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Eremito, a spiritual sanctuary in Italy for digital detox enthusiasts

Are you looking to disconnect from the world for a few days to restore your inner peace? If you’re looking for digital detox and introspection, head for Eremito, an original Italian hotel with a Zen and monastic atmosphere. A moment out of time to rediscover what’s essential!

A stone shrine (Photo: Eremito)

Located in the province of Umbria, between Rome and Florence, this is the ideal sanctuary: a 14th-century monastery lost in an immense forest, completely off the grid (no mobile signal, no Wi-Fi, not even TV), and with just 12 rooms.

Right from the start, the owner fell in love with this forgotten spot in the middle of nowhere. It took him four years to put this 14th-century building back on its feet. With Eremito, he poetically describes the luxury he experienced as a young man, when nights were lit only bycandles and moonlight. True luxury also means rediscovering and appreciating the essential.

A hotel lost in nature (Photo: Eremito)

You have to know how to lose yourself to find yourself again

At Eremito, you won’t be sleeping in your room, but in your “celluzza”. These small spaces were once the cells used by hermits to pray or meditate. Although more comfortable today than in the days of the original owners, the rooms are simple, with just the essentials. The bed is made of wrought iron and the bed linen of hemp thread.

The hotel is set in 65 hectares of spectacular landscape, with rivers, wild rosemary and rose bushes… and not much else.

A simple, comfortable room (Photo: Eremito)

Here, there are no crowds of staff and no medical consultations. Silence, just silence, and a few Yin-style meditative yoga classes…

In the hotel’s inner sanctum, you can relax in its small spa, with sauna, hammamand Jacuzzi. For an extra dose of relaxation, you can also enjoy Thai massages.

The Jacuzzi (Photo: Eremito)

But let’s be clear: the wellness offer has nothing in common with the other hotels on the Luxe Wellness Club! If we come to Emerito, it’s to clear the air.

Relaxation area (Photo: Eremito)

A temple of silence

The must-have here is silent dining! Yes, completely silent. No one is allowed to speak. This makes it even easier to appreciate the succulent vegetarian food prepared by chef Enzo, which goes perfectly with the abundant local wines.

Meals eaten in a monastic atmosphere (Photo: Eremito)

With a set menu, Eremito’s cuisine is vegetarian, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, all in season. Bread and pasta are homemade, as are jams and cakes.

Meals are served in a candlelit atmosphere, with Gregorian chant in the background. A unique experience in a place that’s well worth spending a few days in.


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