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EcoHotel El Agua: a wellness nugget in Tenerife

Welcome to EcoHotel El Agua in Tenerife, the Canary Islands of infinite charm. A haven of ecological peace, this peaceful place is dedicated to naturopathy and Hippocratic medicine, based on mindfulness and self-healing. The only one of its kind, this eco-responsible establishment offers a single villa! Your trip promises to be intimate and entirely personalized. The hotel perfectly combines thoughtful luxury, comfort and respect for the environment, with a holistic approach to well-being. Luxe Wellness Club unveils this exclusive spot!

EcoHotel El Agua: A place for meditation
A place conducive to meditation (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

EcoHotel El Agua: privacy and ecology in the heart of nature on Tenerife

A peaceful setting between desert landscapes and crystal-clear waters

Set course for Tenerife, the largest island in the Spanish Canary archipelago! EcoHotel El Agua is located in the heart of the historic southern village of Arico El Nuevo. A true haven of peace and a small ecological marvel, everything seems to be in harmony here. From sunrise to sunset, the landscapes dazzle with their natural beauty. Cacti, Canary pines and other desert plant species contrast wonderfully with the blue of the sea. Wild beaches and transparent waters, mountains that proudly silhouette the horizon and subtropical forests: this is the backdrop.

EcoHotel El Agua, a stone's throw from the sea...
A stone’s throw from the sea… (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

A sustainable, responsible approach and ethical values

Based on the ideals of Hippocratic medicine and naturopathy, EcoHotel El Agua takes a holistic, natural approach to health and well-being. You’ll learn essential techniques to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.

EcoHotel El Agua preserves life and its ecological footprint, in a fully sustainable and responsible approach. La Maison is committed to using renewable energy sources, managing water consumption and conserving resources efficiently. Finally, it adopts ethical values based on respect for human beings and the living world. The villa is designed using sustainable architectural principles, and the materials used are mainly certified wood and recycled elements.

Biodiversity is also the focus of the Maison. The team protects the local flora and fauna and is keen to preserve the natural habitats around it. By staying at EcoHotel El Agua, you’re contributing to ecotourism and respect for the environment.

Villa Olivo: authentic and charming

An old-fashioned villa with a peaceful soul

EcoHotel El Agua is unusual in that it has just one villa! It’s a very intimate journey that awaits you, as this pretty cocoon is designed to accommodate a maximum of two people. It’s going to be anexclusive journey. This beautifully renovated 200-year-old villa was originally a refuge for peasants. Set in the heart of olive groves, the setting is calm and peaceful. It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with yourself.

A terrace surrounded by olive trees
A terrace surrounded by olive trees (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

The stone house is spacious and comfortable, designed with finesse in mind. Natural, sober colors inspired by nature adorn the walls, and eco-friendly wood furnishings adorn the interior. Decoration features local, handcrafted elements that highlight the skills and traditions of local communities. Natural lighting is favored through large windows that gently let in the light. You’ll feel right at home here, in a soothing, harmonious atmosphere…

Cosy spaces dedicated to your well-being

Your private villa offers a large terrace with a lovely swimming pool. In total privacy, you can enjoy a swim at any time of day, in the shade of palm and olive trees. The pool blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings, and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Las Tres Palmeras EcoHotel El Agua
Las Tres Palmeras (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

Stroll through the villa’s gardens, overflowing with subtropical plants and flowers… Las Tres Palmeras is a haven for relaxation. A meditation area resembling a Greek agora sits proudly among the palm trees. Don’t hesitate to stop for a moment, as silence is often a source of inspiration…

A little further on, the stone igloo and its cushions warmly welcome you for a relaxing break. Finally, the Cueva del silencio is surprisingly and pleasantly silent, as its name suggests… Nestled in the heart of a small shady cavern where calm reigns supreme, this space is conducive to self-exploration and meditation. Occasionally, private concerts of jazz, classical or background music are organized: emotions guaranteed!

