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Interview with Laurie Mias (CEO of REVĪVŌ): “We want to become THE reference in wellness”

Open for less than a year, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort has quickly become a staple in Bali’s wellness world, and the brand is now looking to expand internationally. We were lucky enough to meet Laurie Mias, the young Frenchwoman at the helm of the brand, at the latest International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes.

Photo Credit: Revivo Wellness Resort

How did REVĪVŌ get started?

After working for Buddha Bar in Paris, I moved to Hong Kong where I launched a cold-pressed organic juice company, Mr Green Juice. It was a great success, and introduced me to Gordon Oldham, founder of Pavillons Hotel and Resorts Group. It was he who told me that he was more interested in the theme of wellness, and after looking into it, we decided to launch this new REVĪVŌ brand to become a benchmark in the wellness field. We actually took over the villas of the former Aman in Nusa Dua, transforming them into what has become the REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort, fully dedicated to fitness and relaxation. REVĪVŌ means “I will live again” in Latin.

Revivo room
Photo Credit: Revivo Wellness Resort

Who are your customers?

We’re open to everyone, with a minimum stay of three nights, but we’re particularly focused on people who need a break from their often stressful professional lives. We have a lot of people from Hong Kong, for example, but also quite a few from France! In fact, half our customers come from Europe! Most people book online because they have a lot of questions to ask us to make sure our retreats match their needs.

Yoga at Revivo Resort
Photo Credit: Revivo Wellness Resort

How is REVĪVŌ different from other wellness retreats?

We really take a holistic approach to improving people’s lives and happiness. There’s a whole lot of work on the mind and sleep that other retreats don’t do. We also have a team of in-house experts: a doctor, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a yoga and Pilates teacher. I also think the quality of care here is exceptional, not to mention the location in Bali, which is simply magical. But we’re not a clinic or a medical spa, we have a resolutely wellness approach.

Food at Revivo Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Revivo Wellness Resort

How will REVĪVŌ develop over the coming years?

We will be opening several resorts with the ambition of offering the very best in wellness! The first will be just outside Barcelona, and we’ll be opening a day spa in Rome in 2019. We are currently renovating the Château de Fiac, less than an hour from Toulouse, to transform it into a 16-room wellness resort, with a focus on anti-aging… It will open in 2020. Finally, we are working on a project in Japan, and on unique wellness cruises to the islands of Komodo and Raja Ampat. Lots of projects, no time to get bored!

revivo wellness resort bathtub
Photo credit: Revivo Wellness resort

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