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Lanserhof Lans: Austria’s chic detox

The first Lanserhof wellness center was opened in Tyrol in 1974. This unique hotel was a forerunner in wellness tourism. Since then, he has become renowned for his holistic approach. naturopathy and modern medicine. Here, a thorough detox is the order of the day, and the beauty of the setting is such that many foreign guests don’t hesitate to come here to restore their intestinal health. Luxe Wellness Club presents Lanserhof Lans, Austria.

Superb swimming pool (Photo: Lanserhof Lans)

Lanserhof Lans: A symbiosis of nature and health

The idyllic village of Lans lies at the foot of the 2,260-meter-high Patscherkofel mountain, just a 15-minute drive from Innsbruck, the capital of the Tyrol region. This is where you’ll find Lanserhof Lans, which isn’t a luxury hotel – it’s a medical spa in the truest sense of the word. Here, a one-week stay is the bare minimum (you can’t stay for less), and the focus of a stay is clear: it’s all about getting back into shape. As a result, services include detoxification, weight loss, cellular regeneration and other health and wellness treatments.

Beautiful natural surroundings (Photo: Lanserhof)

The hotel’s design features superb views of the mountains and forest in the background. All the rooms have huge picture windows, allowing you to feel at one with nature. Guests can take part in a wide variety of outdoor activities : hiking, mountain biking, Nordic walking or swimming. Then, in winter, the surrounding area offers ideal conditions for snow sports.

Uncluttered rooms

The rooms are uncluttered in a soothing palette of beige and gray, with walnut desks and wooden beds. Some rooms and suites open onto spacious balconies or terraces, with sun loungers for relaxing and watching the mountains. Bathrooms feature showers or bathtubs, Lans Derma toiletries, robes and slippers. You’ll also find bottles of warm water, rich in magnesium, which is an essential part of the detoxification protocol.

Uncluttered bedroom (Photo: Lanserhof Lans)

A medical spa using the MAYR method

Holistic health and wellness programs

As a health and wellness center, Lanserhof Lans is renowned for its holistic fitness programs. Your stay begins with an initial consultation with a doctor. Based on your needs, we prepare a personalized holistic program. You then begin a regimen of detoxification, fasting, therapies and relaxation, based on the approach of Austrian physician FX Mayr. A healthy intestine is the key to good health.

Medical vacations (Photo: Lanserhof Lans)

A wide range of treatments and therapies

The facilities are modern, with daily treatments and a variety of therapies ranging from cryotherapy at -110°C at ionic foot baths… The expert team of in-house doctors can also suggest more specific treatments, such as allergy testing, acupuncture, intravenous oxygen therapy and sleep monitoring for 24 hours.

The Lanserhof spa area has been ingeniously designed, with indoor and outdoor saltwater pools – the latter with hydro-massage jets – a hammam, a menthol-scented sanarium, a mountain-facing sauna and a relaxation area arranged around a modern fireplace. Finally, the dermatology center combines medical cosmetics with pioneering techniques in treatments such as cell-enhancing facials, seaweed wraps and anti-cellulite masks.

The spa features huge picture windows (Photo: Lanserhof)

At Lanserhof Lans, we are committed to providing a full range of services for the total well-being of our guests. Lanserhof’s dedicated team is here to meet your needs, focusing on your health and vitality through a variety of themes:

  • Psyche and emotions ;
  • Movement ;
  • Physical medicine ;
  • Health check and advanced diagnostics ;
  • Phytotherapy ;
  • Sleep medicine and biorhythms ;
  • Nutrition ;
  • Detoxification and regeneration ;
  • Energy and information medicine ;
  • Aesthetics.

Course of a stay and activities

First of all, in the spirit of a health retreat that remains rather elitist, the atmosphere at Lanserhof Lans is very discreet (confidentiality is important…) and absolutely calm. You’ll enjoy intimate, unspoilt surroundings to start your cure.

Outdoor relaxation areas (Photo: Lanserhof)

For many of us, the words “body cleanse” or “body detox” can have negative connotations such as fatigue, discomfort or abstinence. However, a detox can also be a pleasant and soothing experience, at least that’s what the Lanserhof team has decided. Before starting the program, the center’s specialists assess your body constitution. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution, each host requires a personalized detox program.

Good to know! The facility also offers testing for various food intolerances and allergies, as foods that assault the body can also disrupt the immune system and deplete energy reserves. Then, every stay at Lanserhof Lans involves chewing training (30 times per bite, please!) and an individual detoxification plan based on FX Mayr’s principles. Depending on your personalized diagnosis, you’ll be entitled to either dry fasting (water only) or three meals a day: light, healthy and balanced, of course.

Shiatsu room (Photo: Lanserhof)

Finally, in addition to the treatments, there is a daily program of activities (included in every package). These include yoga, Nordic walking, meditation, aqua zumba and much more.

Nutrition at Lanserhof Lans is an integral part of your health program

Lanserhof Lans places nutrition at the heart of its global approach to well-being. The team firmly believes that the quality of the food you eat is essential to your health and vitality. That’s why Lanserhof emphasizes a diet of the highest quality foods, carefully selected for their nutrient richness and purity.

Dinner with mountain views (Photo: Lanserhof Lans)

They also strive to ensure optimal digestibility, understanding that the way the body processes food can have a significant impact on customers’ overall well-being. After all, nourishing the body with delicious, nutritious food is not only good for physical health, but also for mental and emotional well-being.

Hotel video presentation

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Prices : From around 6,000 euros per person for a 7-day treatment.

Call us for France: + 33 1 85 73 22 14 or for Switzerland: +41 22 501 75 16 to discuss your holiday plans.

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