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Palace Mérano: the detox cure for VIPs from all over the world

You’ll lose those extra pounds! This was the promise made by Henri Chenot, who had earned a reputation as one of the gurus of detox. The proof is in the very long list of celebrities who have gone through his method at the Palace Mérano to lose those unwanted pounds… Le Palace Mérano continues to offer health programs and detox cures that continue the long history of this legendary place , which today remains an absolute reference in this field. Zinédine Zidane and Victoria Beckham are still fans. Why don’t you do as the VIPs do and go to Merano for a break?

Outdoor pool after dark (Photo: Palace Mérano)

A legendary place for detox

In Italy, you’d almost want to indulge in a bit of idleness… But be warned, you’re in for a rather intensive health program. No detox without effort! Palace Mérano has built its reputation on the method developed by a Frenchman, Henri Chenot, who had the intelligence to combine Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to create what he called “biontology”, a concept that aims to embody a new science of well-being.

Palace Merano from the air

More than just losing weight, it’s about cleansing the body, both physically and mentally. According to Henri Chenot, this method “helps you stay young as long as possible and age in good health”. He worked hand in hand with Doctor Massimiliano Mayrhofer, who is still in charge of the medical side of the Palace Merano. In this way, the Revital method is constantly being improved to offer total well-being to Palace guests.

What stands out here is the real synergy between all the practitioners and medical experts. Dieticians, naturopaths, masseurs and hydrotherapists combine their skills to provide a holistic vision of care.

Hydrotherapy (Photo: Palace Mérano)

A complete fitness center

For decades, the center has been treating tired bodies to lymphatic drainage, ozone therapy and LED photomodulation. It was thanks to this method that Johnny Hallyday used to say he came to have his blood “changed”. It’s also a place to forget everything and clear your head…

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Beautiful rooms in a classic style (Photo: Palace Mérano)

With world-class facilities and highly intensive programs, Palace Mérano aims to take guests to a state of overall well-being. The team of experts takes a personalized approach, assessing clients’ condition on arrival to establish a treatment plan that may include a cocktail of massage, hydrotherapy, chiropractic and adapted nutrition, not forgetting the blood oxygenation procedures that have made the center famous.

Large indoor swimming pool (Photo: Palace Mérano)

Revital preventive care programs aim to eliminate toxins, restore energy and trigger weight loss.

The Palace Merano boasts an in situ biological analysis laboratory, which is a real asset when it comes to obtaining precise, near-instantaneous diagnoses. Palace Merano is also home to an aesthetic medicine center offering a variety of treatments: hyaluronic acid injections, and other skin rejuvenation and cellulite-fighting treatments.

Phyto-fangotherapy (Photo: Palace Merano)

Renowned dietetic cuisine

Chef Günther Pirhofer and his brigade offer tasty, personalized and varied meals to suit all dietary needs. For the Revital Detox Nutritional Program, expect an anti-oxidant menu designed to induce deep tissue cleansing. He uses exclusively fresh, seasonal, plant-based products, rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants. And if you’re still wondering, of course the portions are small, because once again, the stated aim is clear: you come here mainly to lose weight .

Healthy and delicious menu (Photo: Palace Mérano)

Another menu is called Biolight. It offers light, healthy dishes inspired by medi- terranean tradition and prepared using healthy, innovative methods to preserve the organoleptic properties of the nutrients. The menu is presented in “wellness portions” and can be seen as a valid model of healthy, balanced eating to be adopted in normal daily life.

The beautiful dining room (Photo: Palace Merano)
A friendly, welcoming place (Photo: Palace Merano)

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Book a stay at Palace Mérano

Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for Le Palace Mérano.

Rates : From around 5500 euros per person per week all-inclusive for a couple, or around 6500 euros per week for a single person. However, the Revital method is also available in shorter discovery and wellness formats (4 days and 3 days). Enjoya guaranteed room upgrade with Luxe Wellness Club.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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