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Interview with Marlène Belvalette (Spa Director, Hôtel de Crillon)

Formerly at the Ritz in Paris, Marlène Belvalette has been director of “Sense, A Rosewood Spa” at the Hôtel de Crillon since January 2019. She tells us about the latest spa innovations and shares her vision of French well-being.

What is the philosophy behind the Hôtel de Crillon spa?

The Hôtel de Crillon embodies luxury à la française, so it’s only natural that our spa should embody well-being à la française… By this I mean a high level of refinement in terms of decoration and interior architecture, but also ultra-sophisticated cosmetics made in Paris and French beauty care equipment (Jet-Peel). We put France in the spotlight.

The relaxation area of the Hôtel le Crillon Spa (Photo: Rosewood)

Do you offer yoga classes and sports coaching?

Yes, we have a well-known sports coach, Nicolas Veret, who can come on request to propose a program to our customers. We also work with yoga teachers, for classes around the pool, for example, or private classes that guests can take in their room or suite.

The bonus is when we can offer group classes in one of the lounges overlooking the Place de la Concorde. For example, during Global Wellness Day in September, we had a yoga class in the salon where Marie-Antoinette was learning to play the piano… There was a magical view of Paris, and it’s a change from the typical yoga studio.

The area dedicated to men’s beauty (Photo: Rosewood)

What’s new at your spa?

We’re going to develop a dietary offer in the spa area, with “finger foods” that can be eaten around the pool. Dishes that are light, vegan and dietetic.

What I can also tell you exclusively is that we are going to create a Membership Club for our Parisian clientele, for those who want to enjoy our wellness and fitness facilities all year round. This will be a very exclusive club, with a maximum of 40 members.

Membership costs 8,500 euros a year, and includes unlimited access to the spa and swimming pool, an osteopathy session, support from our sports coach, preferential rates with our hairdresser David Lucas, and, very importantly, access to a business meeting room, “L’étincelle”. To top it all off, membership entitles you to one hotel night per year.

French refinement (Photo: Rosewood)


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