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Welcome to the temple of well-being! Here’s a benchmark in the world of luxury wellness: a hotel set in an immense Garden of Eden, a wellness sanctuary with sumptuous suites and private villas. Close to Ubud, the Como Chambhala Estate is a daydream for landlubbers in search of extreme zenitude.

Ubud is Bali’s cultural center, and for those in the know, it’s also the world’s wellness mecca, if such a place can exist…

The most fortunate yogis would all dream of going to the COMO Shambhala Estate! We make no secret of the fact that this is one of the best wellness resorts in the world, making you want to say ” om” and meditate in every corner of its superb rainforest setting. The aim here is to take good care of our customers.

It’s one of the temples of high-end wellness, a popular destination and the flagship of the COMO Hotels brand.

Como Shambhala: A true natural Eden

The place is unique, a spiritual enclave in the Balinese jungle. It’s a place where nature is omnipresent: even the monkeys come early in the morning to cool off in the pool, where you can watch them. Sacred water gushes from waterfalls in the gardens. The infinity pools drop their drops on the already damp leaves of the jungle… Everywhere the living spaces are open to let nature be part of your daily life. Inside, outside, you don’t really know where you are anymore, but you’re certainly in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

COMO Shambhala takes advantage of this ultra-soothing yet energizing atmosphere through its connection to nature to engage its customers in targeted wellness programs: Cleanse, Be Active, Be Spoke. Programs are available for stays of three nights or more. The aim is to provide residents with a wellness experience and knowledge that will produce real changes in their daily lives well beyond their stay.

More than a resort, a vacation home!

COMO Shambhala is dedicated to making you feel at home. The accommodation is spectacular. The huge beds are made from Bali teak wood. Chinese antiques adorn the spaces and huge windows let you plunge into the surrounding jungle. The combination of light, wood, openings and space creates a particularly unique atmosphere.

Accommodation options range from single rooms to private residences. Each room or suite is different and is integrated into one of the resort’s residences. That’s what makes it so “like home”, as each residence offers access to swimming pools, lounge areas and shaded pavilions, your room in a large vacation home. Rooms are up to 45 m² in size, while some suites are up to 300 m², such as the UMABONA suite, with 2 bedrooms, Jacuzzi, private indoor and outdoor pool, large living and dining room – simply sublime.

The private residences, with their own swimming pool, Jacuzzi, meditation garden and huge varangue, offer three bedrooms and the possibility of accommodating a further two people in the living room, where a “resting area” is provided.

It’s hard to choose between these different options, especially as they all boast magnificent bathrooms with an in-out Balinese spirit. Arm yourself with your smartphone, and you won’t be able to resist taking photos of each of these photogenic locations, although we recommend that you leave all technology behind during your stay to live in the moment.

Your wellness treatments in a totally holistic and immersive approach.

A wide range of wellness treatments is available. You can choose from an à la carte menu of massages, body treatments such as soothing baths with exfoliating scrubs, facial treatments or hydrotherapy treatments such as hot-water sculpting to soothe joint pain and restore mobility. All treatments are provided in this incredible environment, between the rustle of the jungle and the roar of the Ayung River.

Your wellness journey is of course accompanied by daily yoga or Pilates practices to continue this journey in harmony with nature, body and mind.

One example is the “Day of Tranquility” in the middle of the water garden. Relax to the sound of the river and fountains. Choose your personalized massage, enjoy a private lunch in the garden and a guided meditation session with one of the resort’s expert teachers. Guests (in other words, you, the customer!) can be monitored, coached and guided by yoga and Pilates instructors: the “chakra healer”, who draws on ancestral Balinese practices to rebalance your energy centers.

Ayurveda is also an expert practice at COMO Shambala Estate.

Ayurveda, or the science of life, is an ancestral knowledge of Indian origin that covers diet, lifestyle and body care to restore the general balance of the organism.

Vata, pitta, kapha, depending on your Ayurvedic constitution, will determine your protocol. Weight loss, stress relief and detox are just some of the immense benefits of ayurveda.

COMO Shambala Estate’s resident ayurveda expert will guide you through the process.

Still hesitating? Then you haven’t yet discovered COMO Shambala’s exclusive retreats.

Three targeted programs

At Luxe Wellness Club, we like to seek out and recommend luxury establishments that take the wellness approach to its logical conclusion. COMO Shambala is totally in tune with this spirit of accompanying its customers towards lasting well-being.

Our wellness programs are tailored to your needs, in consultation with the wellness expert who will welcome you and draw up your assessment. From stress management to anti-aging treatments in the broadest sense, from health nutrition to physical fitness, from energy cleansing to regeneration, COMO Shambala will structure your program for a totally personalized experience. Programs can include yoga, Pilates, meditation, Ayurvedic treatments, rice field walks, massages or body treatments, as well as healthy meals from COMO Shambhala’s delicious kitchen. You’ll leave the COMO Shambhala Estate feeling relaxed and inspired, with practical tips for continuing your inner journey at home.

Each program, Cleanse, Be Spoke or be Active, is organized as follows:

– an individual program based on your consultation with the center’s wellness experts, including nutrition, body care and calming the mind.

– a specific program of activities for the duration of your stay

– one treatment per day

– a butler at your disposal

Local flavors and healthy cooking, a delicious alchemy at the COMO Shambhala Estate.

Two main restaurants will punctuate your meal. Choose to immerse yourself in the flavors of Indonesian cuisine at KUDUS HOUSE, or prefer the balance of healthy nutrition at GLOW.

At GLOW, the focus is on the purifying, regenerating and energizing power of certain foods. You’ll discover a truly healthy cuisine that will make a major contribution to improving your concentration, managing your energy and balancing your blood sugar levels. The KUDUS HOUSE is more gastronomic. It welcomes you in a 150-year-old room with authentic Javanese style, a sublime journey to the heart of Indonesian flavors.

Your meals are flexible, and you can request to dine on your terrace or in your private lounge, depending on the accommodation you choose. Those who opt for the wellness programs will have their menus recommended by the hotel’s nutritionists or ayurveda masters.

COMO Shambhala Estate is a little paradise for aficionados of rejuvenation.

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