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Euphoria Retreat: Greece’s number 1 wellness destination

Euphoria Retreat is the 100% wellness destination you’ll fall in love with! Located in the Greek mountains, 3 hours from Athens (or 1 hour from Kalamata, which has good connections from Paris), this hotel dedicated entirely to wellness opened its doors in 2018, and we make no secret of the fact that it’s considered one of Europe’s must-see wellness resorts. The concept evolved from a skilful blend of Taoist and Hellenic philosophy, as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine. What a program for a true journey of personal transformation. One of our favorite hotels, and we’ll give you an upgrade on any stay booked through Luxe Wellness Club.

The resort from the air (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

Here’s one of Europe’s most exciting “destination spas” in recent years. The vision of its founder, Marina Efraimoglou, was to create a haven of holistic well-being imbued with a sense of joy, unlike some of Europe’s somewhat austere medi-spas. Here, under the Greek sun, in a sublime setting facing Mount Taygetos, it’s hard not to smile at life. Located in Laconia, southwest of Athens, the hotel is an hour’s drive from Kalamata airport, or 2 hours 40 minutes from the capital.

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A well-kept, warm and welcoming decor

Junior Suite (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

The hotel’s 45 rooms and suites are comfortable and peaceful, inspired by Byzantine colors of burnished gold and dark red. The atmosphere is warm, with noble materials such as wood, and quality furnishings.

The rooms are all different (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

Spacious and subtly decorated, the accommodations invite you to relax. Some suites feature elegant clawfoot bathtubs. You’ll appreciate them all the more with our natural aromatherapy products and Greek herbal recipes.

A beautiful outdoor pool (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

A spa with an astonishing design

The four floors dedicated to the spa allow you to escape into the world of well-being through a variety of facilities. Many use hydrotherapy to bring guests to a state of deep relaxation, while others take advantage of high temperatures, humidity levels and salt to invigorate the body – and the mind! Indeed, Euphoria Retreat’s philosophy is highly holistic, based on the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and space. Guests also have access to a yoga and meditation studio to take another step towards harmony.

The spa’s design sets it apart from its global competitors. It is centered around an interior well and a spiral staircase that symbolizes the journey to well-being.

The inner well (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

At the very bottom, a Kneipp bath playing on contrasting water temperatures, and as you ascend, an infrared sauna, a Himalayan salt room, a Watsu pool, a Byzantine Hammam, treatment rooms… The highlight of the show is undoubtedly an indoor pool in the shape of a dome, with the sound of whales and dolphins singing underwater! It’s really great art.

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The indoor pool is truly magical (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

A considerable wellness offer with a patented scientific approach

Although Euphoria Retreat’s philosophy is undeniably holistic, the treatment protocol is truly based on science, and the wellness hotel has even patented some of these technologies. Each patient must take a “3GL” finger prick test on arrival, which measures glutathione levels in the body.

An ideal place to get back into shape (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

The dietician can then understand the body’s redox state and its cellular needs in terms of antioxidants, metabolic regulation, anti-aging and longevity. This then enables therapists to establish a tailor-made health program, both in terms of diet and exercise. There is also a respiratory quotient stress test and a metabolic rate test.

Several programs are available to help you achieve different goals, from body contouring to inner beauty. Program durations are highly flexible, ranging from 2 to 21 days depending on the wellness program. Whether you’re looking to detoxify, lose weight or simply regain a positive attitude, there’s a wide range of programs to balance body and mind. In addition to holistic activities, scientific analyses based on the 3GL approach enable us to personalize the stay according to the results and provide more precise nutritional advice.

Based on a wide variety of holistic activities and personalized support, these stays are designed for anyone wishing to rediscover harmony. Euphoria Retreat also offers a number of holistic retreats, based on the five elements or nature sports. One of the retreats is particularly aimed at anyone experiencing blockages in their life. If you’re in the mood to change and find more meaning in what you do, the Odysseus Journey Retreat is a very joyful stay to transform old thought patterns into joie de vivre. Forest meditations, spa activities and treatments based on the five elements, and dance therapies will punctuate your five days at Euphoria Retreat.

Beautiful, bright yoga room (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

As for the products used in the spa, the excellent French brand Biologique Recherche needs no introduction. Moisturizing treatments, body wraps, anti-cellulite massages…the whole range of treatments is represented in this top-class spa.

The plate at the center of well-being

Food is of course one of the keys to a successful stay. After a consultation with a specialist, dishes are adjusted to individual needs based on your initial consultation tests. Meals are served at the GAIA restaurant. Aptly named after the ancient Greek word for “land”, the restaurant conveys all the charm of Euphoria and the authenticity of its region. A very friendly place, where you can share your experience with other resort guests.

Quality dietetic meals (Photo: Euphoria Retreat)

Dishes are balanced and include unsaturated fats, locally grown seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs and antioxidant spices. The resort’s philosophy is to offer organic, full-course meals, with many vegan options. For some people following the detox program, this means small portions with healthy snacks and smoothies to cut hunger between meals.

Alcoholic beverages are also available for those who appreciate a glass of wine at the end of the day, unlike other wellness hotels.


Read our article: We tested Euphoria Retreat for you


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Rates: From €255 in low season and €345 in high season for a single room, plus the cost of optional wellness programs (from €1,500 per program). Contact us to book this extraordinary wellness hotel and benefit from our advice and our advantage: a room upgrade (subject to availability).

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