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Our review : RAKxa Integrative Wellness in Bangkok

Few medical spas in the world can claim to be as complete as RAKxa Integrative Wellness, undeniably one of the world’s new temples to luxury wellness. Pascal Languillon, CEO of Luxe Wellness Club, had the chance to enjoy an extraordinary stay that allowed him to see why RAKxa is now positioned as one of the best medi-spas in the world. Here is his detailed account.

A haven of well-being near the hustle and bustle of Bangkok

The ritual of Tibetan bowls upon arrival (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

A wellness retreat in Bangkok? If you know the Thai capital, it may be surprising, as the city of twenty million inhabitants is bustling with people, traffic jams, and pollution… However, don’t be mistaken, RAKxa is located in the “green lung” of the city,and the hustle and bustle suddenly fades away as soon as you pass through the gates of the estate and find yourself on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.Here, it is mainly the sounds of nature that prevail and the chirping of birds… although you may occasionally hear a motorboat passing by on the river. It’s nothing like downtown Bangkok!

Pascal in the Royal Palace located only 45 minutes from RAKxa (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

After a VIP welcome and expedited passage through customs at Bangkok Airport, followed by a roughly 45-minute ride in a superb brand-new Mercedes, the reception I received at RAKxa immediately set the tone for the stay. All travelers are invited to participate in the Tibetan bowl ceremony. This ritual, combined with the sounds produced by insects, the gentle humid warmth of the tropical climate, and the shimmering reflections on the water… There’s no doubt, we are in Thailand, and it’s time to let go of stress and slow down deeply.

Pascal happy in front of RAKxa Jai (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

The resort is like a village with fifty villas scattered in tropical gardens or by the water, and various buildings that house the medical spa (VitalLife Wellness Centre), sports facilities (RAKxa Gaya), the spa itself (RAKxa Jai), the two restaurants It’s spacious, beautiful, and brand new! In fact, RAKxa opened its doors during the pandemic.

Sunset on RaKXa with the city in the background (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

RAKxa’s proximity to Bangkok can be seen as a significant advantage. Bangkok is a fascinating capital, and international guests who follow a wellness program at RAKxa can take the opportunity to visit temples and other cultural attractions, do high-quality shopping, and discover a city with many facets.

Wonderful villas

One of RAKxa’s undeniable strengths is its villas, all of which have a bedroom with a beautiful bathroom, a well-appointed living room, and spacious tropical gardens. Some also have a magnificent private pool. What struck me right away was the quality of the materials, the comfort of the bedding, the sense of space… Everything is of the highest taste. It’s pure class.

My beautiful and sunny room (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

The home automation present in the villa is impressive, and a Saijo Denki environmental system monitors the air quality. Filters are installed to purify the air in the room, all for the sake of wellbeing.

The bathrooms feature both a bathtub and a very powerful rain shower. The courtesy cosmetics are made exclusively from organic products and have a delightful scent.

Spectacular bathroom (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

I loved the extra plush stool in the bathroom, the silky bathrobes, the thick towels… Even the Japanese toilets provide the utmost comfort. The living room also has ample space, with an L-shaped sofa and an oversized TV.

What constitutes the entry-level accommodation here, i.e., the garden villas, would be considered the most luxurious suite in European medi-spas. This is where RAKxa stands out. It offers high-end wellness with ultra-luxurious hospitality.

Note that by booking through Luxe Wellness Club, you will be eligible for a villa upgrade, subject to availability, which means you could be upgraded to Pool Villas. The Pool Villas have exactly the same design and furnishings as the Garden Villas, but they have a definite advantage: a superb private pool and a river view.

The inside of a Pool Villa (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

It is possible to park bicycles in front of the door of each villa and ride around the entire resort, which is very enjoyable. My bike became my best ally throughout the stay.

An extremely comprehensive spa

RAKxa is not just a luxury hotel with a spa. Thanks to its partnership with Bumrungrad Hospital through its VitalLife brand, RAKxa stands out as a global leader in the industry, blending clinical science, technology, and ancient therapies. The doctors here are among the world’s leading anti-aging specialists (certified by the reputable “American Board of Anti-Ageing,” by the way).

All therapists receive additional training to understand the medical aspect of wellness as well. Thus, it is not a place that practices pseudoscience or approximate therapies but rather a very serious medical spa. What struck me the most during my stay was the quality of the therapists.

Relaxation room (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

Every stay starts with a health and wellness consultation with a personal advisor. This allows for an assessment of goals and the recommendation of the most suitable therapies.

