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Shreyas Retreat: Back to basics while cultivating vital energy

The humble Shreyas Retreat majestically combines ashram knowledge with comfort. This little retreat in southern India is a haven of peace, with the backdrop of the influences of Ayurveda Spa, facilities and cuisine are all based on this science of life, to ensure that your stay is a memorable one. to restore harmony of body and mind. Whatever your wellness goals, you can choose between à la carte rebalancing treatments or wellness retreats – dates are already on the calendar!

Like an ashram, but with added comfort

Meditation platform (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Recognized as one of the best holistic wellness hotels, the traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda, Panchakarma and naturopathy are the common thread running through every stay at Shreyas Retreat. Although yoga is taught and practiced as if in a traditional ashram, the austerity and rigor often associated with these Hindu monasteries have no place at Shreyas Retreat. Here, guests benefit from top-of-the-range comfort and services.

The hotel is perched on the Deccan Plateau, one of India’s least humid regions. March and April (up to 35°C) are the hottest months, and the rainy season is in September and October (but often only in the evening or at night).

Lush gardens (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

To get there, you can fly or take the train to Bangalore, around 35 km from the hotel (one hour’s drive).

Falling asleep to the sound of leaves in the wind

Cottage terrace (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Shreyas Retreat offers three different types of accommodation. The closest to nature are the Garden Tented Cottages. From the outside, they look like tents, but in reality they are real rooms with an awning. They feature a front veranda and private garden. To feel at one with nature, and to be lulled by the sound of palm leaves in the wind, these cottages are our first choice.

Another option: Poolside Cottages. From these comfortable accommodations, simply open the front door to find an infinity pool surrounded by frangipani trees. A relaxing atmosphere with an enchanting fragrance, accompanied by a Jacuzzi. These cottages are also wheelchair accessible.

Poolside cottage bedroom (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Finally, the 3-bedroom cottage, with two double bedrooms and one single, is ideal for families and groups of friends. It features a spacious living room with large picture windows overlooking the verdant landscape.

The living room of the 3-bedroom cottage (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

All accommodations can accommodate two additional children under the age of eight.

The five elements at spa Anaha

The 1,500 m² spa can accommodate a wide range of guests for therapeutic treatments, massages and other wellness therapies. A total of 13 treatment rooms for Ayurveda, Western and Thai massages, hydrotherapy and fangotherapy. Two not-to-be-missed points: a view of the resort’s gardens from every treatment room, and all the products caressing your skin come directly from the plant garden!

Relaxing atmosphere in the treatment rooms (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Men and women have their own facilities, including experience showers, Jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms. There are also relaxation lounges and meditation areas. A juice bar, beauty salon and gym are also available.

To be in symbiosis with Ayurvedic science, considering that everything is made up of the five elements, the building itself interweaves them. In fact, the central section is half-buried in the ground, while the pavilions are open to the breezes, with a vast space in between. To top it all off, the spa features several east-facing faces, ideal for early-morning sun salutations.

Spa Anaha and vital energy

The hotel’s wellness center and Spa Anaha draw their strength from holistic practices. In Sanskrit, Anaha means “to feel good” or “to breathe freely”. An interesting meaning, since in ancient traditions, breath or prana is considered to be the vital energy.

4-hand massage (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Almost all treatments and massages on the spa menu are based on Ayurveda. So it’s time to know your dominant doshas (the three vital energies of Ayurvedic medicine). Rich in thousands of years of experience, this science has remained unchanged. It’s based on the universal law of nature, which is true for all time. That’s where its name comes from: the science of life. Through breathing, spices and herbs, oils and massage techniques, you’ll rediscover deep inner harmony.

Naturopathy, yoga and meditation are combined with Ayurvedic science to offer treatments for everyone. We also offer personalized therapeutic consultations for all types of physical and mental difficulties.

Yoga, an integral part of Ayurveda (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

If you’d like to fully immerse yourself in a specific retreat, many of them are available all year round.

Generally lasting from one to two weeks (and in some cases from three to five nights), they are available on specific dates. There’s a choice of themes: anti-aging, detox, silent retreat, weight management, Ayurvedic cooking, healing and more.

International cuisine based on Indian philosophy

Lunch on the grass… (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

“I am what I eat” is the motto of the Shreyas Retreat kitchen. According to the Upanishads, the philosophical texts that form the basis of Hindu religious theory, the most subtle part of food forms the spirit, while bones and flesh come from the “raw” part of what we eat. When it comes to healthy eating, not only are the ingredients important, but also the way in which they are assembled, cooked and presented plays an essential role.

The main pool (Photo: Shreyas Retreat)

Although Indian culture is heavily involved in the cuisine served at the hotel, the chefs draw inspiration fromother international flavors, including Oriental, Western and Mexican. Non-alcoholic beverages accompany an exclusively vegetarian cuisine made largely with fruit and vegetables sourced directly from the hotel’s organic garden. Guests are invited to help out in the garden. An opportunity to discover the herbs and vegetables on your plate from a different perspective, and to learn how to work the land with humility.


Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for Shreyas Retreat.

Rates : From approx. 230 euros per night in low season.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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