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Clinique La Prairie to open in Saudi Arabia in 2024

The Amaala project is an ambitious initiative to develop a luxury tourist destination in northwest Saudi Arabia. Situated on the Red Sea coast, Amaala will cover more than 4,155 square kilometers and include world-class wellness hotels and unspoilt natural areas. The initiative is part of the Vision 2030 program, which aims to diversify the Saudi economy and reduce its dependence on oil revenues.

Amaala’s main objective is to create a unique, immersive tourism experience that attracts affluent travelers from all over the world. The project aims to become a destination of choice for those seeking discreet luxury, natural beauty and refined culture.

Saudi project developer Red Sea Global has teamed up with Swiss longevity clinic Clinique La Prairie to offer a new wellness complex in the upcoming ultra-luxurious tourist destination of AMAALA. The project includes the development of the 36,115-square-meter Clinique La Prairie Health Resort, offering 13 villas and 52 rooms and suites, on the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia.

The complex also features a diagnostic laboratory, museum, beach club, workshop and training rooms, private dining area and cooking school, guaranteeing a rejuvenating experience. As part of its approach to wellness, Clinique La Prairie combines preventive medicine, genetics and epigenetics with personalized lifestyle and nutrition plans.

“At AMAALA, we’re creating the largest health and longevity complex ever developed. We’re thrilled to be building our very first full-fledged destination in such an extraordinary setting, and to help bring Red Sea Global’s vision of regenerative, ultra-luxurious tourism to life.“said Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, in a press release.

Clinique La Prairie will include an advanced diagnostics laboratory, as well as radiology, physiotherapy, neurosciences, dermatology, aesthetics and dentistry services. It will also offer a cold room, hyperbaric suites, intravenous infusions and a range of next-generation therapies, all designed to help make AMAALA a distinctive wellness destination. The destination will be 100% powered by renewable energies, in line with its commitment to sustainability.

AMAALA, currently being developed along the Red Sea coast, is constructing all its buildings around 100 meters from the shore to avoid disturbing the natural habitat of the fragile Red Sea turtle populations. Spread over 4,000 square kilometers, the project’s lighting has also been carefully designed to protect the night sky and limit the impact of artificial light on wildlife. The first phase of the destination is well underway, with plans to welcome its first guests in 2024. The complex will comprise eight hotels offering over 1,300 hotel keys.

The sea will be a central element of the Amaala experience, with sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. Luxury yachts, water sports and diving facilities will be available for visitors wishing to explore the wonders of the Red Sea. In addition, exclusive ocean-view hotels offer the ultimate luxury experience.

Amaala’s cultural program will highlight Saudi Arabia’s historical and cultural heritage. Museums, art galleries, music centers and festivals will be organized to celebrate Arab art, architecture and music. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the region’s history and culture, while being entertained by internationally renowned artistic performances.

With its spectacular location, upscale facilities and commitment to environmental and cultural preservation, Amaala has the potential to become a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a unique luxury experience.

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