The traditional therapies I experienced during my stay were delivered by expert therapists who clearly know their specialties inside out. All the treatments I tried were excellent. I even enjoyed the music selection played during certain massages, especially the album SLEEP by Max Richter, which is one of my favorite albums.

You should know that the list of treatments is impressive. It is highly likely that if you enjoyed a specific treatment in a distant country, you can find it at RAKxa!

Comprehensive wellness programs

At RAKxa, it is possible to follow programs on various well-being themes, from weight management to detoxification, aesthetic treatments, or even recovery after trauma or illness.

At the beginning of my stay, I underwent a physical fitness assessment with the excellent coaches at RAKxa Gaya. After an hour of effort and various tests to check my balance, cardiovascular endurance, muscular power, flexibility, and trunk stability, I received a score comparing my current physical condition to the average. The results were quite good, but they showed that there is still room for improvement, and the coach was able to prescribe me a list of exercises to do back home. Appreciable!

A lot of fitness classes (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

The impressive VitalLife Scientific Wellness Centre is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, including a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, an infrared sauna, whole-body light therapy, colon hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, and a large space for vitamin infusions.

These are more or less the same biohacking equipment that, for example, Clinique Nescens in Switzerland has, but in a much more pleasant setting in my opinion.

The doctors here have extensive knowledge of gastrointestinal health and the role that toxic heavy metals can play in body inflammation. They are capable of conducting numerous tests, including genetic tests, to predict future disease risks. Sleep measurements or food intolerance tests can also be offered.

The center even offers aesthetic interventions with stem cells, ozone therapy and intravenous vitamins, and LED photobiomodulation, which helped me recover after the long flight (see photo below). It’s hard to imagine anything more comprehensive.

LED photobiomodulation (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

At RAKxa, the facilities are impressive. There are two large separate hydrotherapy areas, one for men and one for women, and they are absolutely identical. Within these wellness zones, you will find a hydrotherapy pool with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, sensory showers, and a relaxation room with very comfortable loungers and a view of the river. Again, it’s pure class!

Pascal in the magnificent hydrotherapy pool (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

Amazing healthy cuisine

If there’s one thing I really loved at RAKxa, it’s undoubtedly the food. I’ve had the chance to taste some of the best diet cuisines in the world Clinique La Prairie, SHA Wellness Clinic, Palazzo Fiuggi or the recent Zulal Wellness Resort) and I think RAKxa deserves a place in the top 10 globally in this regard, with an Asian touch that gives it a unique flavor.

I had all my meals at the UNAM restaurant, which is located along the river. It is beautifully decorated, with great comfort both indoors and outdoors. Another restaurant is located by the lake; it wasn’t open during my stay, but it promises to be the venue of choice for a tranquil lakeside lunch.

Restaurant room (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

The cuisine, naturally well-balanced, is also decidedly anti-inflammatory. All fresh products are organic. A variety of delicious homemade kombuchas are served before each meal. These essential prebiotics promote good digestion.

Kombucha before every meal (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

The gluten-free bread served has surprising colors (green, purple, etc.), just like the rest of the dishes. It is colorful, inventive cuisine with refined flavors. Here, for example, is a dinner I was served: scallop carpaccio with strawberries and beets, mushroom soup, Thai-style wok shrimp, and even a vegan dessert with sorbet, fruits, and flowers.

Healthy meals (Photo : Luxe Wellness Club)

Breakfasts also have something surprising and exotic. Numerous Thai recipes are offered, such as soups, salmon poké, an egg in soy sauce, as well as revisited classics (cinnamon gluten-free pancakes, vegan French toast), and the inevitable Açaí Bowl.

If you’re on a weight loss program, don’t worry, all the calories are calculated for each dish.

Lastly, a large tea lounge serves wonderful blends of teas and therapeutic infusions throughout the day, along with some healthy snacks as needed.

One final important note: one of my strongest memories of RAKxa is undoubtedly the staff, very smiling, helpful, and truly attentive. Understanding the accents of some staff members is not always easy (English is obviously a second language for everyone), but these minor difficulties are quickly compensated by a level of kindness and attention that was unmatched during my stay in Thailand.

Our video of RAKxa

Our feeling

RAKxa is an enchanting medi-spa with exceptional quality of service and treatments. Everything is possible here, given the wide range of treatments offered. Additionally, the dietetic and anti-inflammatory cuisine is delicious. The proximity to Bangkok is an asset for enjoying some cultural excursions. All in all, it is, for us, an establishment that ranks among the top 10 worldwide when it comes to luxury wellness hotels.

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