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F Zeen Retreat: yoga and new-found serenity in Greece

What if we went off the beaten track in Greece to discover islands that boast even more fabulous features than Santorini? Yes, such a paradise does exist, in the Ionian Sea to the west of the country. We take you to Kefalonia, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Greek islands, preserved from the hustle and bustle of the Cyclades. An unspoilt jewel, lined with traditional fishing harbours, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters to make lagoons pale, the island of Kefalonia or Kefalonia is an ideal wellness destination for a retreat from the world to reconnect with what’s essential, and F Zeen Retreat is the hotel we recommend for a stay dedicated to wellness, with a great yoga offering in particular.

Slow life and reconnection in an exceptional setting

F Zeen Retreat welcomes its customers with this philosophy: to develop an art of living that promotes “slow life”, thealignment of body and mind, and reconnection with oneself and the world around you. In a sumptuous setting that combines natural surroundings, raw materials and refinement, you can enjoy an ultra-relaxing stay, cut off from the hustle and bustle of the world and connected to what’s essential and rejuvenating for you. Last but not least, the hotel is child-free, so you can rest easy!

F Zeen is a place where you can reconnect with yourself (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Raw elegance for a unique island retreat

Eu ζην or F Zeen means “state of mind”. The state of mind cultivated here is the art of living according to ancient Greek philosophy, which reminds us to be, first and foremost, at peace with ourselves.

Anything in excess is contrary to nature “Hippocrates

This is what F Zeen Retreat is all about: welcoming you and offering you the best treatments and conditions to achieve true inner peace, regeneration and renewal.

Just fourteen kilometers from Kefalonia airport, itself a 1-hour flight from Athens, this little corner of paradise is easily accessible. Once off the plane, you’re at the gateway to authenticity and refinement.

Lush greenery in a sublime setting (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

An invitation to a highly sensory voyage

Spread over four traditionally-inspired stone buildings, the rooms are all simple and minimalist. Neutral shades, natural materials such as hammered marble and custom hand-cast washbasins play on the contrast between rough and smooth materials to appeal to all your senses. The views are luminous and soothing, the calm and sounds of nature invade you, the discovery of contrasting materials sharpens your sensitivity, your senses are awakened: you’re ready to take care of yourself.

Room with private pool (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

You’ll have the choice of staying in rooms known as “retreats”. From the Classic Retreat overlooking the gardens to the Superior Retreat, Suite or 3-bedroom Villa, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

All rooms have at least one private terrace. Some overlook the gardens, others the sea.

An authentic, uncluttered spirit of elegance (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

The most upmarket have a Jacuzzi or private swimming pool . This is particularly true of 7 Retraites Supérieures. Each unit is furnished in the spirit of sumptuousraw elegance. Everything here celebrates light and the surrounding Mediterranean nature.

Retreat with its private azure pool (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Each room is unique, nothing is standardized.

Wellness retreats for a “good life

F Zeen Retreat’s mission is to immerse you in highly regenerating and soothing holistic health breaks.

The levers used here are yoga, breathing and connection to nature.

Each day is punctuated by several sessions of yoga, meditation, walking or physical activity.

La Retraite offers three magnificent outdoor yoga terraces. Each terrace has its own unique character, giving free rein to the practice of yoga and meditation.

Terraces for an intimate experience (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

The terraces are used during courses, but are also available to guests for personal practice whenever they wish.

A variety of health retreats designed to relax and restore body and mind.

Retreats combine different practices to reactivate the body, mind and circulation of energy in the organism. They are unique in their programming, once or twice a year for example, and are renewed each time.

One example is the 5-day retreat, “Go to the meeting of yourself through the connection to nature” .

This retreat is inspired by the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. By regularly connecting with these elements of nature, you teach your body to adjust to the natural rhythms that surround it.

Your days will be enriched by various yoga practices (yoga nidra, yin yoga, aerial yoga, vinyasa yoga), morning walks, meditation, singing bowl treatments and a detox diet. You won’t be able to resist for long – just let your body and mind do the talking, and you’ll see, they’ve got a lot to teach you!

Open-air cinema, shared nocturnal reverie (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Other Retreats are organized on a daily basis, such as “The Good Life Rituals “.

A full day dedicated to vitality, serenity, immunity and the need to live well in harmony.

Guests are encouraged to team up with the F Zeen team and set a specific goal: to introduce more healthy activities into your life while supporting each other to achieve it.

The power of the collective (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Mindfulness : recognizing nature as changing and learning to find balance in these changes by giving meaningful attention to each daily action: eating, walking, walking in nature, listening, observing, being in the present.

Spaces open to the outdoors (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Reconnect with your original flow through Spa rituals

Of course, if you don’t want to fully commit to a retreat, you can take advantage of the spa, which boasts two influences for targeted, specific treatments.

Ariadne treatments are inspired by the natural therapeutic properties of Greek essences. Traditional herbs, volcanic soil, olives, roses and saffron are just some of the precious ingredients used in these treatments.

A journey of the senses through the land of Greek essences (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Voya skin care products draw their benefits from ingredients based on hand-harvested organic seaweed, renowned for its healing, nourishing and antiseptic properties, like caviar for the epidermis.

Organic seaweed body wrap (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Anti-aging, detoxifying and moisturizing treatments. We particularly appreciate treatments that include the benefits of the hammam , such as the “Head to toe detox “. Wild rose and geranium are used in your aromatherapy treatment and diffused during your hammam. Your body, from hair to toe, is coated with nourishing, detoxifying, regenerating balms.

You can choose to combine the hammam an Atlantic seaweed bath. Seaweed is renowned for its detoxifying and pain-relieving properties. Their properties are exacerbated by the heat of the bath and their absorption by your epidermis reinforced by this gentle warmth.

A spa with sheers and raw materials (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

You can also take your fight against stress to the limit with the bio-feedback methods available at the spa. Stress affects the proper functioning of the immune system, and can lead to chronic pain, sleep problems and emotional instability.

Using non-invasive biofeedback tools (measuring your stress levels and reducing them after treatment), you teach your body and mind to follow a healthier path for you and your future health. Bio-feedback treatments are specially dedicated to reactivating your energyflow, reopening your chakras, dealing with cigarette addiction or the discomforts of menopause.

F Zeen Retreat’s range of treatments promises calm, soothing, deep relaxation. Daily classes are organized around all these practices, so you can practice at your own pace: yoga, meditation, fitness, walking, breathwork, Qi Qong and mindfulness.

Deep-acting rituals (Photo: F Zeen Retreat)

Your diet is your best medicine

F Zeen Retreat’s two restaurants cultivatehealthy, fresh and locally sourcedfood, in line with its commitment to teaching its guests the best practices for a good life.

A wide variety of dishes are on offer, with variations between Earth for the Gaïa restaurant and Sea for the Selini (Moon in ancient Greek) restaurant. Vegetarians and vegans are more than welcome.

The emphasis is on herbs, spices and vegetables grown on site. Everything is of course natural, without pesticides or fertilizers. Nourishing your palate and preserving your health are once again the watchwords of these deliciously Mediterranean tables.

Video of F Zeen Retreat

Book F Zeen Retreat

Take advantage of our wellness expertise and contact us for a personalized quote for F Zeen Retreat .

Rates : From approx. 280 euros per night in a Classic Retreat room, breakfast included, excluding treatments and retreat.

Call us from the USA on +1 (646) 980 6652 or from the UK on +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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