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Fonteverde Spa: Tuscan charm and harmony in a thermal medico-spa

Fonteverde Spa Tuscany is a Renaissance mansion that sits majestically on a thermal spring. The regenerating power of water and Tuscan charm, with its Sienese countryside, cypress groves and lush green hills, is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Here’s a beautiful hotel & Spa where you can experience harmony of body and mind in magnificent facilities.

All the charm of Tuscany

Apéro sunset in Tuscany (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Fonteverde Spa is a true Tuscan gem in the heart of the Unesco-listed Val d’Orcia, where numerous wine-growing itineraries take shape. The resort boasts a culturally rich territory, with towns and villages steeped in beauty and history.

Infinity pool (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Nestled on a thermal spring, the hotel places great importance on well-being and inner harmony thanks to the benefits of thermal water. The resort’s philosophy is called Equilibrium “a self-care method based on four main pillars: nutrition, physical exercise, anti-stress techniques and spa therapy.

A place that’s also romantic (Photo: Fonteverde Spa)

Our team’s expertise in this area makes for a memorable guest experience.

A hotel with refined style

Elegant bedroom (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Fonteverde’s rooms are very sober, with a timelessly elegant style. The accommodation has recently been renovated, offering all the modern comforts of an upscale hotel, while retaining the spirit of the building. The discreet frames and attractive ceiling moldings recall the history of this splendid residence. Built in 1607 for Grand Duke Ferdinand I, it is a brilliant tribute to the Italian Renaissance.

Suite and lounge (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Several types of rooms and suites to suit all tastes. Some accommodations feature magnificent terraces with views of the Val d’Orcia hills. A real postcard setting!

The Natural Spa and thermal waters

Thermal therapy, coupled with conventional medicine, is one of the four pillars of the Fonteverde philosophy. Recognized for their benefits since ancient times, thermal waters are rich in minerals and help the body regenerate. Their natural temperature of 42°C provides instant relaxation.

Bioaquam hydrotherapy circuit (Photo: Fonteverde spa)

The hotel’s Natural Spa is made up of several areas specially designed for moments of pure relaxation. Some are splendid, open to nature. The Bioaquam hydrotherapy circuit guides guests towards a multi-sensory experience through chromatic paths, jets and whirlpools placed in the three thermal pools (indoor and outdoor). The Etruscan Circuit takes you from the sauna through the Turkish bath to an ice cave.

Indoor pool (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Fonteverde also boasts a Fitness Center and the services of a sports coach… with music. As this hotel in Tuscany puts it, “for the body, movement is a necessity, for the spirit it’s a joy”.

A spa with style (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Anti-inflammatory programs

The body is constantly put to the test, causing inflammation that is as silent as it is insidious to health. Fonteverde then developed a program to help the body combat this asymptomatic state of tissue inflammation. This program is based on the four pillars of the Equilibrium philosophy. It’s a stress-reducing program using effective relaxation techniques, physical exercise, spa therapies and a diet adapted to each individual’s microbiotic diet.

Spa relaxation room (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)
Relaxing in nature (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

This medispa’s expertise goes even further, with two seven-day programs dedicated to fighting cellulite and intermittent fasting, both of which are linked to inflammation. Cellulite is actually tissue inflammation causing cellular suffering, and intermittent fasting comes into play as an effective method of reducing inflammation and preventing metabolic and degenerative diseases.

Culinary creations to delight your senses

Refinement and balance (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Nutrition is one of the four pillars of the Fonteverde philosophy, and is essential to any wellness stay. Nutritional biologists and chefs work hand in hand to serve meals that are as tasty as they are good for the body. In particular, the recipes are designed to deacidify and rebalance the intestinal microbiota.

View over the beautiful countryside (Photo: Fonteverde Tuscany)

Dishes are served in the La Corte restaurant, with its magnificent views over the Sienese countryside. While refined and light, they are imbued with Mediterranean flavors combined with the region’s gastronomy. A real treat!


Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for Fonteverde Spa Tuscany.

Rates : From approx. 265 euros per night in low season. 7-day Equilibrium programs from €2,588 per person.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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