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Chiva Som: Thailand’s famous wellness temple

Nestled in seven hectares of lush tropical gardens in Hua Hin, Thailand, just three hours from Bangkok, Chiva Som is one of the world’s most celebrated wellness retreats, with over 20 years of history. The hotel was renovated in 2019, and the result is spectacular, to say the least. Every year, it wins the award for the world’s best “spa destination” from the readers of Condé Nast Traveller. With more than 200 treatments on offer, this award is richly deserved! Luxe Wellness Club introduces you to this jewel of Thailand…

The resort at dusk (Photo: Chiva Som )

Hua Hin and Prachuap Khiri Khan Province: An Eden on the Gulf of Thailand

Hua Hin is located in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province. This coastal region is renowned for its natural beauty and geographical assets. It’s located around 200 kilometers south-west of Bangkok, making it a prime destination for Bangkok residents looking for an escape. But also for curious travellers in search of well-being! Here you’ll find endless stretches of golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. What’s more, the region is characterized by a mountain range, the Tanaosri Mountains, which provide a superb contrast to the coastal landscape. Ultimately, Hua Hin is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere, golf courses, bustling markets, historic temples and royal palace.

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Chiva Som: An inspiring story of a seaside wellness escape

Chiva-Som was born in 1993 when Boonchu Rojanastien transformed his vacation home in Hua Hin into a wellness sanctuary. The aim was to strike a balance between well-being and pleasure, and so Chiva-Som was born. The name means “Haven of Life”, and since its opening in 1995, Chiva-Som has become a global symbol of well-being and health. A Health Resort that ultimately stands out for its holistic approach to wellness, offering a variety of personalized health and fitness programs. All in a luxurious environment dedicated to relaxation and regeneration.

This luxurious resort is renowned for its serene seaside setting and distinctive Thai architecture. What’s more, Chiva Som’s commitment to sustainability reflects the close link between well-being and respect for the environment, offering visitors a holistic wellness experience that nourishes body, soul and planet alike.

Sumptuous accommodations steeped in the authentic essence of Thailand

Spacious, uncluttered rooms (Photo: Chiva Som)

Rooms and Suites: modern, reflecting Thai culture

The 54 uncluttered rooms, suites and pavilions are inspired by Thai architecture. The establishment offers eleven luxury rooms with breathtaking ocean views, five upscale rooms, and ten Thai pavilions. All feature a private balcony or terrace overlooking the pool, gardens or ocean. The sumptuous suites are adorned with Thai silk, precious teak and bamboo, creating an elegant, authentic ambience. The meticulous attention to detail in the design of each accommodation blends perfectly with Chiva Som’s exotic setting.

Elegant room with sea view (Photo: Chiva Som)

Thai pavilions: luxurious and charming

The Thai pavilions are simply sublime! Take the Thai Pavilion Suite, for example. This luxury cocoon embodies both contemporary style and traditional Thai touches. This option offers generous space in the heart of the complex’s gardens. It features an open-air kitchenette, as well as its own private glass-walled outdoor sala.

Lush vegetation (Photo: Chiva Som)

An exceptional level of service

One of Chiva Som’s strengths lies in the quality and professionalism of its teams, who are experts, highly qualified, caring and attentive. Thai hospitality is unmistakable. The hotel has a ratio of 4 employees to each guest, so you can expect high levels of service and ultra-personalized attention! For your comfort, you can select your mattresses, pillows and the scents of the oil burners in your room. Another special feature of the resort is that cell phones, computers and cameras are not allowed outside rooms, in order to respect the tranquility of the site. It’s also about doing a digital detox!

Chiva Som: Thailand’s gateway to health and well-being

Floatation therapy (Photo: Chiva Som )

Well-being pensions, with the fight against ageing as a priority

Chiva-Som’s philosophy is reflected in its Thai name, which means “Haven of Life”. Its three-part logo symbolizes the head, the body and the mind, underlining that overall health is essential to personal fulfillment. As a wellness establishment, Chiva-Som stands out for its comprehensive range of services and expertise in wellness. It offers retreats focusing on specific aspects, the most recent of which concentrates on aging well. Chiva-Som’s ultimate goal is “longevity”. A goal that embraces excellence in all areas: physiotherapy, fitness, holism, nutrition, spa and aesthetics, to promote overall well-being.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the Wellness Retreats offered by Chiva Som :

  • The art of detox ;
  • Cellular vitality ;
  • Cranial relief ;
  • Aptitude (fitness retreat) ;
  • Intestinal health ;
  • Immune resilience;
  • Natural renewal ;
  • The embrace of nature;
  • Sustainable weight management;
  • Yoga for life, etc.
Personal trainers for sports retreats (Photo: Chiva Som)

A hundred top-of-the-range treatments

Chiva Som offers a rich variety of over a hundred personalized treatments. From acupuncture and massage to yoga, meditation and energy treatments. And let’s not forget balneotherapy, high-tech facial and body treatments, massages, chakra balancing and a host of high-end beauty treatments. All these treatments are provided by a team of highly qualified therapists. Treatments take place in a sumptuous luxury spa, designed with meticulous attention to detail, creating the ideal environment for regeneration and relaxation. Last but not least, a new feature at Chiva Som: genomic testing! These examine how our genes interact with our environment, diet and lifestyle choices.

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The Chiva Som swimming pool
Indoor pool (Photo: Chiva Som )

Chiva Som’s facilities are amply equipped to offer a complete wellness experience. They include treatment rooms, a sauna, Jacuzzi, hammam, indoor pool and watsu-pool, where massages are given in water heated to body temperature. There are also relaxation areas, water beds for total relaxation, and a state-of-the-art gym for those who want to keep fit. These first-class facilities help create the ideal environment for revitalizing body and mind.

Tai Chi session (Photo: Chiva Som)

The Wellness-Cuisine at Chiva Som

“Good Food is Good Life” is Chiva Som’s culinary motto. Indeed, dining here is a delectable experience, in harmony with the establishment’s overall philosophy of well-being. Chiva Som is committed to offering delicious cuisine that is primarily Thai, but also healthy and balanced. Meals are prepared with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and are designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of each individual.

Healthy cooking at Chiva Som
Healthy, delicious meals (Photo: Chiva Som)

Chiva Som offers a diverse gastronomic experience through its restaurants. Taste of Siam invites you to sample Thai cuisine in a setting overlooking the ocean, with a magnificent view. As for The Emerald Room, it lets you savor refined cuisine with a five-course dinner, whether indoors, in elegant surroundings, or on the outdoor terrace to enjoy the fresh air. What makes this culinary experience even more special is that Chiva Som’s chefs work with produce picked directly from the hotel’s organic gardens. To sum up, Chiva-Som has won numerous awards for its detoxifying, richly flavored cuisine, which you’ll be delighted to sample.

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