet warm decor creates a cocoon of softness in which to relax after a day of invigorating activities. It combines bespoke elements with vintage furniture. Finally, every room offers a magnificent view, either of the lake, the beautifully landscaped courtyard or the mountain trails.

The Ranch Hudson Valley
Bright, beautifully decorated rooms (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

Healthy cuisine designed with the seasons in mind

The Ranch at Hudson Valley’s cuisine celebrates local abundance, with menus designed around the seasons and fresh local ingredients. You’ll have the opportunity to savor innovative and nourishing dishes, in a setting that encourages sharing and exchange. All this reinforces the link between you and your relationship with nature. But what particularly sets this cuisine apart is its commitment to a plant-based diet. The emphasis on plant-based foods highlights an approach that respects nature and promotes sustainable, healthy eating.

Convivial meals (Photo: The Ranch Hudson Valley)

Book your stay at The Ranch Hudson Valley

Prices: from approx. 4,500 USD per person for 4 days.

Call us for the USA on +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK on +44 20 4577 3258

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