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The Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa: cold detox and northern lights in Lapland

Arctic Bath, an eco-designed floating hotel in Swedish Lapland, opened in January 2020. Enjoying the northern lights in winter, and the midnight sun during the summer months, Arctic Bath is a unique spa hotel that invites guests to immerse themselves in the elements while leaving a small environmental footprint. It is recommended for those who want to try cold therapy and other followers of the Wim Hof method. A detoxifying experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Photo taken in January 2020 (Photo: Arctic Bath)

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the northern lights, the new Arctic Bath floating hotel in northern Sweden could be just what you’ve been looking for… Recently opened in the far reaches of Swedish Lapland, Arctic Bath’s rooms float freely on the water in summer, and remain frozen in place in winter.

This is what the hotel looks like in winter (Photo: Artic Bath)

Arctic Bath is located in Harads, in the heart of Swedish Lapland, around 85 kilometers from Luleå (1h15). The nearest airport is Luleå, with daily flights to and from Stockholm (1h). There are also direct flights from London Stansted. Private transfers are organized by the hotel.

Arctic Bath consists of a central building and six individual floating hotel rooms, as well as six rooms on land. You can move between the cabins and the central building on footbridges over water or ice, depending on the season.

The spa with a cold bath in the center (Photo: Artcic Bath)

With the environment in mind, Arctic Bath is built using only natural, eco-responsible and local materials. Designed by architects Bertil Harstram and Johan Kauppi, the hotel was inspired by the region’s wood industry heritage. Trees felled in local forests were transported along the river to be processed on site.

An ideal place for those who love winter (Photo: Arctic Bath)

Uniquely designed rooms

The sauna (Photo: Arctic Bath)

The six two-storey land cabins, and the six floating cabins, were created in the shape of a “wedge” (in honor of a tool used by lumberjacks). They feature different types of wood such as pine and oak, large picture windows and furniture by Scandinavian manufacturers.

View from a bedroom (Photo: Arctic Bath)

You’ll also appreciate the comfort of underfloor heating, top-of-the-range bedding and in-room tablets (which we could almost have done without). Bath products are organic cosmetics, and mini-bars are stocked with healthy options like smoothies made from local ingredients.

An “earthly” bedroom (Photo: Arctic Bath)

Spa and Wellness at Arctic Bath: an original detox

Treatments focus on both the inside and outside of the body. It’s all part of the four cornerstones of well-being: good nutrition, regular exercise, a calm mind and face and body care.

A visit to the Arctic Spa includes a bathrobe, swimsuit or shorts and natural spa products from Kerstin Florian, a Swedish luxury cosmetics brand, all of which you can take home with you after your stay.

The real therapy here consists of alternating sauna sessions before plunging into the frozen water, an ancestral practice that helps the body detoxify and reset the counters. This hot-cold alternation calms the central nervous system and limits the body’s inflammatory response. Cold also acts on the skin’s appearance by activating micro-circulation.

It takes a certain amount of courage to dive into the water (Photo: Arctic Bath)

Cold baths are part of Nordic history. To hear the locals tell it, this ancestral tradition is simply good for you. For the unaccustomed, it’s a very powerful sensation that awaits you. Some even report feeling like they’ve stepped out of their bodies…

In addition to a wide range of facial and body treatments, yoga and meditation classes are available, for a gentle return to earth.

Swedish cuisine inspired by Sami culture

Swedish gourmet cuisine (Photo: Arctic Bath)

Chefs prepare a daily five-course menu using local ingredients, with signature dishes inspired by the traditions of the Sami, the region’s indigenous people.

Local products include reindeer, moose, wild birds, fish, berries and dried herbs from the surrounding countryside. All the meat and fish served at the hotel comes from the wild, so there’s no trace of pesticides or antibiotics.

A wide range of summer and winter activities

Activities around the hotel include cross-country skiing and dog sledding, horseback riding and discovering local Sami culture, as well as northern lights watching.

Bears live in the forest near the hotel, but hibernate in winter (Photo: Arctic Bath)

Perhaps the most unusual summer experience is bear watching.

In our opinion, it’s essential to combine a few nights at Arctic Bath with a few nights at the Treehotel, another architectural marvel just 10 minutes away.


Benefit from our expertise and contact us for a personalized quote for this unique hotel.

Rates: From around 470 euros per night, with gourmet dinner at 98 euros per person. Rates include the arctic bath experience, with all kit provided (bathrobes, swimsuits, beauty products, etc.).

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