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Six Senses Samui: a superb luxury hotel in Thailand

Intimacy, exclusivity and nature are just some of the promises of Six Senses Koh Samui. Thailand’s reputation is well established, and Six Senses has once again extracted the purest beauty this magnificent country has to offer: a change of scenery, a sense of welcome and gastronomy, for a highly soothing experience.

The resort is just an hour’s flight from Bangkok international airport on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. It offers 67 villas, the majority with private pools. Thanks to its prime location on the north side of the island, each villa offers breathtaking views of the Gulf of Thailand or the lush jungle. The hotel’s large infinity pool opens onto a panorama that will leave you speechless. Sail between your private pool and this magnificent space.

Villas with private pools (Photo: Six Senses)

As if alone in the world, curled up in this lush, unspoilt natural setting, Six Senses Koh Samui puts its refinement and expertise at the service of its guests. The result? A place that lives with the wind, between rocky promontory, jungle and white sand beach. The hotel is beautifully decorated with the sole aim of transporting you and bringing you luxury, calm and privacy.

A beautiful beach as playground (Photo: Six Senses)

The spa at Six Senses Koh Samui offers programs specially dedicated to rejuvenation, regeneration orlightening the mental load .

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Villas and private pools, sea view

Inspired by the surrounding fishing villages, 67 private villas are scattered among the unspoilt vegetation of the north of the island. All open to the outside world, with sober, noble materials, these villas exude the luxurious refinement typical of Six Senses establishments. It’s beautiful, it’s bright, it’s spacious, and the sea or the jungle are with you every day.

You can choose between one-bedroom Hideway villas (nestled in the jungle. These intimate villas are extremely soothing thanks to their natural surroundings. Their architecture resembles that of traditional homes, and the large deck lets you enjoy the warm tropical evenings outside.

Inside the Hideaway villa (Photo: Six Senses)

Villas with swimming pool are either located in the jungle to live like a robinson, with the added luxury, or facing the sea to dive with delight into the Gulf of Thailand every day. Each has its own outdoor shower, so you can immerse yourself a little further in nature’s bounty.

They are often located at the top of the resort and offer total privacy.

A pool villa (Photo: Six Senses)

More spacious villas, also with private pools, stretch out on the resort’s gentle slopes. Their views are panoramic, inside and out. They have one bedroom, but the lounge can be converted into an extra bedroom for family trips.

Soft rusticity in the pool villa bathroom (Photo: Six Senses)

Two private villas take exclusivity to the extreme. More spacious, they each offer two bedrooms, huge indoor-outdoor living spaces and the possibility of organizing meetings or working in peace and quiet. Of course, they offer all the Six Senses hotel services. La Villa Beach Reserve has direct access to the beach, while the Villa Ocean Retreat has a panoramic terrace!

With a minimum surface area of 130 m², the largest “Beach Reserve” villa offers 900 m² of exclusive space. Space reigns supreme in these villas, allowing the air and the magnificent energies of the region to circulate. We particularly like the Ocean Retreat, with its sublime sea views. All villas are rented with the services of your Guest Experience Maker, available 24 hours a day.

Meditative experiences and total disconnection at the spa

The Six Senses Samui resort is particularly focused on rest, relaxation and regeneration. The environment itself is an invitation to calm. With indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, if there’s one place where you can feel how the hotel is cradled by the surrounding breezes and natural atmosphere, it’s at the spa. Everything flows and is designed to make room for relaxation and well-being. Various treatment villas welcome you with superb panoramic views. Calm is also conveyed in the space thanks to the yoga pavilion and meditation shala. A dedicated area has also been created to accompany your walking meditations, mindful walking, silent walking, meditation at your own pace. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with yourself.

Treatment rooms to start the journey (Photo: Six Senses)

Once the spa has produced its first relaxing and rejuvenating effects, you can choose from a range of programs specifically designed to relax and soothe the mind.

A “Boostyour immunity” program offers a range of treatments and support specially dedicated to repairing the effects of oxidative stress.

Here, yoga is practiced “on the rocks” (Photo: Six Senses)

You start by giving up your cell phone for the day. Then you work on your breathing through yoga, a yoga in the sun to stimulate your vitamin D production. A personal trainer will also teach you how to concoct healthy, energizing green juices using kombucha. There’s nothing better for the immune system than good intestinal nutrition! You’ll also receive alternating hot and cold massages and treatments to boost a somewhat sluggish immune system. The icing on the cake is journaling Keeping a diary is also part of your de-stress prescription, and special attention will be paid to the quality of your sleep to detect whether certain protocols need to be put in place. Actions on body, mind and belly to release tension.

The “Mind your brain” program

A day dedicated to taking care of your brain. Here’s an unusual wellness program! And yet, brain functions are essential to the proper functioning of our organism: decision-making, emotional management, energy management. A number of brain-training practices can genuinely improve our cognitive mechanisms and resistance to stress. Ancient yoga practices, meditation, modern bio hacking tools such as brain games, developmental drawings or binaural beats (an auditory artifact whose perception appears in the brain and is said to have brain-enhancing effects). You never thought you could take care of yourself this way.

A place with a magical atmosphere (Photo: Six Senses)

The “Love your heart” program will develop your gratitude.

Although it may seem surprising to some, the heart is the most powerful asset for developing awareness of oneself, others and one’s environment. This magnificent program is dedicated to those who feel unbalanced, overly emotional or emotionally disconnected. Singing bowl workshops, sound awareness through Om chanting, mindfulness movements and group meditation are among the day’s activities to refocus on the heart, your heart, and open you up to a life full of gratitude.

The spa also offers Detox, Energizing and Sleep rituals. These treatments, which last a minimum of 2 hours, combine highly complementary techniques such as singing bowl vibrations, Reiki treatments, massage for some, and meditation for others. We love these rituals, which focus on mental relaxation, nurturing the body’s energies, calming the mind, disconnecting anxious thoughts and balancing the chakras. Few spas go so far in taking care of their clients’ stress.
The saunas and hammam will accompany your physical relaxation, always in an authentic and natural setting. Discovering the Six Senses Samui Spa is a journey in itself.

Four restaurants, including the award-winning “Dining on the rocks”.

Dining on the rocks

Located at the end of the resort’s promontory, its terrace offers a 270° view that’s not to be missed!

A dinner on the verge of paradise (Photo: Six Senses)

A dozen terraces enliven the indoor and outdoor spaces, and this restaurant with its inventive cuisine is an essential hotel experience. As in all Six Senses Group restaurants, products are organic and promote the use of local, seasonal produce.

Dining on the hill

Another magnificent hilltop perch for Thai-influenced breakfasts and dinners. Inventive, gourmet cuisine, with the view as a delicious dessert.

Drinks on the Hill: a sensory experience in its own right (Photo: Six Senses)

It‘s at Dining on the Hill that you can enjoy Thai cooking classes with the resort’s expert chef. Remember to book as soon as you book your stay, as his Master classes are a great success.

Let us know if you’re interested in these courses, and we’ll take care of your bookings.

Head in the clouds from the infinity pool (Photo: Six Senses)

Chill out or drink on the beach, depending on your mood, you can enjoy cocktails and aperitifs at the magnificent Drinks on the Hill . The bar boasts the island’s most varied wine list. For your moments on the beach, the Drift at the beach, will delight your cravings for snacks, grills, fresh juices and other gustatory experiences on the go…and with your feet in the sand!

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