La Cueva del Silencio, a quiet, intimate space
La Cueva del Silencio, a quiet, intimate space (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

Well-being under the sign of naturopathy and Hippocratic medicine

Naturopathy and the holistic approach to wellness

As a specialist in naturopathy, EcoHotel El Agua offers natural holistic therapies that promote well-being for body and mind. Naturopathy is based on a philosophy that places nature and its resources at the heart of health and wellness. The desired effect is mind-body balance, vitality and full health. Here you’ll find aromatherapy, apitherapy, reflexology, phytotherapy and many other natural treatments to try out…

The hotel recommends individual consultations with experienced naturopaths, who can advise you on natural methods to support your health. This involves a nutrition program and physical activity, as well as more spiritual therapies such as meditation, yoga and energy healing. We can also recommend fasting to detoxify and purify your body while boosting vitality. More traditional, but no less interesting, the team offers massages andart therapy.

Hydrotherapy or the power of water

Isn’t it said that water has healing powers? EcoHotel El Agua lives up to its name by offering cold baths and Watsu treatments, with beneficial effects on body and mind. Cold not only relieves tension in the body, promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle pain and inflammation, it also soothes the mind. Watsu combines gentle, fluid movements in water. In the pool, you float and the aquatherapist rocks you with soothing gestures. Combined with Shiatsu techniques, you’ll leave the session totally relaxed!

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Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

At EcoHotel El Agua, the practice of yoga respects the ancient foundations and each of the eight steps to reach “Samadhi”, the liberation described by Patanjali. Yoga is much more than postures, it’s a philosophy of life, the union of the individual Self with the divine will. Teachers are keen to emphasize deep breathing exercises (Pranayama), as well as meditation (Dhyâna). Let yourself be transported on an inner journey, at twinkling dawn or sunset, right in the heart of nature…

Pilates, on the other hand, is practiced outdoors, always with full awareness and under the guidance of experts.

EcoHotel El Agua: a healthy culinary philosophy

Alicaments” to boost your immune system

EcoHotel El Agua’s culinary philosophy is based on the words of Hippocrates: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be in your food”. Gastronomy is an integral part of well-being, and we offer you healthy food with a direct positive impact on your health (and on the planet!). Nourish your body and boost your immune system with superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. As well as being excellent for your health, our healthy gourmet plates combine textures and colors for a sensory and taste experience.

Local, organic, seasonal fruit
Local, organic, seasonal fruit (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

Organic, seasonal and 100% fresh food

The food is predominantly vegan or vegetarian: nature invites itself onto every plate, and the culinary team takes great care in choosing its ingredients. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit are picked directly from the organic garden, as are aromatic and medicinal plants. Organic eggs, honey, artisan cheeses and freshly caught fish are all locally produced.

EcoHotel El Agua respects the environment, human health and animal welfare by selecting quality products, free from chemical production, pesticides and highly harmful and polluting additives. Last but not least, the facility is committed to limiting the use of plastic and has adopted a zero-waste philosophy.

Detox programs to balance the metabolism

EcoHotel El Agua offers internal body cleansing programs supervised by health professionals. On your arrival at the villa, the establishment can carry out epigenetic tests followed by a medical check-up, to set up a perfectly adapted health program. Depending on your needs and medical advice, we may suggest a purification on the first day with natural salts, intermittent fasting and a predominantly raw diet with remineralizing juices, organic seasonal fruits and green teas.

All in all, it’s a perfect blend of eco-responsibility, wellness, good health and healthy eating!

Romantic dinner in the Cueva Del Silencio
Romantic dinner in the Cueva Del Silencio… (Photo: EcoHotel El Agua)

Book EcoHotel El Agua

Take advantage of our expertise in wellness breaks and contact us for a personalized quote for EcoHotel El Agua.

Rates: Villa Olivo available from around 500 euros per night with breakfast, or as a wellness package from around 1100 euros.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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