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Chenot Palace Gabala: luxury detox in the Caucasus

You never imagined your next health and wellness holiday in Azerbaijan! Then you’d be missing out on one of the world’s leading medi-spas, the Chenot Palace Gabala. The famous Chenot house has set up shop on the shores of Lake Nohurgishlag, a natural area inviting you to relax and disconnect, entirely dedicated to your regeneration. This state-of-the-art medi-spa welcomes you for your detox, anti-stress, anti-aging or weight-loss programs. Away from city noise and routine, discover a region renowned for its clean air and breathtaking nature. An excellent alternative to Switzerland’s Chenot Palace for those looking for a bit of adventure, with lower rates too.

A relaxing setting on the shores of Lake Nohurgishlag (Photo: Virginie Cubas)

A privileged lakeside location

Just a 3-hour flight from Dubai Gabala is located in north-western Azerbaijan, 210 km from Baku’s Heydar Aliyev international airport. Gabala, capital of Caucasian Albania since the 4th century B.C., was situated in the middle of the Silk Road which, for over 2,500 years, enabled cultural and commercial exchanges between Europe, India and China.

Chenot Palace Gabala: a benchmark of luxury and refinement (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Deluxe rooms and suites with lake view

72 rooms and 3 private villas are at your disposal to organize your stay. The rooms are of refined luxury and all overlook the lake. The minimum surface area of rooms is 46 m².

The warm, serene atmosphere of the Deluxe Suite (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)
Focus on interior design and light-filled spaces (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

The Presidential Suite, with lake and mountain views, welcomes you to a majestic 474 m² space, including three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Located on the sixth and seventh floors, it benefits from its own private access guaranteeing total discretion.

Presidential Suite bathroom (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Deluxe and Superior suites feature a terrace or garden level, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

Room decor combines elegant minimalist luxury with references to Central Asia. This combination gives our accommodations a pleasant, authentic character.

Meticulous decor expressing the DNA of Chenot Palace Gabala (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Three luxurious villas are also available for your family, friends or simply to enjoy your retirement in the strictest privacy. In the heart of the park surrounding the lake, these villas offer three bedrooms, their own spa with hammam and individual sauna, outdoor terrace and private infinity pool.

Set course for your leading-edge programs and treatments using the Chenot method

All programs are based on the expertise and excellence of the Chenot® Method. Each program is highly personalized, with targeted treatments and eating habits reviewed by Dominique Chenot, who could have been dubbed “the mother of detox cuisine”.

Facilities to accompany your detox (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

The Chenot Method combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with the latest scientific discoveries in Western medicine.

It is unique in its holistic approach: encouraging the body to react and protect itself through energetic, physical and emotional stimulation during the cures.

Seven programs for your health and well-being

Programs range from a minimum of 3 days for the Active Detox program, to 15 days or more for your “Weight Loss” programs.

State-of-the-art medical care (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

All programs start with a medical consultation to establish your health constants and determine the most suitable program.

Active Detox – 3 nights/4 days

Physical and mental detox to give your body a boost and set it on the road to regeneration.

Treatments using products from the Chenot range (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

During Active Detox, you’ll combine regenerating body treatments – massages, wraps, aromatherapy, energy treatments – with a detox diet to regain energy and clarity of mind. We strongly recommend that you repeat this program several times a year to keep your energy levels at their peak.

Body composition scan (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Fundamental Detox – 7 nights

A one-week program to deepen your detox and regeneration process.

Three medical consultations and two nutritional consultations (at the beginning and end of your stay) are scheduled during your detox.

You’ll benefit from the Chenot “bio-energetic” check-up. This is a high-tech screening of body functions using bioresonance technology. These tests provide information on the energetic state of your internal organs, and help guide the treatment plan that’s right for you.

Your treatment plan will then be organized around bio-energetic treatments, Chenot energetic massages, hydro-aromatherapy and body wraps.

Advanced Detox 7 nights

Chenot cleansing and detoxifying treatment (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

The Chenot method’s renowned Advanced Detox program is designed to deeply cleanse and detoxify the body. It is through the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste that your tissues and body will repair themselves. We recommend that you read the article by Pascal Languillon, Director of Luxe Wellness Club: We tested the Chenot Palace Weggis for you, in order to fully understand the cure. The most advanced technologies are at the service of your health and physical performance.

This detox is Chenot’s best seller and a must for your stay in Gabala.

