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Keemala: a holistic experience in the heart of the Thai jungle

On a hillside surrounded by lush tropical forest, the stunning perched villas of Keemala Resort blossom, with the Andaman Sea as their horizon… A haven where it’s easy to recharge your batteries, just a stone’s throw from vibrant Phuket. In this idyllic setting, the Keemala spa offers cures to relax and invigorate body and mind, to the sounds of nature.

An enchanting tropical forest

One of the world’s most stunning hotels (Photo: Keemala)

Conceived as an out-of-this-world refuge on the hospitable island of Phuket, the Keemala resort immerses guests in a lush natural wonderland overlooking the Andaman Sea.

Nestled in an exceptional natural setting, the resort is aware of its privilege and pays great attention to nature, an immense source of well-being. By opting for various innovative green strategies, it has also reduced its environmental footprint as much as possible.

Architecture in total harmony with the environment

Each individual villa features a 20 m² swimming pool and private terrace. So you can enjoy the idyllic setting from the comfort of your own home.

Successful environmental integration (Photo: Keemala)

The result is a striking, almost unreal vision of dwellings that seem to have grown up there, right in the heart of the surrounding nature, without ever upsetting it.

Four distinct architectural universes, inspired by the most ancient traditions of Southeast Asia, have presided over the creation of these villas designed to accommodate couples or groups of 4 people:

Rooms open onto nature (Photo: Keemala)
  • Land with the 16 Clay Pool Cottages
  • The 7 “Tent Pool Villas” for nomadic living
  • Trees with the 7 two-storey Tree Pool Houses
  • The nest with the 8 spacious Bird’s Nest Pool villas
A fairytale setting (Photo: Keemala)

Four holistic cures for a restorative holiday

You can come to Keemala to enjoy the beauty of the perched villas, laze on the pristine beaches just a few minutes from the resort, or take a romantic break.

But it’s also an opportunity to treat yourself to a real therapeutic cure, thanks to four wellness “retreats” spread over 3 or 6 nights, and systematically combined with a tailor-made menu and detox drinks:

A massage room (Photo: Keemala)


This retreat is designed to lighten body and mind: meditation, yoga, saunas and treatments detoxifying (wraps, scrubs, massages).


During this invigorating 3 or 6-hour retreat days, endurance, strength and flexibility are stimulated by several sessions of yoga, as well as massages, scrubs and steam baths.


Meditation, yoga and tai chi, as well as numerous body and facial treatments, work in synergy to combat stress and eliminate all traces of tension in even the most overworked.


It’s an inner and outer rejuvenation. This rejuvenating retreat invites you to take a step outside. It combines a beautiful of well-being and anti-ageing rituals to treatments designed to help circulate vital energy.

A vision of well-being infused with tradition

The resort’s spa naturally offers its treatments to all visitors, in “à la carte” mode

Rebalancing massage, aromatic sauna, hot herbal compresses… the great Thai tradition of alternative medicine and phytotherapy is at the heart of these holistic treatments designed to lighten the body and mind and reduce the effects of stress on the organism.

Beds in the shape of cozy nests (Photo: Keemala)

Mala spa sublimates tradition with multi-sensory experiences like this seaweed wrap infused with essential oils, on which hot stones enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Our wide range of massages is designed to meet the specific needs of spa visitors: toxin elimination, slimming, muscle relaxation, harmonization and relaxation…

Beauty and youth are not forgotten with a wide range of treatments designed to firm, detoxify and balance or deeply rehydrate facial and body skin.

A holistic approach with a Thai therapist can also be organized, for a deep and thorough work on body and mind.

Recharge your batteries while respecting nature

The Keemala resort has reduced its environmental footprint as much as possible by opting for various innovative green strategies, such as an individual wastewater treatment system, diverting biogas into the ground, reusing grey water, integrating the building into the landscape, and avoiding plastics wherever possible.

Gastronomy and well-being à la carte

The resort’s two restaurants offer gourmet cuisine inspired by the delicious Thai tradition, designed to provide an ongoing feast for the senses.

Healthy restaurant and bar (Photo: Keemala)

Those who want to focus their stay on well-being and rejuvenation can opt for the “Healthy Living” version of the à la carte dishes. These vegetarian or pescetarian meals are particularly rich in superfoods, herbs from the garden and fruit and vegetables from the best local producers.

They can also be prepared without gluten, dairy products or sugar.


Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for Keemala.

Rates : Villa from approx. 420 euros per night in low season. Holistic 6-day treatment from 1625 euros per person.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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