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Interview with Wellness wave: VIP wellness breaks

Here’s the latest nugget in the field of well-being and personal development. A very discreet start-up, but one that’s going to be much talked about in the upper echelons. Conceived by Michel Campan, a heavyweight in luxury marketing (Christian Dior, Hermès), and led by a young neuroscience graduate, Adrien Amasse, Wellness Wave is a small revolution made in France. Whether aboard yachts in the Mediterranean or in French châteaux, our fitness programs are designed to combine comfort, sport and self-improvement in a very upmarket atmosphere. Target groups include celebrities, business leaders, affluent Asians and anyone looking for an antidote to stress.

Morning run (Photo: Wellness Wave)
  • Can you tell us about the genesis of this project?

Michel Campan: “I’ve been working for a long time with the big luxury houses, both in France and in China. I’ve come to realize that people with money want to experience things, not just buy bags and jewelry… I’ve always loved wellness, and I’ve often gone on wellness retreats. Once you’ve been to several ashrams, you get a bit bored, it’s always the same… So Wellness Wave is a bit like making my dream come true; I wanted to indulge myself. At last, the programs are fun. And I also wanted to combine wellness with ecotourism, because it’s very important to preserve the planet, hence the idea of cruises in contact with nature… The concept is bound to evolve. “

Resolutely upscale cruises (Photo: Wellness Wave)
  • Who are you addressing?

Michel Campan: “We focus on people who are stressed, and who want to take a break to refocus on themselves and their families. We try to find our customers among business leaders, celebrities … It’s not about exclusivity, because I don’t like haughty luxury, but given that stars are the new apostles of society, I find it interesting if they can convey values around well-being and ecology. “

Boxing… in water! (Photo: Wellness Wave)
  • What sets Wellness Wave apart from the multitude of existing wellness packages?

Adrien Amasse: “We’re in the process of creating something unique, combining scientific and sporting expertise to lead people towards well-being. We use state-of-the-art techniques. For us, a wellness program doesn’t just mean a yoga class, a massage and a detox juice, and then settling for the superficial. We’re going to work on our customers’ subconscious…

I studied neuroscience, and in neuroscience, we have a lot of very good models and knowledge, but they’re not applied to the non-pathological, “normal” population, when in fact we can improve people’s well-being before they become ill (stress, depression, anxiety etc). Wellness Wave stays combine the cognitive mental therapy model, the MBSR meditation model and hypnosis protocols…

Above all, it’s a human approach, based on our clients’ personal stories. We achieve extraordinary results, because people reach states of well-being they wouldn’t have reached on their own…. Then the challenge is for them to apply these techniques in their everyday lives, and we’re there to support them. “

Healthy, balanced meals (Photo: Wellness Wave)

What are the areas of development for your start-up?

Adrien Amasse: “We started out two years ago with cruises, but today we’re developing land-based offers, in Châteaux or very fine hotels. We’ve started in France, but we’re gradually extending our catalog to other beautiful locations around the world. All this will take a few years, of course… What’s important to us is quality above all else. Beautiful, original places.

In terms of our focus, we want to concentrate on families, so that children learn about wellness too… and so that wellness isn’t just self-centered. True well-being must be shared…

Yoga on board a yacht (Photo: Wellness Wave)

We’ll also be developing offers for corporate customers, and of course, given Michel’s history and strong ties with China, we’ll be turning our attention to Asian customers. This is the start of a wonderful adventure for Wellness Wave!”


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