Preventing & aging well – 7 nights

Regaining the legs of youth… (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

While detox and regeneration are at the heart of the Chenot method, preventing aging and helping people age “better” is another priority. As with all our programs, the aim is to stimulate and strengthen the body, giving it the means to fight aging and oxidative stress.

By the indoor pool (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Thanks to state-of-the-art diagnostics, we can determine the biological age of your body’s various organs. In this program, the unique Chenot® treatment method is combined with an assessment of the body’s stress levels . Based on the results obtained, the center’s doctors draw up a customized treatment plan that will activate your body’s preventive and regenerative capacities.

The Preventing & Aging well treatment offers the technique of intravenous treatment with dietary supplements, a cocktail of infusions specially enriched with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and chelating agents (capable of binding and eliminating heavy metals from the body). This treatment is recognized for its effectiveness in combating excess free radicals and oxygen radicals (reactive oxygen species [Reactive Oxygen species=”ROS” en abrégé]), which are deposited in the body and accelerate the aging process.

Recovery from stress and re-energising – 7 nights

A timeless moment in the expert hands of Chenot practitioners (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

The “Recovery from stress and re-energizing” program is designed to treat and stimulate your body to regain vitality, energy and peace of mind.

In an anxiety-ridden world in which it is increasingly difficult to project oneself, stress and anxiety are everyday components with which we must learn to cope. Strengthening our resilience means reducing our vulnerability to illness, fatigue and psychological and professional burnout.

As with every Chenot program, the medical diagnostic tests organized on arrival provide precise information on the biological consequences of this stress on your body. Your treatment plan is then based on the results of this diagnosis.

This ultra-complete, in-depth program will enable you to act on all the components of your health – physical, psychological and spiritual – through action on the mind.

Cryotherapy (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

The must-haves of this cure?

Your initial assessment: internal, by measuring the biological age of the vascular system to assess the impact of oxidative stress; physical, by performing an overall body analysis and studying your posturology and mobility; nutritional, thanks to the center’s nutrition experts.

Once your assessment has been established, you will benefit from anti-stress treatments, the famous ozone therapy known for regulating the body’s functions and its anti-aging virtues, Chenot bio-energetic treatment, massages, sculpting and photo-modulation treatments, among others.

Metabolic optimising for weight loss – 14 nights

Here’s a targeted program with undeniable results.

Always boosting your body to reactivate its regenerative functions, it’s by acting on your diet, improving your vitality and energy levels that you transform your figure. This program combines the treatments of the Chenot® Method, a slimming diet with advanced medical-aesthetic devices and effective physical exercise. It doesn’t take long to achieve powerful results.

Throughout your cure, you will be monitored by the establishment’s specialized medical staff.

Cutting-edge practices for cures of excellence

As you can see, a Chenot cure is one of the most advanced and effective in the world.

Phytofangotherapy (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

Among the many techniques that punctuate your programs, which are always personalized, is the HighTone Power Treatment. This treatment introduces energy into the body to activate cells and revitalize it by increasing the energy potential of your cells. It also creates resonances to cause cellular structures to oscillate, thereby improving metabolic processes and relieving pain.

Biophotomodulation treatment works by applying specific light waves using photosequencing technology and photon gas pedals! These techniques provide energy to the cells, promoting cellular metabolism, skin regeneration and healing.

It also supports the brain’s metabolic function, making it easier to manage mood and sleep disorders, as well as jet lag.

Top-of-the-range treatments (Photo: Chenot Palace Gabala)

These treatments are used in programs such as “Recovery from stress and re-energising” or “Preventing and aging well”.

Measurement of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE)

This test, based on cutting-edge diagnostic technology, measures the tissue deposition of AGEs in real time. EFAs play a crucial role in the development of age-related chronic diseases. Indeed, protein glycation is considered a key factor in the aging process. Blood vessels and vital organs are affected, and the appearance of the skin deteriorates further. Skin spots, age spots and cataracts may appear. Early detection of elevated AGE levels enables a treatment plan to be drawn up in good time, and appropriate advice to be given on how to change the patient’s daily habits. This includes, among other things, a change of diet, capable of eventually breaking the harmful mix of proteins and sugars.

Book (with exclusive Luxe Wellness Club benefits)

Take advantage of our expertise in wellness stays and the Chenot method, contact us for a personalized quote for Chenot Palace Gabala.

Rates : From around 300 euros per night in low season in a deluxe room, excluding programs and treatments. The Advanced Detox cure costs around €3,750 for one person. Contact us to take advantage of our promotions.

Call us for the USA: +1 (646) 980 6652 or for the UK: +44 20 4577 3258 to discuss your holiday plans.

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